About Us

There is a saying – “Beauty is strength; a smile is a sword.”

It can serve as a reminder that we can invest in our beauty, but we must nurture what is inside of us, our inner being, and our soul.

So, we are The Beauty Bee Blog, and here, my colleagues and I will provide guidance for your beauty, and along the way, we will not forget the importance of the nourishment of the soul.

Here you can find everything you have ever wanted to know, in the field of beauty, care, fashion, and so much more.

Who is behind the blog?

The person who runs the show is Mica – this is me.

I and my other associates have more than 10 years of experience in the beauty industry.

We have seen it all, new trends and old proved hacks, and we want to share our knowledge with the audience.

I am dedicated to helping all those who have any questions about beauty, as here you will find countless useful articles.

My task is to give you the most useful answers to any question from the readers.

And the decision and motive to step into the online world of beauty are very straightforward – when you look at the bunch of articles online, there is so much information that it becomes hard to find the right one, and the answers that are provided are not satisfactory.

Here, you can find them in one place, written simply and informatively.

What is my mission?

So, my years of experience and education in the beauty industry, along with my colleagues who are also very well educated in this field, are providing you with the best possible solutions to any question you may have, as well as informative guidelines.

What separates The Bee beauty blog is the fact that all information that is provided is tested, through a decade of work in the beauty industry.

The mission is simple – a commitment to help anyone who has a query regarding beauty, fashion, lifestyle, home, wellness, and spa.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us at contact(at)thebeautybeeblog.com.