At The Beach With Bobbi Brown Beach (EDP Review)

I come from a country with some kick-ass, world class beaches. It’s only to be expected, really; the Philippines is made up of over 7,000 islands (yes, there are three zeros following that seven), and while I myself grew up in the painfully urban capital city, a good beach is as little as a couple of hours away by car.Needless to say, my entire life is filled with memories of the beach: of sun and sand and salty sea air and sunblock slathered all over my body. It isn’t just a childhood or summer memory to me — it’s part of my life as a happy inhabitant of the tropics.

And so when a fragrance not only purports to capture the essence of the beach but is also named precisely that — “Beach” —  I am more than interested in being the judge of that.DSC08318Bobbi Brown’s Beach eau de parfum (£50 for 50ml) caught my attention during its most recent re-promote for summer 2016 (originally launched in 2009). The 50ml bottle is very simple, which I love, and there is also a 6ml rollerball version avialable. The fragrance itself is permanent, but for summer there are a limited edition body oil, shower gel, and lotion on offer as well.

The scent is described as a “blend of sand jasmine, sea spray, and mandarin.”To me, it smells a lot like sunblock, sand, and a little bit of sweat (in the best way, lol). I do get that hint of sweet jasmine from time to time when wearing this, which adds a really nice fresh touch. It’s subtle from the moment you put it on right until it starts to fade after about six or seven hours. When my skin warms up, the sunblock-y smells comes through quite strong, and it’s actually really nice. DSC08317I think Bobbi Brown hit the nail on the head with Beach as it’s meant to be more of the essence of the beach in a bottle as opposed to the smell of the beach itself. I adore it because it puts a smile on my face whenever I catch a whiff of it on myself – and isn’t that the goal of any personal scent? Extra points for Beach for being packaged so perfectly.

I wasn’t surprised to see that reviews for this online were either full-on love or total hate. It’s that kind of scent. You guys know which side I’m on! Does it sound like a scent you’d be interested in?

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