Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Hepburn Honey

I’ve been living in London for some four months now. I’m having a great time, and one of the things I’ve learned to do to help keep things that way is to not always convert item prices into Pesos in my head. 1 GBP is some 68 PHP, so even a lipstick from Boots that’s only around 6 or 7 GBP isn’t actually as cheap as it might seem to be. Maybe I’m just used to thinking of things in US Dollars (slightly lower change rate) or I just haven’t gotten used to thinking of things in a different currency… in any case, I find that I helps to just not do the conversions before I buy things (unless I’m making a huge purchase, which is rarely the case — all I buy is food and more warmers because it’s freezing here). I’m happier that way.

And so it was that on the day I decided to finally go and buy something from Charlotte Tilbury, I forked over my 23 GBP without much thought– happily, even. It took me ages to pick anything from the brand precisely because I knew it wasn’t cheap, but that didn’t make the realisation that this is a 1,500 PHP lipstick any less painful. Haha. DSC05655Don’t get me wrong — this little tube is worth it (to me). I just don’t normally go for high end lipsticks because all my favourites tend to be from the drugstore anyway. I do think though that because I have been buying a lot less product lately (this is relative to my former self, so I still buy lots compared to most) — and because this is related to me finally knowing exactly what works for me (i.e. I have become boring) — that I can more safely spend a little more on a luxury product. Oooor maybe I’m justifying my purchase. It is a very pretty purchase, no? DSC05668The K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipsticks are Charlotte’s signature range, “curated with modern and classic icons in mind.” I have the shade Hepburn Honey, which is a lovely peachy nude –totally up my alley. The formula for these is supposed to keep your lips looking plump, protect them from the sun, and wear comfortably without bleeding out of the lip line.

You have to give it to Charlotte: you are totally purchasing an experience when you shop her line. Browsing the store was immensely fun and you sort of take that memory home with you, aside from having a beautiful product to hold and love, too. DSC05670I would say that this feels like an old school kind of lipstick formula, but vastly improved. It reminds me of the lipsticks I used to play with on my mom’s dresser when I was a child, minus the strange scents and skippy texture. This is a wax-based formula and you can certainly feel that, though not necessarily in a bad way.  The payoff is medium and buildable, although with wax-based lipsticks it is possible to go overboard and apply too much.

There are so many silicone-based formulas (and also liquid lipsticks — no clue what those are made of) out these days that I find this more traditional texture quite comforting. It’s better than actual old school lipsticks in the sense that it glides on smoothly and doesn’t seem to ball up on your lips as long as you don’t over-apply. The sales assistants always suggest that you buy a lip liner to go with each lipstick and lining really should extend the wear of any lipstick, as well as prevent issues like feathering or clumping. It can be a hassle, but it’s worth it  if you want to to extend wear and enhance colour pay-off as well. DSC05675Me, wearing Hepburn Honey. I know, I know. It looks like so many other lipsticks I have already! But as I’ve said many a time before — all of my nudes offer me something ever-so-slightly different. This particular shade is lighter than my natural lip colour (so I do have to darken up my eye look when I go for this) and neutral on me, even though it looks quite warm when swatched. It’s a very easy shade for me to use precisely because it doesn’t pull too orange or too pink. I like my neutral tones — especially on my lips.

The lipstick photographs nicely when I’m smiling, but I did notice that when I’m not giving a wide smile it looks waxy and sort of thick. This is only in photos though, as I don’t recall it looking that way in person whenever I checked myself in the mirror.

Like I said earlier, I am quite happy with this lipstick. It is pricey, but I’m glad I picked up a shade that I know I will get loads of use out of. That said, I do have my eye on some of the bolder colours (shocker!), but from the Matte Revolution line. Bond Girl, Glastonberry, and Birkin Brown are all calling out to me. The matte formula is slightly more expensive at 30 GBP, so if you want to weigh in on which shade I should get for myself, please do so by leaving a comment!



15 responses to Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Hepburn Honey

  1. You are absolutely right in saying shipping her line is an experience. The customer service is amazing and you come away feeling good about not just what you bought but by the experience you just went through. I just purchased light wonder foundation and the bronze and glow, both of Which i had Been Thinking about for months. Held off on buying the kissing lipstick for now but man this blog post could not have Been more timely! Now i wanna get it. Welcome back to blogging! Missed your entries

    • Mariana – Author

      The foundations and the bronze and glow are items I’m definitely looking at too! How do you like them so far? :)

      And thanks! I missed blogging! <3

  2. Chloe P

    lovely looking lipstick and colour! will definitely have to have a look at the others!
    I’ve recently started up my own blog and would really appreciate if you checked it out and a follow back if it’s not too much trouble, thanks :) x

  3. clairneriah

    This looks very good on you, I love how nude it is yet it still has that peachy undertone. I totally understand your delimma of changing the currency in your head. I did that when I came to America. Don’t worry it’ll get easier :)

    • Mariana – Author

      Bitch Perfect is so you! Haha I can picture you wearing it already. Go for it! :) And maybe one other wildcard shade haha.

  4. Rae

    You’ve got to try the mattes. The formula is unique and I’m sure Bond Girl would look great on you.

  5. Happy to see a new post from you(although i checked late). That shade really suits you! You’re so beautiful!!! And it’s good that you splurge on a color that is already your style.

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