What’s On My Bedside Table

I was watching some home organisation videos on YouTube the other day and came across a few dedicated solely to nightstand / bedside table organisation. I was so engrossed in the videos (it’s like watching “What’s in My Bag” vids!) that I definitely lost a few of hours of my life, but it was totally worth my time, methinks. Different people keep very different things in and on their nightstands and it’s totally revealing of one’s personality and pre-sleep priorities.

I thought I’d share my own nightstand on here because most ladies keep some skincare by their beds and I am no exception. My bedside table isn’t very large and I don’t use the drawers to keep things I need at night (they get stuck easily so I just don’t bother to open them much), so everything important sits right on top. Here’s how I have it set up:
DSC02557I have a stack of books, a Wesco Peppy can peeping from behind that stack, a coaster, and a reading lamp. This corner of my room looks extra nice at night when all my lights except for the reading lamp are off. Now that I think of it, I should have taken a photo of it at night, but I’m so used to waiting for sunlight so that I can photograph makeup that I just…didn’t. Oh well.

Anyway, like I said, the drawers don’t house anything I need at night because they’re a pain to pull open. But in case you’re curious, the top drawer holds some of my notebook collection and the bottom drawer is where I store old hard drives. Everything I do need right before bed is within arm’s reach. 

DSC02559Before I get to the skincare, allow me address the book stack because it takes up the most space on my nightstand: I make it a point to read before I sleep. I don’t want the last thing I see before closing my eyes to be my cellphone screen, so I give myself a lot of book options. Usually the novel of the moment is at the top of the pile (David Mitchell’s “The Bone Clocks” right now), but I also keep books that I can read in parts (by chapter, short stories, light essays) because there are nights when I want to wind down to a short fairy/folk tale or maybe a bit of magical realism. It depends on my mood, really. 
DSC02561As for my beauty bits, I used to have all of my lotions and balms just standing in a group behind the books, but that looked way too cluttered plus I always knocked things over. Now my little Wesco Peppy can keeps everything out of sight and looking neat, while still keeping it all within reach. My books have the place of privilege on my nightstand (and the lamp is obvs there for reading them), but there are definitely a few skincare items I like to use before bed and they need to be there too.

Inside the can it’s still a bit of a jumble, but I can find what I need easily enough. Before bed, I apply eye cream, moisturise my lips, and also my hands (Aquaphor for my cuticles!) and feet with some heavy duty creams. I also keep eyedrops in there because my eyes dry out at night (no clue why, I don’t even wear contacts), a flashlight in case the power goes out, a hair tie, and some DayQuil because I ran out of NyQuil. DSC02565

Bedtime Essentials:

DayQuil • LED Flashlight • Tears Naturale • Burt’s Bee’s Replenishing Lip Balm • Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream • EA Eight Hour Cream (Lotion) • Khiel’s Creamy Eye Treatment • SPA Bathique Reviving Foot and Leg Gel • Good Hair Elastic • Aquaphor Healing Ointment

I don’t use all of the heavy creams every single night, but I do use my eye cream religiously. This Khiel’s one is fantastic and I recommend it to girls in their mid-20s like myself because it’s intensely hydrating but it’s not full of anti-aging ingredients just yet. I don’t want to use those too early for fear that they just won’t do anything for me when I actually start needing them. In your 20s, what’s important is that you start the habit. I’ve also had makeup artists compliment my under eye area, which is a very specific thing to compliment a person on, so it must be doing something!

I’d love to know what you absolutely must have at your bedside! Share it in the comments, please! :)

3 responses to What’s On My Bedside Table

  1. I NEVER had anything useful on my bedside table. Just old toys and old cassettes that had nowhere else to go. I have started sneaking in a canister of lip balm and jar of salve by the phone, whohoo!

  2. Seeing what you did to your bedtime essentials makes me want to look for a similar container for mine! Great post. :)

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