Handbag Staples: Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream & Res-Q Ointment

DSC05803Burt’s Bees has a lot of hand care options for just one brand (see here) and I’ve actually had the chance to try out most of them. I’ve never really liked the ones in tubes much for some reason, but the Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream (650.00 Php / 6.49 GBP) is something that I’ve had for a while and like to take around with me when I carry smaller handbags.

Recently, I received the Res-Q Ointment (650.00 Php / 6.49 GBP) as part of an outdoors-themed Christmas set and although it isn’t described as a product just for the hands (it’s more like a multi-use healing balm — will explain more below), I like to use it on my hands because my terrible habit of biting the skin around my nails leaves me with little wounds.

I use the Cuticle Cream and the Res-Q ointment almost interchangeably these days, but they are technically not the same product. Let’s have a look at both of them: DSC05814The Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream (650.00 Php / 6.49 GBP) is essentially a thick moisturiser that keeps your cuticles soft to prevent any possible cracks and painful peeling. I go ahead and use it all over my hands because there isn’t any specialised ingredient that makes it strictly only for the cuticle area. The only indicator of that is the thicker, paste-like texture. It’s still not difficult to spread across the entire hand though and the best thing about this? The touch of lemon oil (which has astringent and anti-irritant qualities) smells divine! I also use this on my toes when I remember to, hehe. DSC05810The Burt’s Bees Res-Q Ointment (650.00 Php / 6.49 GBP) , on the other hand, is an “invigorating balm” that is supposed to revive muscles and slightly damaged skin after outdoor activity. The blend of menthol, eucalyptus, corn mint, and clove oil penetrates the skin and soothes minor bumps and bruises (similar to Lucas Papaw Ointment). It sounds like a product geared towards a gardener, actually, and I would say that my hands are as beat-up as someone who’s gone to do a bit of playing in the dirt, hehe.

You can use the Res-Q Ointment on any patch of skin that needs soothing, but I use it mostly on my hands to treat the minor cuts I get from biting at my cuticles. This balm really does soothe the skin and it also smells amazing (even better than the lemon butter, in my opinion). It sinks in much quicker than the cuticle cream but is also slightly less moisturising. DSC05806I took this photo to demonstrate how nice and small the tins are, but I realised that it also happens to show just how ugly and beat up my hands are. The cold weather has not been great for my knuckles, you guys. Haha

Anyway yes, I love that the balms are so compact easy to take around. Most of my hand creams that come in tubes (my favourite hand creams are from Harnn, btw) now sit around my house for me to use when I’m at home. The Res-Q Ointment and Cuticle Cream come out with me so I can maintain moisture and/or treat any wounds I’ve inflicted on myself while I’m out and about.

I love both products, but if I had to choose one I would go with the Res-Q Ointment. It’s multi-purpose and a joy to use. I’ve had it for a much shorter time than the cuticle cream, I’ve put a bigger dent in this product already. Good thing I don’t have to choose between them though! I love having both of them in my life and I highly recommend them.

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