Are Ear Piercings Haram or Halal In Islam?

Today, wearing piercings has become an accepted thing among people, not just the youngest ones.

When it is placed on an ear itself, it is seen as the symbol of prestige and luxury, and also it can be the symbol of passion and elegance.

Ears nowadays are pierced more than ever, the entire part of the ear can be pierced, and it can look truly aesthetically pleasing.

You will say a lot with earrings, so you should choose them carefully.

It is perfectly fine to have a lot of earrings that are made of costume jewelry, but if you are a jewelry lover, then you should have a collection of those valuable earrings made of precious metals because it is a very special feeling when you adorn yourself with such a piece.

After all, you are aware of their value, but the fact is that it does not have to cost a lot, for sure, and they can still look attractive.

Of course, you need to know how to choose the perfect earrings for example, and you need to know how to match them, both with clothes and with other pieces of jewelry.

But it seems that nowadays everything is allowed and everything is ok, and all parts of the body are nowadays being pierced, and it is ok this is the time in our lives when it is ok.

And when all that coincides, then you increase their value with your energy.

Believe it or not, men and women alike will notice what earrings you put on.

Even huge earrings can look perfect and elegant if you know how to choose and match them.

Piercings not just earrings have been known for thousands of your years, and in the same way, people have decorated their bodies with tattoos, for various reasons, and also for religious but also for beautification, and through the years what is considered to be beautiful has significantly changed.

Even these days, we can say that in different parts of the world, body modification is different, what is beautiful and accepted in one part of the world, is not allowed in the other, nor considered beautiful.

Now, the question we want to answer is this – does the Islamic faith see piercings, in this concrete case, ear piercings, as halal or allowed, or haram or forbidden?

And not only that we want to see what are the reasons behind such decisions.

Are Ear Piercings Haram or Halal In Islam?

So we all know that the Islamic faith tackles all matters that are important for a believer, from the way they (Islamic believers) eat, speak, and even look like.

Their interpersonal relations are also ruled by these regulations that have roots in the Quran but are suspectable to interpretations of different Islamic teachings.

Having said this, we know that many rules tackle this question – so any form of branding, tattooing, or body piercing falls under this strict category.

It is not needed for excessive interference, modification, and mutilation of all that the Almighty Allah has made.

Thus, no Muslim believer, who is aware of his faith, should ever consider such actions.

Neither are such practices benign, bodily changes as they are frequently supposed to be.

It is also said, and this is something that all f us should think about – all of these practices have often been connected with considerable health risks.

Exposed body parts like for example, eyelids, the tongue, lips, etc are more predisposed to be easily contaminated and therefore become infected with infections, and many of those infections could turn out to be fatal.

There is nothing at all startling about all of these, for every unneeded tackling with Allah’s design is secured to deliver negative repercussions.

In the Islamic faith, all such actions that entail likely health threats are deemed prohibited even if they include some supposed or imagined advantages; such supposed advantages are regarded as being overshadowed by the risks.

This point independently certifies announcing body piercing as prohibited.

The only way this is allowed, as it is said that women can do it when they want to make themselves more beautiful, and for that purpose, it is ok to do so.

It is a valid statement that ear piercing is halal since it falls under the category of decoration that is allowed.

It has been established that even in Quran is seen that ladies are allowed to wear earrings.

Also, the aspect of pain here is important, but during ear piercing, this pain is not strong; it is even quite modest and trivial, and since ears are often pierced when kids are small, then it is the type of wound that can heal really easily, and there is no problem further along.

And the same way it is done among the people who belong to the Muslim religion, in the female group.

Is ear piercing haram for men?

It is haram for men, for multiple reasons, and we will speak here more about these reasons that the Islamic faith proclaims.

Ladies have a clear desire to be pretty and to wear some kind of jewelry.

Men, nevertheless, based on Islamic teachings, are not born with such a need and they do not need to wear jewelry.

Islam prohibits men from reproducing most notably styles and needs that are reserved for women.

Allah will curse all people who will try to reply to the other sex as this is one of the biggest sins according to Islam.

No changing roles are allowed.

