Random K Palette Picks

Hey guys! It’s been a while, I’m sorry. I’ve been sick as a dog these past couple of days and I also have my last two final exams to tackle this week. Worst time to be sick, really. I’ve been in and out of bed trying to study, failing miserably and then napping instead. My room also tends to become incredibly messy when I am sick, so I started tidying up my makeup for a while and realized that it really took my mind off of everything. So I thought maybe writing a quick post would have the same effect. I have a little purchase I wanted to share with you guys from last week, anyway. KP1K Palette stuff, yay! ^u^ Picked up the Real Lasting Eye Pencil in Deep Brown (750.00 Php) and the Zero Kuma Concealer in Type 3 (795.00 Php– on sale?) from Beauty Bar. I didn’t exactly need either of these things, but since when does necessity dictate my makeup purchases, lol. I had heard amazing things about the pencil liner (and swatched it a bajillion times!) and the Zero Kuma is a long-time fave, but now I’m trying out a different type.
KP2I feel like you can’t go wrong with K Palette stuff. Their liquid eyeliners and (type 1) Zero Kuma Concealer are such a staple in my collection that I’ve repurchased them so many times already. And I mean hello, the brand is Japanese. How can it not be awesome? Don’t let the Japanese text on the (super cute) packaging scare you off! There is usually a sticker at the back that explains everything in English, hehe.

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Liquid Liner Showdown feat. K Palette, Hourglass, & Eyeko

Hello and sorry about the loooong-ass absence, guys! I celebrated my birthday this past weekend and I just haven’t been online too much. When I  finally checked on YouTube yesterday I had tons of new videos waiting for me! That was great, but I also missed out on a lot of blogging time. Feels good to be back though so here we go, fellow makeup junkies! :)LL1I have three black liquid liners in rotation at the moment so I thought it would be nice to compare them. I’ve been using my K Palette 1Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner in both black and brown for over a year now, so it was really about time that I try some other options again. The Hourglass Script Precision Liner and the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner both happen to be Lisa Eldridge favourites–always a good sign. 

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Video Review: K Palette Zero Kuma Concealer (Type 1)

178323_391946584175733_1882280643_oIt’s been raining non-stop for a couple of days now and I hope you all are safe and dry! Don’t leave your house unless you absolutely have to. I’ve heard that so many roads are impassable at the moment. Your health and safety are more important than most jobs out there. Really.

Anyway, on a completely unrelated note, here’s something for you to watch on this dreary morning. I finally had some time to film this review of the K Palette Zero Kuma concealer (895.00 Php) that I mentioned in my July Favourites post.


I hope this is helpful to those who have struggled to find a use for this concealer. This definitely isn’t the one and only way to use it–that’s part of the beauty (and hassle) of makeup, really. Not every product will work in the same way for different people. If you do use this concealer for different purposes, feel free to share it in the comments section. :)

Stay safe, everyone!

K Palette Zero Kuma Concealer — A Raving Ramble

The K Palette Zero Kuma Concealer is amazing. It comes in three types: 01 natural beige, 02 yellow beige, and 03 orange beige. Each is formulated not only to cover up dark circles, but also to address the three main problems that cause dark circles. Type 1 works to moisturize your skin (this is what I have! No more flaky under eyes!), type 2 counteracts dullness to brighten the area, and type 3 remedies poor blood circulation and covers up blood vessels around tired eyes. I still use my MUD Blue Corrector, but I put this over top when I’m feeling/looking extra tired.

The Zero Kuma concealer is great for medium to light skin tones, but those with darker skin tones may have a difficult time using it. Being a Japanese brand, I’m not surprised that they just came out with universal shades. However (and this is especially true with type 3), these work more like correctors than concealers, meaning they primarily address discoloration as opposed to providing opaque coverage, so if you apply a thin layer, they should work on many skin tones. The SA I was talking to at Beauty Bar told me that with regular use these concealers reduce the appearance of dark circles and the idea is that after some time you won’t have to use as much concealer, if any at all. Hmm, that’s quite a claim! I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to go completely without concealer, but I love this one all the more for making such a bold claim. Plus it just tells you how much effort they put into making it a remedy and not just a plain concealer.

So if you’re a medium to light skinned girl, definitely give one of these a try! You can swatch them at Beauty Bar, so you won’t have to blind-guess the best shade for you. They go for 850.00 php, which is not bad considering this tube has a hefty 13g of product in it and you only use a tiny bit. I will also sneak this in here: I like it better than the Bobbi Brown creamy concealer, which dries me out and is mega expensive! Ha, there. I said it.

I thought I was going to write a three-liner about this at most, but when I love something I do tend to ramble. Love, love, love indeed. ♥

Two Looks, One Palette: A Review of Happy Skin’s All Eyes On Hue Eyeshadow Palette

DSC01888The Happy Skin All Eyes On Hue Eyeshadow Palette* (1,299.00 Php) was released with the Holiday 2014 collection (which was called “Save Room for Dessert” in case you’re curious to know) and is, for the moment, the brand’s only eyeshadow offering.

As is always the case with Happy Skin products, the packaging design is adorable. It’s made of that reinforced, coated cardboard that I love so much and it’s held shut by a strong magnet.

