THE Powder (for me): Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder

I always kind of want to kick myself in the butt when I write glowing reviews of products that aren’t available in the Philippines. Lately though, it’s only the best of the best in my makeup arsenal that get me excited and wanting to write. The best of the best are also slowly but surely ousting the average, mediocre items that I only recently realised I was just putting up with. I’m not even talking “Holy Grail item” in the way I used to use the term — my HG picks were the best of the bunch, but I still kept a line-up of second-best and even third-best items in the bunch around because, well, I liked them enough to keep them around. These days, I’m nearing what you might even be able to call… a capsule collection (gasp).

I have a couple of bases I swear by, concealers that I never switch up, a brow routine that I could execute with my eyes closed, a bronzer that I slap on day after day (it also acts as my blush, highlight, and even my eyeshadow on occasion), and a single mascara that I purchase over and over again. Oh, and I have this setting powder, of course. The setting powder that sent all my other setting powders to the trash.


The Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder ($45 / £33) is a “super luxe micro-fine powder with soft-focus nano particles that blur away lines and imperfections.” It comes in three translucent shades: 1 Fair, 2 Medium, and 3 Dark. I use Medium and it’s great — and I do think that because the product is translucent that the three shades are enough to cover a wide range of skin tones, but you will hear differing opinions on that, no doubt.DSC00279It’s a pressed powder, as you can see, and the pan (which is gorgeously and conveniently slim) holds 8g of product. It’s not much, but it’s also not crazy little.DSC00281The texture of this powder is as weightless as it gets. I can use it both for setting my face initially and also for touch ups (although sometimes I will bring a powder foundation around for touch ups because I need that coverage).

There is no SPF in this powder, so for daytime use a separate sunscreen source is required. At night and in flash photography though, this is perfect. DSC00277Look at that gorgeous compact! As if it wasn’t enough that the powder itself is great, Charlotte Tilbury had to go and make the packaging perfect to. We are spoilt. <3

Charlotte Tilbury is not available in the Philippines and again, I do slightly hate myself whenever I recommend a product that is difficult to get in Manila. But! I also think that creating demand means the possibility of a brand coming in in future. DSC00266No truer words have ever been spoken. Ok, slight exaggeration. But I know you wholeheartedly agree anyway!



2 responses to THE Powder (for me): Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder

  1. Soleil

    I wish you’ll write an article of all your HG’s! Now I’m curious!

  2. Rae

    I feel like it’s fairly easy to get CT from here. It would be ideal if we could buy the products from official channels but hey, we want what we want. I feel like this powder is very similar to Chanel Les Beiges. The latter turns significantly darker on me after a few hours, tho. So nowadays, it’s serving me as a very expensive bronzer :(

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