Unwind at Posh Nails With A DETOX MANI-PEDI *

Who doesn’t like spending a relaxing afternoon at the nail salon? Seriously, even men find that they like to have a quick cleaning done if they can get themselves around to trying it out. I personally have a mani-pedi professionally done at least once a month and I will very often choose to have a foot spa thrown in with those basic services. It’s just a really great way to relax.

detox promo sponsors copyWhen Posh Nails asked me to come over and celebrate their 13th anniversary with them by trying out their DETOX Mani + Pedi, I was very happy to accept the invitation. I think it’s safe to assume that everyone is at least familiar with Posh Nails — they have so many branches and they have been around for over a decade. In a country where mani-pedi parlours abound like Starbucks stores, only a few can really withstand the test of time. During my visit, I was reminded why Posh Nails is one of those few. 
The detoxifying, pampering afternoon started off with a refreshing Lemon Cleanse drink. I love when nail parlours offer a drink with their services. It’s all about that well-rounded experience, guys, especially when detoxifying is your concern.DSC02978I love how Posh Nails has all of the products to be used in the service nicely displayed in little wooden trays. The all new Detox Mani + Pedi services feature Cuccio Naturalé products exclusively. Cuccio is an all natural nail, hand and foot care treatment product line that is exclusive to Posh Nails.

Products used during the Detox Manicure include the Manicure Cuticle Soak with Aronia Berry & Tea Tree which softens, cleanses and refreshes hands and nails with Aronia berries that provide high levels of antioxidants and tea tree that has natural antiseptic qualities. The Manicure Extended Massage Lotion with Seabuckthorn & White Tea offers a nourishing, hydrating finish.

DSC02984During the mani + pedi, we were also treated to a little talk by a life coach. It was uplifting and included bits of meditation and motivational quotes.

DSC02979Using nature-based products means that your skin is nourished and moisturised, and at the same time antioxidants help to neutralise free radicals in the body caused by stress.

Among the products used for the Detox Pedicure sessions are The Extended Massage Lotion with Shea Butter & Tuscan Grapeseed, which combines Shea butter’s intensive moisturising properties, and Tuscan Grapeseed’s antioxidants that neutralise free radicals. The Pedicure Callus Softener with Mango & Papain, which contains antioxidants, minerals, proteins, and Vitamins along with natural enzymes, gently exfoliates and reveals radiant, healthy skin. Finally, the Pedicure Cuticle Softener with Pomegranate & Alpha Hydroxy that promises to gently, yet effectively, exfoliate, cleanse, and soften stubborn cuticles with Pomegranate which is rich in antioxidants and alpha hydroxy acids to soften tissue and remove unwanted skin cells.DSC02987I left my Detox Mani + Pedi session feeling not only cleaner and more presentable, but also more relaxed and ready to face my day. There’s just something about a little pampering session that reenergises you in all the right ways!

Posh Nails is all over the place so pop on over to a branch near you and check out all the services they have to offer. I highly recommend the DETOX Mani and Pedi!
Posh Nails Menu of ServicesThe new Posh DETOX Mani+Pedi pampering service is now available in 30 Posh Nails branches nationwide. The Posh DETOX Manicure is priced at P525 while the Posh DETOX Pedicure is P650.

For more information, visit www.poshnails.com.ph or follow Posh Nails on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

*Services were provided free of charge.

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