Lots and Lots of Lippies (My Happy Skin Lipstick Collection)

I reorganise my makeup storage quite often and I recently started keeping all of my Happy Skin lip products in one acrylic case. I don’t know how it happened, but I now have twelve Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippies, three Lip & Cheek Mousses, and two Power Pout Lip Lacquers. That’s a total of seventeen lip products from one brand. What. That is crazy.

They all looked so pretty sitting in one place that I got up and took some photos of my little collection (it really is a collection of its own, separate from my makeup collection as a whole). There are times when I dread taking product shots but when I’m inspired (nuks), I think I do an ok job. For a non-photographer, that is. Hehe.
DSC03337So that’s pretty much the story behind this post. I don’t want the pretty pictures to go to waste, so I’m sharing them with you all.

I don’t have the full set of Happy Skin’s incredibly popular Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippies (I think some people actually collect them like Pokemon), but these are representative of the brand’s journey, I think. I have some from very early on and I have quite a few of the latest formulations. Might as well go over what I have: DSC03344The “regular” SU&KM (omg someone help me think of a better short name for these) lippies made their debut when the brand launched in 2013. They are known for being highly pigmented but also comfortable to wear. The star ingredients are shea butter and collagen, which condition an plump your lips at the same time. I have a feeling the brand has been making slight adjustments to the formula as they roll out more colours, which is awesome because those adjustments have only made the product even better.

I wrote about these lipsticks in these posts:

DSC03348The first three Lip & Cheek Mousse shades were released with the Holiday 2014 collection and the two shades you see above came out with the Summer 2015 Beauty In Bloom collection. All shades are part of the permanent line. I also own Warm & Toasty, but it was in my bag when I took these photos. DSC03345Ah, the Preview x Happy Skin collaboration. In celebration of Preview magazine’s 20th year, Happy Skin released their very first matte SU&KM lippies. They. Are. Amazing. But limited edition, sadly. I wrote about them in this very recent postDSC03340Not long after the Preview x Happy Skin release came these babies: the permanent mattes. I have two of the three new shades, which are selling exclusively on Zalora until tomorrow (August 9). I don’t even have a full review of these up yet, but you’ll see swatches at the end of this post. DSC03352Along with the permanent mattes came these totally new products: the Power Pout Lip Lacquers. They’re so new I can’t even link you to them on the Happy Skin website yet… because they’re not there. Haha. (Zalora has them now, so feel free to go over and search).

The Lip Lacquers are packaged similarly to the Lip & Cheek Mousses, but these are high shine lip glosses and not dual-purpose products. Still getting to know these better, but I can assure you that they are highly, highly pigmented.

Lippie Swatches

“LE” signifies limited edition shades and “P” permanent shades. I have indicated the matte shades.

Just because of who I am, I hardly ever use Summer Crush, Sunset Kiss, and Mistletoe Kiss anymore. But you can clearly see that they are lovely, bright shades. Hot Stuff is a much deeper red than Mistletoe Kiss and has a matte finish and so I find it much easier to wear.

Too Cool is the palest of the nudes I own and is my favourite shade of all my Happy Skin lipsticks, hands down. Pop The Question has a lot more pink in it but is also quite pale. The Morning After is a mauve-pink — probably Happy Skin’s most unique shade. Hold My Hand is a 50/50 mix of coral and pink. Honeymoon Glow looks similar to The Morning After, but is warmer in tone and is much easier to wear as a consequence. Under The Sheets is a “tea rose” kind of shade, with a nice earthy brown tone showing under the pink.

Best Date Ever and Naughty & Nice are my plum shades. Aside from the difference in finish, they are pretty damn similar. Naughty & Nice is just a little bit darker, but also more vibrant. Best Date Ever can look more muted and subtle, partly because of the matte finish.
Full ComparisonAdded the Lip & Cheek Mousses and the Power Pouts under the shades I thought they were most comparable to, finish aside. Sorry about The Morning After’s placement — that was an honest mistake.

And that’s my collection! I have a lot of limited edition shades. Something about special launches just gets me, obviously. Haha. I hope the swatches help and if you have questions about shades that I do not have, please understand that it will be very difficult for me to answer them. The swatch photos are totally unedited and they were taken in natural light, so you can try to make comparisons on your own. :)

What’s your Happy Skin Lippie count? ;)

8 responses to Lots and Lots of Lippies (My Happy Skin Lipstick Collection)

  1. Pat

    That is an impressive collection! I only have one thus far and I’m happy that it’s TMA. It’s a really versatile shade, and I dread the day I run out of it.

  2. This is such a beautiful thing and it makes me a little sad on the inside that I can’t chase back those other LE shades you got from 2014 :'(

  3. Ako yata yung collecting like Pokemon! Hehe. I love the SU&KM lippies. Even the original formula lasts a long time on my lips. Impressive din yung matte formula, 5 hours after, looks almost the same pa rin. I want to collect them all. HAHAHA

  4. clairneriah

    Wow, this is amazing. I’m also trying to grow my lip products myself so I will definetly give these a try. I love love the colors of the mistle kiss, sunset kiss and naughty and nice.


  5. I have half an acrylic draw filled with Happy Skin SUKMs. Haven’t thought to get the lip and cheek mousse, since I’m pretty happy with the lippies’ formula. Didn’t intentionally try to collect them, either. Just found stuff I liked here and there (usually LEs). Thinking of getting Girl’s Night Out as a cheaper alternative to MAC Rebel…

  6. Aditi

    What was the background? The lippies were great but they looked even better because of the awesome background. Great spread photography!

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