Soap & Glory at 3 for 2

I haven’t actually picked up very much makeup since arriving in London. There’s so much to choose from and for a while I was just overwhelmed. That’s a good thing, of course! I love having all of this variety. I have my eye on loads of Charlotte Tilbury stuff, but probably saving those purchases for just before Christmas. In the meantime, I’ve been falling prey to all these 3 for 2 deals at Boots and Superdrug. These Soap & Glory products are from my first little haul:
IMG_2535How cute is that packaging!?

If you’re not familiar with Soap & Glory — familiarise yourself! haha you’re missing out. They’re a relatively young brand (founded in 2006) that offer fun bath, beauty, and skincare products. Their range of body lotions and other shower products is huge and I haven’t delved into that just yet. Their makeup line on the other hand is nice and compact.

I chose the products I have based almost exclusively on Fleur’s (Fleur de Force) recommendations. 
One Heck of A Blot (12GBP) is a “super-translucent mattifying powder” that does exactly as it says on the tin. At 12 pounds, this isn’t super cheap, but the quality is definitely there all throughout the product. The packaging doesn’t just look cute, guys. It’s nice and sturdy, plus the product comes with a sponge and a large mirror:DSC04437Often with “translucent” powders I’m left with a bit of a white cast on my face if I apply too much. This one is difficult to over-apply, which is great, but it isn’t the best when it comes to oil control. I keep it in my bag for when I touch-up (I do that in combination with an oil-absorbing sheet) throughout the day, but I don’t use it for setting my face in the morning. The sponge isn’t amazing, but it’s useful to have in there for days when I forget to take a brush.
DSC04440The Solar Powder (11 GBP) bronzer was the last of the three items I decided to pick up. I initially wanted one of the Sexy Mother Pucker lipsticks, but I didn’t need another lipstick and I really did need a bronzer. DSC04444If I remember correctly this came in two shades and I have the darker one. It’s not quite dark enough for me, which is a shame because the texture of this bronzer is actually pretty awesome. It’s also not too orange. The pink sheen you see on the stamped letters (so adorable btw) is just an overspray so no need to worry about shimmer — you can use this as a contour powder. 
Lastly, I picked up the Kick Ass Concealer (10 GBP). I’ve had my eye on this for a looong time. It’s one of those multi-piece products that promises convenience and ease of use all in one place. I like that idea a lot — especially for concealer — because I tend to use multiple concealers (for different purposes) in a day anyway. DSC04457So Step 1 and Step 2 are the under eye and the face/blemish concealers respectively. The tricky part of these kinds of sets is getting the two shades to match up well. Again, there were only two different shades to pick from for this. I went with Medium and it’s luckily the right match for my face, but the under eye concealer is too light. I’ve been using that to brighten the area around my lips instead.
DSC04465Step 3 is the setting powder, which I use under my eyes only — but with my usual K Palette Zero Kuma Concealer underneath since the one from this kit doesn’t work for me. The powder may look harsh and almost too white, but it’s actually quite sheer and soft once on the skin. It gives a lovely soft focus effect. I normally use an Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder (in Dim Light) for this job and I find that although the Hourglass powder is more subtle, this one gives me more of brightening effect, which is also nice.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the quality of these Soap & Glory products. I have a feeling I’m more forgiving of their shortcomings just because of the adorable packaging but hey — they make me happy and getting them on 3 for 2 makes it all worth it.

I have been buying more high street makeup recently — mostly from Rimmel. That brand hardly ever disappoints me. That’s what’s up next so

6 responses to Soap & Glory at 3 for 2

  1. therougemavenblog

    I heard so much good stuffs about soap and glory makeup line. I wish we have it here it canada.

    • Mariana – Author

      The only one that has impressed me since my skin turned combo-oily is the Benefit Porefessional Powder (the one in the cool packaging), BUT that gave me pimples so I had to stop using it. A loy of benefit base products don’t jive with my skin. :( It’s the only powder that really kept my skin REALLY matte. So I guess if your skin responds well to Benefit base products, give it a go. :D

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