The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Range (Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution & 3-in-1 Wash-Scrub-Mask)

I remember a time when nearly every girl in our school carried a The Body Shop Born Lippy lip balm around. The chunky tub of sticky, sickly sweet (smelling) jelly sat comfortably in my deep Catholic school girl skirt pocket and gave me an odd sense of assurance that everything would be O.K. — my lips didn’t just taste like strawberry (my preferred scent/flavour), they emanated the smell too, such that no one could dare doubt that it was the TBS lip balm I had on. It was the “in” thing and I was “in” because I had it.

(Way) more than a decade later, I can’t imagine going back to using that lip balm (more like a lip candy gloss), but I still think that The Body Shop has some good stuff to offer if you look past their overly scented and overpriced body butters. DSC09266.jpgI’ve been a fan of Tea Tree tree oil and its many uses for a long while now, so when I saw that TBS reworked and expanded their Tea Tree range, I was very much willing to have a look at it and reconsider my previous stance on it — which was pretty much that it sucked. I don’t know what they’ve changed, but it feels like everything (yay).

From the expanded range I picked up the Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution and the 3-in-1 Wash-Scrub-Mask. The “pre-serum” solution is great because it includes aloe and some salicylic acid; overall it feels very balanced and although it contains alcohol, my skin has been taking to it well. I’m not 100% sure I’ll be repurchasing this because another serum has entered my realm of consciousness (it’s from Origins). The product I really wanted to highlight in this post is the WASH-SCRUB-MASK:DSC09528.jpgThis, my friends, is something everyone who has ever struggled with back acne should at least give a try. I initially bought it for use on my face after intense, sweaty workouts. A scrub is too intense for daily use on the face, but as I was showering one day I had the thought that I should try it on my back (where I have always had pesky pimples). Back skin is much thicker and can take (actually: could use) more frequent exfoliation. While I have always used loofas and scrubbing mitts for my back, that never really solved the acne problem on its own.

The tea tree oil in this mask/scrub/wash makes that little difference that has pretty much cleared up my back. When I have time, I leave it on my back after scrubbing to allow the clarifying goodness to sink in. If I don’t have too much time, then I just scrub extra well and enjoy the refreshing cool feeling that I’m left with as I dry off.

For a back scrub, this is a little pricey at approx. 900Php, but I do also use it on my face from time to time. I imagine other medicated scrubs would cost the same or more, so again, if you suffer from back acne, do give this a try.

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