Genius New Product or Total Gimmick: The Origins Maskimizer

If you like face masks, Origins has a range of some twelve or thirteen to choose from. The most popular ones are the Clear Improvement charcoal mask, the Drink Up Intensive mask, and the Out of Trouble mask. I own all three of those, plus the new Original Skin retexturising mask, and they are all really great. I have my eyes on the Ginzing refreshing mask to try next because I love the moisturiser from that range, but I was popping into Boots to restock my charcoal mask when I caught sight of a new product: the Maskimizer (£ 18.50), which is a “skin-optimising mask primer.”

Origins says that the Maskimizer is a “(p)riming mist with Marine Algae Complex (that) helps hydrate, soften and optimise the appearance of skin so it’s fully prepped to enhance your mask experience.” DSC06413Sounds a bit gimmicky, eh? It’s either gimmicky or absolutely brilliant — and I wouldn’t have picked it up if not for the special offer that brought its price down to just about £7 if I bought it together with my fave Origins mask. Like I said, I was in need of a new charcoal mask, so I thought: why not! I could test it out with all of my other Origins masks as well. DSC06411.jpgSo, the idea is that once you’ve cleaned your face as usual, you spritz the Maskimizer on as an additional preparatory step and then layer your mask of choice over top. The spray feels just like water but is infused with “Marine Algae Complex” to help lightly moisturise skin. When skin is properly hydrated, it can absorb nutrients better and you get maximum potential out of your mask.

I do think that this works; I feel like my masks go on smoothly and (funnily) also more evenly… but I also think that this is nothing new. I’ve been prepping my face for masks and serums using my Avene Eau Thermale spring water for ages and it has a similar effect: my skin is calmer and more receptive to the benefits of whatever mask or serum I place over top. You can enhance face masks with any moisturising face spray (Pixi has some nice options). Origins was just the first brand to put a name on it. That’s still a commendable thing though, if it means that more people will discover the benefits of priming for masks. DSC06416That means, essentially, that yes I like this. Will I be repurchasing it? Probably not, as I can get the same benefits out of using my Avene Eau Thermale water, which is much, much more affordable. If, however, you’re one of those people who like to keep things consistent (brand-wise) across your entire skincare routine and you like Origins, then this a must-have for use before your masks.

The Maskmizer is neither a genius new product nor a total gimmick. Everyone should know about priming for masks! If you’ve read this, now you do and you know that you can reap the benefits using your moisturising spray of choice.


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