It must be recognized here both sexes have distinct functions in Islam.

It is also meant to say that ear piercing is rather distinguishable; for there are rarer risks in ear piercing as there can be when the such piercing is performed to the lips or tongue, for example.

Still, additional concern strengthens the possibility of expressing body piercing as prohibited for men: the Islamic faith prohibits them from impersonating other people in their distinctive traditions and styles of life without any palpable advantages.

Such copying has been seen as a great sin by the Prophet, and it is strictly forbidden.

But we must add here one thing that is many haram things that are not allowed based on the Islamic faith, but in some cases, when health is in jeopardy then it can be allowed.

Is helix piercing haram?

First of all, from the medical point of view, a helix piercing can look wonderful on ears, it can be really attractive, but it stays one of the most dangerous ways of yes piercing, as there is a major change for the ear to get infected and this is not something that the Islamic faith would approve, to do something that could jeopardize the health of a person.

Those scholars who say that it is halal to do so, only think of women doing so, and only if there is not a health reason not to do so.

Males are also not allowed to do this piercing either.

So, yes this type of piercing is also haram, but only for males, just like any other piercing, because they must not look like women, and must not change their appearance.

More about Ear piercing

In any museum around the world, in any part of the world, where you go, you will see different things and objects from various stages of human growth.

There, you will be able to see numerous objects from ancient civilizations all of this is presented in the best possible way.

And, here, you will be, as a rule, able to see a section with jewelry and earrings.

This means that there has always been, in some way, a sense of beauty and a need to treat ourselves to something special.

As we have said, there is not one part of the world one civilization that does not have its own way of wearing piercings, and jewelry.

Jewelry may have been much more of a symbol of prestige and power in the past, but today it is not such a common thought, at least not in our culture and our landscapes.

Nowadays, money has changed it, but jewelry can say a lot about a person, at least in the sense of what that person likes or dislikes, what is his or her taste, is expensive, or is eclectic.

Nevertheless, jewelry remains something really special and something that we are always happy to receive or that always causes us excitement when we need to buy it, especially when we need to wear it for special occasions.

We are aware, especially this is the case for women, that earrings can sometimes change the whole concept of our appearance.

Even miniature earrings can make us look more elegant, beautiful, and sophisticated than without them.

The very shape, materials, and way of wearing earrings have changed throughout history, but one thing is certain – the love for earrings and jewelry, in general, has remained the same.


As you were able to see in this piece, it is halal to have ears pierced, but only women are allowed to do it.

The fact is that in this way, they can find a way to enhance their beauty.

But for males to have their noses or ears pierced is not allowed. In this way, it is said that people are ruining the creation of Allah.

Its creation is perfect, and it should be not messed with as it is seen as a major sin.

Based on the instructions of Islam, our organism, the body with all of its parts and all the physical capabilities have been given to us to take care of it with a lot of trusts, to serve it, and to be careful in the best way we can.

Therefore, we are not permitted to modify or fiddle with our physical capabilities if it is not necessary to do so.

We, as Muslim believers are only allowed to meddle with our body and physical traits to restore a biological deformation or rehabilitation or cure an illness.

If you change your body for any other reason, then it is seen as your need to interfere and it is seen as a great sin in Quran.

Any other state of interference or changing the body is seen as a great sin and all those who do it will be cursed.

In determination: Piercing of a body, and this also includes ears, for men is not at all acceptable in the Islamic faith.

Ear piercing has been halal for women, based on the teachings of some other Islamic scholars.

Allah has, as it is written in Quran, that women are allowed to utilize silver, gold, and diamond pieces of jewelry, including ear jewelry.

They are allowed to wear it, as decoration in different shapes, such as rings, bracelets, and earrings.

They can put jewelry on themselves, as it is also halal to put different kinds of decorations on their faces, legs, necks, arms, and of course ears.

Of course, it is said that it must be worn in accordance with the general Islamic custom.

Conditions of decoration that are not familiar and that differ from the general convention in society are deemed harams, such as the use of decorations that are typical to men, and the same uses for men wearing distinctive female decorations.

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