Packing For the U.S.: Skincare, Makeup, and In-Flight Essentials

If you’re seeing this post right after it goes up, I’m probably sitting in an airplane as you read it. I’ll be in the U.S. for the next three weeks to attend a wedding and also to sightsee and visit relatives. I will try to post while I’m there, but if I can’t then I have a few scheduled posts going up. You can follow me on Instagram (@ianabantug) and Snapchat (ianabantug) if you want to see what I’m up to while I’m there! :)

Packing for longer trips is crazy stressful and although I try to “pack smart” and have some sort of a system, I never actually take the same things or employ the same approach twice. For this trip, I tried to take more mini/travel-sized items when possible and also take stuff that I can leave once they are used up (thereby freeing up space to take more things home!).

I’m not going to list every single item because there’s a lot of stuff in this post, but I’ll point out the things I think warrant a bit of an explanation.

Main Toiletries Bag

P1190145This is a Rustan’s brand toiletries bag. I’ve used it for a number of trips now and I really like the size and shape of it. The rectangular shape makes it really easy to pack alongside my packing cubes (for clothes) and the handles up top allow me to hang it up on a hook when I settle into a hotel or at a relative’s place. 
Two main compartments and a small pocket. Sometimes I use one half for skincare and the other for makeup, but this time It’s mostly skincare in there.P1190150Most of the space is taken up by my cotton squares, which will be used up while I’m away (again, freeing up space for the trip home). The translucent unlabelled bottle in the middle there is filled with Bioderma. P1190155Makeup wipes, sunscreen, Pixi Glow Mist, and some leg makeup for that wedding I’m attending. The empty Tumi makeup bag is for all of the makeup I plan to buy while there… HEHE. Excoooited!

Makeup Bag

P1190169My main toiletries bag always goes in my check-in bag because I have full sized skincare in there, but my makeup always comes with me in my carry-on luggage. I don’t want to lose any of it and I don’t want my powder products to be thrown around.

This is a TINY makeup bag by my standards but like I said, I plan on coming home with quite a bit more makeup. P1190171The bare necessities! I have written about most of these products already, so no blabbing on about them required…


P1190160This is an area where I struggle — I love makeup brushes. I use loads of them. Narrowing down which ones to take on a trip is incredibly difficult for me. I just stick to what fits in my Real Techniques carrying case. There’s enough to create two (and a halfish) different eye looks in there.

In-Flight Necessities Kit

P1190163I don’t wear makeup on long flights. Do you? After we get in the air I pretty much make for the bathroom, wash my face, moisturise, and go to sleep. My in-flight necessities kit is where I keep most of the stuff I need to do that. 
P1190166Cleanser and moisturiser in some travel squeezy tubes, a compressed wash cloth, heavier moisturiser, hair tie, Colgate wisp, some cotton, and an eye mask. That’s the stuff that makes for a good sleep on an airplane.

As always, my lipsticks are in my bag organiser and so are my hand creams and a comb. How do you guys get comfy on long flights? I don’t generally have a problem falling asleep, but taking a good book along is also a must for me!

Hope you enjoyed looking through my stuff! Haha. Catch you guys soon. :)

7 responses to Packing For the U.S.: Skincare, Makeup, and In-Flight Essentials

  1. wow that is some packing indeed!

    I always try to boil it down to the minimal possible. And yeah, I am also a brush lover so it is a struggle to leave so many nice brushes at home!

    Whenever I travel I try to do it only with a carry on so that my things fly with me. I try to decanter anything that I can (foundations, lotions, even loose powder!) into sample containers. That way they take up little space and if I have to check in the bag for any reason and they loose my bag it is not as bad.

    On the other hand, I hate long haul flights because they are like torture to me: I feel like a sardine in a can, I barely sleep and my legs and feet will be badly swolen by the time I get there :/

  2. jhake o.

    I don’t have plans on going on a trip now but i enjoyed reading this post. This might be helpful to me someday. Thanks!

  3. The last time I forgot my inflight cosmetic bag, when I got off the plane my skin was like a sandpaper. Next time I am organizing everything and no compromises!

  4. Jean Melgar

    So organized and well thought of! I’m gonna copy on you that facial cleanser and moisturizer ritual. :)

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