Create Your Own Base With Cover FX’s Custom Cover Drops (G50)

I first heard of the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops (44.00 USD) when Tati (GlamlifeGuru on YouTube) did a first impressions video about the product in April. There is seriously no way anyone can watch that video and walk away from it not wanting the Custom Cover Drops. Tati’s skin looked flawless, the product seemed like such a novel idea, and I was just completely sold.

I picked up a bottle for myself at Sephora when I visited the U.S. in May and since then I have been these magical, innovative, revolutionary drops consistently.
DSC03435The Custom Cover Drops are essentially concentrated pigments that you can mix in with other bases, moisturisers, or even sunblocks, to achieve the level of coverage you want. The Cover FX website describes the product as follows:

Custom Cover Drops can be mixed with anything liquid to add coverage – moisturizers, serums, oils, primers, foundations and tinted moisturizers that are water, oil or silicone-based. These revolutionary drops feature our Flash Fusion Technology™ formula, so as soon as you drop, the solution flashes off leaving behind the pigment that weightlessly transforms your favorite beauty product into the sheerest tint all the way to a total coverage foundation, depending on how many drops you add. The pigments are coated with Lecithin, which is biochemically similar to the skin, to ensure ease of blending and the smoothest application. With unprecedented control, you are free to customize coverage like never before.

What a freakin’ amazing idea, right? The website instructs that 1 Drop = Sheer Coverage, 2 Drops = Medium Coverage, 3 Drops = Full Coverage, and 4 Drops = Total Coverage.

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 2.29.37 PMThe product comes in an impressive range of 24 different shades. I asked a sales assistant at Sephora to help me find the right shade and just because their colour IQ system couldn’t suggest a shade for me, she gave up. Uhm. K. So I picked out a shade for myself. Good thing I know my skin well enough!
DSC03439It was a close call between G40 and G50, but in the end I chose the darker shade because I had my summer tan at the time. It’s a great match even until now (August), when the weather in the Philippines is pretty damp and grey. Come December, I might consider picking up one of the Neutral shades if I get the chance. I appreciate that several undertones are represented in the range and that the naming system is clear and easy to understand. DSC03444The Custom Cover Drops come packaged in a simple bottle with a pipette that you can use to drop the product into whatever you choose to mix it in with. As it is so highly pigmented, the texture of the product is understandably quite thick, but it surprisingly does not have any problems mixing with anything I’ve tried so far. It latches on to the new medium in no time.

The bottle contains 15mL/ 0.5 FL OZ of product, which is half of a normal foundation, but considering how little of this you need even for total coverage (4 drops!), you still get your money’s worth for sure.
Here’s a little instructional video by Cover FX. I like that it’s short and sweet — but really, it’s difficult to over-complicate such a straightforward product. As straightforward as it is, it creates so many possibilities. Here are just a couple of ways I’ve used my Custom Cover Drops:
DSC03456With primers: 

I have combination-oil skin so I like to use different primers on my T-Zone and on the rest of my face. I like to do this when I know I need to control those excess oils on my forehead, but I also want to keep that glow on my cheeks. The primers are tried and tested faves and I love that the Custom Cover Drops don’t alter the nature of the primers at all. I just get the exact amount of coverage I need! Here’s what it looks like: 
The formula:

Cheeks and neck – bareMinerals Prime Time Illuminating Foundation Primer + 2 drops of the Custom Cover Drops.

T-Zone – Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner + 1 1/2 drops of the Custom Cover Drops.

DSC03895With other bases: 

When I want to be certain of how my face will behave throughout the day, I go for the primer option. When I’m in the mood to play chemist and experiment with the different textures and finishes of my many base products, I mix them. Sometimes it works out great, other times it’s a total disaster. I just try to listen to what my skin needs on that particular day.

I put together the combination you see above because I wanted colour correction, SPF, and just the right amount of coverage for that particular day. The MAC CC Cream cancelled out redness, the GOSH CC Cream lent a nice glow, and the Custom Cover Drops added the coverage I wanted to the sheer CC cream formulas.
DSC03923The formula:

Equal parts MAC Prep & Prime CC Cream (Neutralize) and GOSH Illuminating CC Cream (Golden) + 1 drop of the Custom Cover Drops.


1 Drop = Sheer Coverage
2 Drops = Medium Coverage
3 Drops = Full Coverage
4 Drops = Total Coverage

I tend to only use 1 or 2 drops, but I have gone for 3 drops once and that really does yield full coverage. I can’t imagine what sort of event I might need 4 drops for — perhaps being on stage or TV? Hehe.

I really haven’t a single negative thing to say about this product. I love how easy it is to work with and how it can be moulded to suit your own preferences. Cover FX says that this product will work with all skin types; the product will behave differently depending mainly on what you choose to mix it with. I have also used it mixed with sunscreen and I imagine a very popular thing to do is to mix it with moisturiser to make — you guessed it — your very own tinted moisturiser!

There are just so many possibilities when it comes to using this product. Once you find your shade, you can make it yours in every way imaginable. I love it. Two thumbs up. Grab it if you get the chance!

3 responses to Create Your Own Base With Cover FX’s Custom Cover Drops (G50)

  1. Shyla

    Hi, can I ask what shade are you in other foundations? I’m trying to find out what shade suits a Mac Nc40- Nc42. Thanks.

    • Are you yellow undertoned? I think we are looking for the same colour haha, g50 mixed with g60 works amazing for me so you might have good luck with that :) if you want to only purchase one then go with g50 as you can always bronze up slightly x

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