From Madrid to Manila: Menina Step Is Here 

When I found out that Menina Step, a shoe brand of Spanish origin, was coming to Manila, I was excited to say the least. Flats might be available available in abundance, but they’re also the easiest to get totally wrong.  Give me a crappy pair and I’ll feel just that–crappy. Give me a good pair of flats and I will feel as amazing as I would in a pair of stilettos. That’s how I feel in my Meninas.
Menina Step shoes are exquisite. They are handcrafted in Spain by leather artisans and they come in a wide variety of classy flat styles. They are also extremely comfortable to wear; The best thing about genuine leather shoes? They mould to fit your feet like a strangely misplaced glove.

I feel kick-ass and classy in my Meninas, and I’m so very happy to be able to give you guys a preview of the pair I wore at a photoshoot for the brand recently.


Venue: Aruga by Rockwell


Rockwell also happens to be the location for Menina Step’s pop-up launch on May 30 & 31. More details about that at the end of this post! IMG_7419IMG_7532Meninas 1bIMG_7576IMG_7549IMG_7509IMG_7624Menina2

You can get your own pair of Meninas at the 2-Day Pop Up event at (Rockwell) Power Plant mall’s south court from May 30-31. 

Menina’s other “style influencers” will be there, so don’t miss it! I will still be abroad, but keep an eye on my Instagram page for an announcement regarding the event. ;)
Follow Menina Step on Facebook & Instagram (@meninastepph)! 

10 responses to From Madrid to Manila: Menina Step Is Here 

  1. Oooooh love them! As someone who just can’t walk in heels I am always on the look out for nice flats!

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