Introducing: Bioré’s Line Up of Makeup Removers

About a week or so before leaving Manila, a bundle of some of Bioré’s different types of makeup removers arrived on my doorstep. I was ecstatic because this ups the number of readily accessible cleansing oils and micellar waters in Manila (the most popular other brands being Shu Uemura for the cleansing oil and Bioderma for micellar cleansing water).

Bioré, if you are unfamiliar with the brand, is of Japanese origin. They are well-known for their sunblocks locally, but apparently their makeup removing products are best-sellers in Japan. I trust Japanese skin care almost by default (you really should never do this but if there’s any one country that knows its skincare it’s Japan, so…) and so I didn’t hesitate to dive in and test all of these products immediately.
DSC04362The bundle I received included all three of Bioré’s makeup removing products: the Cleansing Oil (in the pump bottle and the two small travel bottles), the Micellar Cleansing Water, and the Cotton Sheets. There is also a 2-in-1 foaming Cleanser, but I unfortunately haven’t been able to try that out.

I was, of course, most excited about the cleansing oil and micellar water. I don’t think it’s possible to talk about these without comparing them to Shu Uemura and Bioderma’s versions, so they’re up against some stiff competition right off the bat.

The Bioré Cleansing Oil comes in a 150mL pump bottle. I use about a pump rubbed into my entire face — it breaks down makeup easily and washes off without leaving any residue. The texture is on the thicker side, resembling Muji’s cleansing oils more closely than most of Shu Uemura’s variants (there are a few that are thicker because they are nourishing). My favourite thing about Bioré’s Cleansing Oil is that it smells of green apples. It’s a light scent but it’s definitely there and there have been times when my stomach grumbles as I remove my makeup because of it. Haha.

The Bioré Micellar Cleansing Water is also pretty darn good. It doesn’t have a scent and it does what it’s meant to do: remove makeup with just some cotton and the micellar water itself. Bioderma’s micellar water seems to work a little quicker, but there really is very little difference between the two.

DSC04349Ah, the Bioré Cotton Sheets. I’m not a huge advocate of makeup wipes in general, but they definitely have their time and place. That said, these are unlike any other wipes I’ve tried in the past and I am tempted to use them even outside of situations where I normally would (on an airplane, while piss-ass drunk, etc.). These wipes are extra soft and they are saturated with some of the Bioré cleansing oil. They don’t irritate my skin at all and there is no added scent. DSC04360What I have is the small travel pack of about 15 sheets, but you can get larger packs of about 50 sheets as well. I wish I could have stocked up on these before leaving, but the thought of them being available back home comforts me greatly. Haha

I don’t have pricing information for these products at the moment but I’ll be sure to update the post if I get a reply to my e-mail inquiry. They should be pretty affordable though as Bioré is pretty much a drugstore brand in Japan. I’d run out and get them immediately if I were in Manila and in need of a makeup remover!

3 responses to Introducing: Bioré’s Line Up of Makeup Removers

  1. I love Bioré’s skincare line as well! I’ll have to see if I can find any of these products here in the states! Loved reading your review, followed! (:

  2. lyblogs

    Is the cleansing water milder than the cleansing oil? I have the cleansing oil, it stings my eyes a bit but I like that it really dissolves my makeup. ;)

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