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Review: Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette

DSC01895This, dear readers, is the Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette (46.00 USD). It was the first thing I dropped into my shopping basket when I hit Sephora back in May and I had been ogling it online prior to that for months. I knew even before getting my hands on it that I would come to adore it. Its sister, the Face Contour Palette, seems to be the more popular of the two palettes, but I thought the idea of a contour palette for the eyes was much more interesting and original.

Plus: look at that packaging. How could anyone resist?

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Review: Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

P1160405Be not fooled by the kitsch packaging — the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (S$65.55 or around 2,200 Php) is actually one of the prettier palettes that I own, albeit mostly on the inside. It looks mega tacky in photos, but after spending some time with the palette and feeling the quality in my hands (it’s made of better materials that it looks to be), I have come to forgive the ugly font and funky design. It still looks shite in photos (yeah I really can’t let it go!) but on my vanity and in person it isn’t so bad. It also has a nice magnetic closure and a good weight to it that makes letting it fall shut satisfying. P1160365Of course, as I said, the true beauty is on the inside. When I picked this up in Singapore, it was a choice between this and the Urban Decay NAKED  3 — not that they are similar in terms of colour palette, I just had a budget to stick to hehe. I went with this in the end because although I had seen swatches of the eyeshadows online before, seeing and feeling them in person was a different story. I thought: ok let me just check this shade out because it looks interesting — and it was in fact interesting. So I swatched one shade after the other until nearly every shade was smudged into the back of my hand. I was sold. 

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Review: Sleek i-Divine “Sunset” Palette

Sleek is a UK-based brand that you’ve probably heard of already because of their blushes and i-Divine eyeshadow palettes. In the UK they’re available at Superdrug and in the Philippines tons of online sellers stock them–but now you can also find Sleek stuff on Luxola, which ships from Singapore directly to your doorstep, no hassle with customs or anything like that. I meant to post this yesterday in time for Luxola’s 12-hour 35% off promo, but I… failed. Hehe. Still, if you haven’t yet signed up for the newsletter, you really should. They always have some sort of special going on and they’re bound to come up with something awesome again soon. Now, on to this palette: P1160421There are over 17 i-Divine palettes currently available on Sleek’s website (at $11.99) and about 15 of those are available on Luxola (at 769.00 Php or S$ 22.00). There is a jump in price, so it’s still a good idea to pick these up abroad if you can, but 769.00 Php really isn’t a bad price for a palette of 12 eyeshadows of decent quality.

I am also a fan of the packaging for these i-Divine palettes. Simple, sleek (hehe!), and sturdy. On the backside of the cover, you even get a huge real mirror (as opposed to those cheap-o foil-like mirrors that drugstore brands tend to include).

P1160424Now does’t that look like a palette that just screams I mean business? This is the third i-Divine palette in my collection (you’ll see the other two at the end of the post), but the Sunset palette is one that I’ve had my eyes on for over a year now.

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The LORAC PRO Palette — Thoughts & Swatches

P1160069One of the things I asked my mom to pick up for me on her recent trip to the U.S. was the LORAC PRO Palette (42.00 USD). This has been around for a long while now, but I wanted it because… uhm, because I like makeup. Lol. Even though it’s been around for so long, I had never actually seen the palette in real life. When I first held it, I was surprised at how light and thin the palette itself was. That said, it is very pretty (although I don’t know how it would handle any falls). It would be awesome to travel with though, that’s for sure. P1160073The LORAC Pro palette contains 16 eyeshadows and a decently-sized long mirror on the backside of the cover. At $42, it’s a pretty sweet deal for anyone who is looking get a good variety of eyeshadows in one place, at one time. The whole top row is dedicated to matte finishes, while the bottom row features the shimmery shades. 

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The INGLOT Palette Edit

I wrote about my first INGLOT palette in October of last year when INGLOT was just about to open its first store in Glorietta 5. I had plans to visit as early as their opening weekend, but the holidays came around, life got in the way, and I was just too busy to visit until last week. Crazy how that happens… before your know it, four full months just pass you by!

Anyhoo, I was very excited to finally visit INGLOT because between writing about my palette in October and now, I decided that I wanted to “edit” it a little bit to make the perfect nude palette. If you haven’t yet seen how my palette was originally set up, check out the old post and then come back to this. Done? Great! So, where was I? Oh right, the perfect nude palette.
IFS2Does such a mythical, mysterious creature even exist? Well, when you can make your own palette, it most certainly can. You just need to understand your skin and know your own preferences well enough. I also believe that a mix of matte shades and shimmery shades is essential to create a good balance. The palette (my palette) that you see above has three matte shades, one pearl finish, and one on the shimmery side. That’s cool with me because I personally like going all-matte on the lids with a shimmery highlight just on the inner corners of my eyes. Others (loads of people, I would think!) might prefer more shimmer.

My INGLOT palette previously had two more shimmery shades (a shimmery taupe/brown and a neutral purple). I removed those because they weren’t getting as much  love as the other three shades. To replace them I chose Matte #330 and AMC Shine #37. Let’s go over all of the shades and I’ll also explain how I use each one in creating my favourite everyday wearable looks.

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