Checking In

Hello – it’s been a while! I didn’t want to jump right back into beauty reviews after the little unintended hiatus I took, so I thought I would do a little catching up post first.

Life (outside of beauty blogging) has been quite chill and all sorts of happy of late. Allow me to remind anyone who missed the news that I officially found myself free of the clutches of law school in March, but I began moving my life’s direction away from it in October of last year. I still often think of life in terms of “when I was suffering in law school” and “life after the inferno law school” because it was that traumatising. But! I did slowly start to feel more like myself again once I allowed myself to really let go.

I had forgotten, while in law school, how good life can be. I started reading again — and I mean really reading, because six hours a day dedicated to reading cases is nothing compared to a solid hour or two with some real literature. I have time to write now, and along with reading that nourishes my soul. I can also finally focus on my health by making my yoga practice a priority for the sake of both my physical and spiritual wellbeing. And thanks to all of those things, I stopped being so angry all the time.

It’s also really great to know where I am taking my life from here. I am going back to school in September (yes, again) to get my MA in Comparative Literature. Where I’ll be isn’t totally transparent as of yet, but I know that I’ll almost certainly remain in the academe from now on. That excites me more than I can say and I feel very lucky to have “corrected” my life course “in time.” Whatever that really means. I just know that I feel at peace with my path for the first time in a long time.

I also wanted to address my … uhm, waning interest, in makeup. Don’t panic! I still love the stuff, but I feel like I’m past the stage of excessive hoarding and crazy experimentation. I’m sure you have noticed by now that I don’t exactly vary my look much anymore; I wouldn’t say I’ve completely plateaued in my learning with makeup, but I do understand what works well for me by now and I’m less willing to spend on things that are obvious gimmicks or part of a trend that I just don’t “feel.”

That said, I do surprisingly still have a lot that I want to write about. It’s crazy how much you can learn about makeup even with just a small set of products to work with — it can even make the process much more interesting. I still go gaga over new releases and now that I’m not buying a new product every few days just because I want to (it used to be that bad), I don’t feel as bad about spending for that new item that I am almost sure I will like.

This owning-less-makeup-is-ok attitude does go hand-in-hand with my in deepened yoga practice, but that is a post for another day I think.

I remember feeling back in October that I had messed up royally and that full recovery was nowhere in sight. Well, now there are days when I could not be happier with my life. That came with time and effort, but shit– now I can finally say: Thank god for fucking up occasionally. I wouldn’t be where I am without it.

Anyway, I shall be back soon with posts with pictures (yay!), although they might not be pictures of makeup as you are so used to. Catch you all soon. :)

(Patting myself on the back for writing a full post with only one mention of how crappy law school was! I am making progress. Haha)

2 responses to Checking In

  1. Ianaaaaa, may I please just say I super super super super super relate to the law school stuff. It’s hard when everyone says “sayang naman!” but it feels so wonderful to be — mismo — free from the clutches. I really am starting to feel more like myself again. I only wish I find out (soon!!!) what course my life should take because wandering around in a quarter-life-crisis haze is getting tiring. Congrats on finding yours!

    Love the blog, and good luck with everything! :)

  2. Looking forward to any of your writing! Glad you already stopped hoarding, and I think I should too! :) It’s nice that you will continue school but with the course that you surely like! :) Hope you continue to be inspired!

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