Happy Skin Glisten Up Strobing Kit Review (Highlighter & Contour Duo)

So… I knew from the start that I wanted this so, so, so badly but, being miles away, I had to resort to stalking the launch through Instagram and Facebook and drooling over pictures. Lol. The entire Happy Skin x Plains and Prints collection looked lovely, but ohmygoodness seeing swatches of the contour stick drove me wild!DSC08022 Thankfully, my best friend and I were due to see each other in NYC in May and she was able to pick up the Glisten Up! Strobing Kit Highlighter and Contour Duo (Php 1,299.00) for me. I don’t know who I was more excited to see… her or the strobing kit — juuust kidding! It was the strobing kit, naturally. ;) (haha joke lang, Lexa! Love you!)DSC08029You can also get the strobing kit as a highlighter + blush combo, but I hardly ever wear blush and really, the contour shade in this kit (Taupe) is a dream. They are still available online, but I do believe stocks are limited so hurry and grab a set while you still can! DSC08034Champagne (highlighter) and Taupe (contour). 6.5g per cream stick, made in Taiwan.

These are also sold individually, priced at Php 799.00 each. DSC08042The cream sticks are adorably chunky and feel nice in the hand. As always, Happy Skin packaged their product beautifully. DSC08036I also just really love the idea of  face makeup in stick form. It makes everything feel so simple and fun at the same time.DSC08049Heavy swatches.

Champagne as a highlight shade is the perfect balance of pink and peach. Consistency-wise I found it to be a little chunky for my taste, but it does work nicely as a cream eyeshadow (and glitter on the eyes is more forgivable than on the cheeks in my opinion).

Taupe, on the other hand, is perfection. It looks scary as a heavy swatch, but the greyish undertone is clear to see and that’s what makes it so perfect for use as a contour shade. I mean, warm browns just won’t do when it comes to creating shadow on the face. DSC08052Blended out, Champagne leaves a pretty peach sheen and Taupe creates that perfect, natural-looking shadow. You do have to blend carefully with Taupe, but it’s totally worth it and nothing that a good synthetic brush or makeup sponge can’t help you with. Fingers are perfectly acceptable too, of course. DSC08054.jpgAfter washing my arm with soap and water, there was still a stain from Taupe on my arm. Gold, I tell you. This formula is gold. DSC08031The box packaging includes a guide to contouring and highlighting. Generally, you highlight the areas of the face that light naturally touches and that you want to bring forward. Contour product on the other hand goes on parts of the face that you want to recede and where shadows naturally fall. It’s more difficult to create a natural look when you contour and I actually just highlight on most days to bring out the high points of my face.

Extra trivia about me: I don’t like to contour any place on my face except the sides of my nose. Unless it’s some huge event that requires heavy stage makeup or something. DSC08027Overall, another great product release from Happy Skin, and in keeping with their brand philosophy, these cheek sticks are not only pretty on the skin but good for it, too. Can the contour stick become permanent, pretty please?? I use it nearly every day now.

If you’ve got these, let me know what you think of them! If you haven’t yet, try and snatch them before they’re gone. Apologies for the late review… it’s been a pain living so far away from Happy Skin! They do ship internationally though, so if you’re not from the Philippines and want to give that a go, check out their website:

Happy Skin Cosmetics 

Also available at Beauty Bar, Plains and Prints, Rustan’s, SM, Watsons, the Landmark, and at their boutiques at these locations: click.


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