Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks: Nighthawk, Twitch, & Liar (Cream Formula) Review

Before it’s stale news, let’s talk about Urban Decay’s new line of lipsticks: Vice. There are 100 shades that come in 6 different finishes, plus there are 50 lip liners available to match certain shades. That’s a lot of colours.

Of course, Christine of Temptalia has posted swatches of all 100 shades, plus 20 more shades that will be available only at Sephora (bless her). DSC08322It’s more than a little bit overwhelming to browse all of the shades online, so I went to the UD store at Covent Garden to have a look instead. It was still overwhelming to see 100 shades spread out in front of me, but I let the excitement take hold and my instincts directed me to a few shades to begin. Those were: 1993, Nighthawk, Violate, Liquid, Twitch, and Uptight.

For the sake of my wallet, I decided that I would allow myself two shades to take home initially and if I really liked the formula, only then would I allow myself to go back for more. DSC08326Nighthawk (a brown-red) and Twitch ( a soft purple with a blue undertone) are the shades that made the cut.  Both, as you can see on the labels above, are in the cream finish.The other finishes are comfort matte, megamatte, sheer, and sheer shimmer, and metallized. I didn’t intend to go home with two of the same finish, but neither was I forcing myself to pick two different finishes. Cream lipsticks just tend to be my type, I guess. Before we take a look at the shades, let’s have a look at the packaging: DSC08330At £15, I guess one shouldn’t really expect the most luxurious packaging in the world. The tube is made of lightweight plastic, and while some can get past the cheap material and appreciate the pretty design, I can’t even bring myself to like that. I’m not a gunmetal + gold fan… but! the cheaper packaging means a cheaper product overall, so I won’t complain too much. What matters most is what’s inside the tube, anyway.

On to the shades then!


I’ve said time and again that reds are not my thing — they aren’t still, but I can’t seem to keep myself from picking up deep, deep reds with brown bases from time to time. They’re just so bloody sexy. With a name like Nighthawk, this is one is as sexy as a deep red can get. It sounds a bit superhero-esque, yeah? Anyway, I knew it was for me when I tried it in store and just wanted to keep it on for the rest of the day.


A “purple with a blue undertone” is definitely not going to appeal to everyone… and sometimes I’m not even sure if it appeals to me (lol). But again, it’s a shade I chose based on my gut feel about it. I put it on in store and I was like Oooh that’s a bit jarring — but in a good way! I love seeing cool toned lipsticks on my warmer (but not quite yellow) skin. It’s fun to experiment with different ways of making it work!


The cream finish Vice lipsticks are, indeed, extremely creamy. Possibly the creamiest creams I’ve ever encountered. There’s not too much slip, but it’s also not so thick that it bunches up if you happen to put too much on. They’re not opaque in one swipe or anything like that, but it’s the comfortable wear that makes these lipsticks impressive.

Liar, the wearable shade that I eventually went back and picked out, is included in the swatches above, as well as a swatch of Liar the lipliner. If I like a formula loads, I will buy an everyday kind of shade in it.

Nighthawk & Twitch, WORN: 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let me know if you think Twitch looks crazy in the comments! Haha


DSC08442I said it once before and I’ll say it again: when I really like a formula, I need a nude/wearable shade in it! Liar is that shade and would you look at that– the sales lady even talked me into buying the matching lip pencil! And I don’t even use lip pencils. Haha.

Anyway, Liar is described very simply as a “pink-nude” and I adore it. I could have done without the lip pencil because it makes the whole look darker for some reason, but I guess it might come in handy for use under other shades.

Liar, WORN:

On the left is just Liar lip liner worn alone. It’s darker and has a matte finish. On the right is Liar lip liner with Liar lipstick on top. Using both together makes for a pretty heavy looking lip, which I’m not really into. The darker liner completely changes Liar into a darker shade overall, but I imagine this is the way to get the longest wear time out of the shade (buuut it’s not even really the same shade anymore lol). DSC08706And, finally, here is Liar (the lipstick) worn  on its own, which is my preferred way of wearing it. It’s the perfect soft pink and I love it as a more lively alternative to my other daily lipstick choices, the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Hepburn Honey, which is more of a muted nude, and the YSL Rouge Volupte in Beige Ultime, which leans more beige than pink… but is also a pinky beige like Liar.

Overall Thoughts

I’m sorry I only have the cream finishes to talk about, but based on those — I love the Vice lipsticks! Comfortable, on the affordable side for UD, and an amazing selection of shades.

Let me know what your shade picks are and which ones you think are MUST haves for anyone!

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