The Wonders of Lipstick, Featuring the Preview x Happy Skin Lipsticks “Too Cool” & “Hot Stuff”

I was still abroad when I got wind of the Preview x Happy Skin limited edition lipsticks, but that didn’t stop me from placing an order on Zalora right away. Thank goodness for online shopping — I normally prefer to buy things over the counter, but I couldn’t stand the thought of not having one set of these for my self for sure.
DSC01278I have such a weakness for Happy Skin’s limited edition releases. I have all except the collaboration with Liz Uy, which I passed up on because I really didn’t think the shades would suit me. The lipsticks in this Preview collaboration also seemed iffy at first because one is so pale and the other is a red (I’m wary of reds in general), but they were iffy in an exciting way, if that makes any sense.

Too Cool is a greige with the slightest hint of pink and Hot Stuff is a dark cherry red. They are the first matte Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturising Lippies, and Happy Skin has added cupuaçu butter to the formulation to ensure that these are the most hydrating matte lipsticks your lips have ever come into contact with.
Processed with MoldivI knew I wanted to test out Too Cool and Hot Stuff with the same simple base on as that would be a true test of how each shade interacted with my skin tone. The results were interesting enough to merit my posting a double-selfie on my Instagram page, as you can see above.

Too Cool is almost too light for me but I think I juuust about pulled it off. As with most nude shades, it brings out my natural tan and draws the focus away from my lips and onto my eyes instead. Hot Stuff on the other hand had the effect of making my skin appear lighter/whiter and made my lips the focus of the look.

Crazy how much a change of lipstick can change a look. I personally prefer the look of nudes on my lips because I like to draw attention to my eyes, but I don’t mind a red when it’s the kind that livens up my face like Hot Stuff does. So take note, guys. If you know what effect you’re going for, lipstick can totally help you achieve that. It’s the one thing apart from eyebrows that can make a major difference.

Anyway, that ends my little lipstick observation. If you want to know more about this limited edition set from Happy Skin in particular, read through! DSC01271The Preview x Happy Skin collaboration celebrates Preview Magazine’s 20 year anniversary. The budding beauty brand and veteran publication have birthed this beautiful limited edition set of matte lipsticks (1,099.00 Php for the set and 699.00 Php separately) that perfectly capture what it means to be a Preview girl. The “classic nude” and “timeless red” lipsticks were aptly named “Too Cool” and “Hot Stuff” respectively and you can get the pair in one of two different box designs (see them here and here). As you can see I have the “Too Cool” box, but I might also purchase the red “Hot Stuff” box just so that I have both (and I am crazy). 
DSC01286Happy Skin packaging is always adorable but I think they have outdone themselves this time. Even the lining of the faux mini magazine is amazing! I love that repeating lip pattern. The tray that holds on to the lipsticks also pops out so there’s nothing keeping you from repurposing the box afterward. I will probably keep random little trinkets in mine and have it line up next to my real books. DSC01275Even the lipstick crayons themselves seem to be packaged better for this collection. They still take the twist-up crayon shape of the Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippies that came before them, but they feel heavier and the attention to detail is on point. The crayon’s body is matte (because the lipsticks are), the butt of the twisting mechanism is gold (because gold is classic, and so are Preview and Happy Skin), and the design from the box lining carries over onto the body of the packaging.

These are so pretty and luxe that I like to just hold them in my hand at random times in the day. Totally a product I would feel happy to pull out of my bag in public for a retouch. Not that these need much retouching because the formula is great. Let’s talk about that:

P1190176Swatched: Hot Stuff up top, Too Cool right under

A good matte lipstick is not easy to find. There are the few rare gems that are perfect (like MAC’s Ruby Woo), but most of the time there’s something off. Usually the formula is either too slippery or too dry, or maybe the lipstick is moisturising but not a true matte. Well, that’s not the case with these lipsticks.

The Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Matte Lippies contain Happy Skin’s signature shea butter and collagen combo PLUS powerful Cupuaçu Butter, which offers “unrivaled hydration, healing, and improved elasticity.” Cupuaçu must be a miracle ingredient, because they are so soft and easy to apply but you don’t lose the high pigmentation levels and amazing matte finish.

Surprisingly, I love both colours. I thought I would like one (although couldn’t be sure which) and have to give away the other, but they each do something different for me that I like.
DSC01480Hot Stuff surprised me. All reds become even more red when placed on my lips (compare this photo to the arm swatch above and you’ll see what I mean), so it’s always a mystery what a red will actually look like once on me. Hot Stuff is a true red when I wear it and I love how it doesn’t make my already-imperfect teeth look more yellow. I mean, I’m smiling with a red on! The last time I did that was with MAC Ronnie Red. DSC01426Too Cool is the shade I thought I would be able to use with ease. Not so. I can make it work, sure. In my instagram post I wore it alone, but here I’ve placed a clear gloss over top to make it more flattering. Seems like a counterintuitive thing to do over a matte lip, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do! I could wear it matte, but it would probably best be paired with a heavier, shimmery smokey eye.

I also think Too Cool will make an excellent mixing lipstick that can mute out shades that are too bright. There’s quite a bit of white in this shade and some pink too, so any brighter lipstick that might be a bit too bluish for me might benefit from being mixed with this. Rae (Scatterbraintures) has used Too Cool as a blush and that is yet another way I imagine this product will find more use in my life.
DSC01248You should be able to tell by now that I absolutely adore this set of lipsticks. I adore everything about this limited edition release except perhaps the part about it being limited edition. I am however excited to potentially see more matte lipsticks from Happy Skin in the future. The formula for these was amazing and if it’s an indication of what’s to come, then you can absolutely bet on seeing Happy Skin celebrate its own 20th anniversary years from now, and these little lippie sets will be part of the brand’s rich history.

… which is why I totally need that red box in my life!

You can grab your own Preview x Happy Skin set at Happy Skin counters nationwide or order them online. Let me know how you get on with the shades when you do. :)

11 responses to The Wonders of Lipstick, Featuring the Preview x Happy Skin Lipsticks “Too Cool” & “Hot Stuff”

    • Mariana – Author

      Thanks, Chab! I can imagine both shades on your beautiful, lush lips! (Yeah that sounds a little creepy haha)

  1. I had an easier time with Too Cool while Hot Stuff looked much deeper on me. Still, I love the formulation of these lippies! They’re not as heavy as my other siliconey mattes (shu uemura and Bobbi Brown) but they’re just as pigmented!

  2. It is very difficult for me to find nude shades that truly flatter me but I think you hit bing with that one! Gorgeous!

  3. Rae

    I am so happy that happyskin came out with matte lipsticks. I am excited for the next matte releases.

    Happyskin’s mattes are one of the really good ones out there and I’m so happy that they didn’t make it scented.

    It’s interesting looking at different blogs and seeing how different both Too Cool and Hot Stuff look on different people. I just recently found out that these are now sold separately and I feel like hoarding Hot Stuff.

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