Are Lip Fillers Haram or Halal In Islam?

The beauty industry has come far, from something that was hidden and risky, to something that is very normal, even for the younger audience, or males even.

This industry is so rich and so wide that almost on a daily basis, we found out about new techniques or substances that women are crazy about.

Face in particular eyes and lips and nose are the features that are changing most likely.

Lip fillers could be made out of different materials, and can produce different results, some permanent and others not so much.

Nowadays, one of the most common ways of lip filling is by the usage of hyaluronic fillers or “substance of youth.”

These are sterile, biodegradable, transparent gels, and what is even more important they are not permanent (so you can change it if you do not like it, and if you do you have to come regularly to the appointment for the refill).

These substances very rarely cause allergies, which gives them a great advantage over previously more commonly used silicone fillers.

There are different types of dermal fillers, however, hyaluronic acid fillers are the absolute hit of the 21st century and antiaging medicine.

Almost all regions on the face, neck, décolleté, and hands can be treated with hyaluronic fillers.

The role of hyaluronan is to give volume to the face, to fill wrinkles (static) in well-known anti-aging procedures, as well as facial contouring (cheekbones, chin, temporal region), which is part of facial beautification procedures.

Now, all women would want to have nice, perkier, and more defined lips, but can women of the Muslim faith have lip fillers is the question we want to answer here.

Right away we must remind you that the majority of these procedures are seen as a great haram, as there should not be dealing with Allah’s perfect creation.

Are Lip Fillers Haram or Halal In Islam?

In Quran, it was written – that the Almighty Allah has said that women are such beings that they naturally want to look beautiful and to do things to make themselves more beautiful and are simply inclined to do so.

Such a need has been recognized, and it should not be denied, this need is immanent to all women.

Therefore, as far as Islam goes, it is allowed women to dress up and beautify themselves, but also sets certain limits that must not be crossed.

There are some rules that are needed to be followed, and just for example, the usage of Surma, henna, rouge, and similar practices was present among the women in the old days, and they used them to beautify their faces, as well as bodies, like for example their arms.

So, from here, we can see that the Islamic faith does indicate the legitimacy of the use of cosmetic preparations that are applied to the face and body, and then removed and do not remain permanently.

This is important to note, as nothing that permanently changes the appearance of a human being, as Allah has made him or her must not be permanently altered.

Of course, in doing so, a woman adheres to the general rules of beautification, among which are to hide her ornaments from men in front of whom she must not reveal herself, not to draw attention to herself, not to wear make-up in a manner characteristic of immoral women, not to exaggerate it, etc.

On the other hand, beautification that changes Allah’s creation, that we spoke of, for example when a certain operation permanently changes her appearance, and that it was not needed from a medical point of view, then that woman is not allowed to do it.

So, any mingling regarding the natural appearance, and that has a permanent character, such as tattooing, is haram by Islamic laws.

It was said that the Almighty Allah will curse the women who tattoo and ask for it to be done, the women who pluck hair from their faces and those who ask for it to be done, and the women who, want to be more beautiful, split their teeth, those who change Allah’s creation.

Now, where do lips fillers apply here – boosting the volume of the lips by injecting dermal filler and constricting the face with masonite, which are adequate biodegradable fibers that are introduced under the skin, are closer to this second type of beautification.

This second kind is mentioned in the quoted tradition because they cause physical changes in appearance and have a long-lasting effect.

Even if they are not permanent, it does not mean that they will be completely gone.

In Islamic practice, altering Allah’s creation and the desire to be more beautiful are mentioned together, and those two meanings are present when the lips are enlarged and the face is tightened in the mentioned way, so this threat includes them and makes them prohibited.

Increasing the volume of the lips or tightening the face are advanced methods of aesthetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is allowed only when there is a need for it, such as the reconstruction of a certain defect and unnatural appearance, such as, for example, if the lips, due to illness or injury, become extremely thin or if a younger person gets wrinkles and furrows on the face.

If, on the other hand, there is no such need, but it is only about the desire to achieve a more beautiful appearance, then it is not allowed.

Is there any lip operation that is halal?

Some Islamic teachers are saying, in order to explain this that there are two types of plastic operations.

The first kind is surgery which is performed with the purpose to alter a deformity that is the result of an accident, a disease, or something else.

There is no obstacle to that and it is allowed, because the Prophet, allowed a man who lost his nose in the battle to have his nose made of gold.

The second type is something that we could describe as some form of operation that is not particularly needed, they are so-called luxurious operations, which are not done to remove the deformity on a body or a face, but only to achieve a more beautiful appearance, and this is haram, as it is seen that is a procedure that is done for vanity reasons only and there it is a great sin.

Such operations, or smaller procedures, regardless of their semi-permanent nature are seen as haram and are not permitted.

It can also be read, that the Prophet, has said that all women who are plucking their hairs from the face are cursed.

In the same category fall women who are changing the god-given Allah appearance, and who do not have any deformity or a problem with cursed appearance, who get something permanent like tattoos, they are cursed and are doing a major haram.

The only lip operation that is allowed is the one where the doctors have recommended it, and they have said that an operation of such sort will be the only solution for that patient.

More about lip filers

Lips have always been a symbol of femininity and the most beautiful decoration of a woman’s face, however, nature did not give everyone full, sensual, and beautifully shaped lips.

Experts have found a way to help women who are not happy with the way they look – and many ways there are not to resign yourself to your fate, because now thanks to hyaluronic fillers, a completely safe and natural substance, all ladies too can have the lips you have dreamed of.

Many of them nowadays, opt for just a little bit of enhancement – and this method implies a gradual enlargement of the lips so that after the enlargement they look completely natural both visually and physiologically.

Good doctors do not want their patients to drastically enlarge their lips after one treatment and thus change their facial physiognomy.

It is advisable for them to only emphasize the shape of the lips or increase the volume with just a bit of lip filler correction.

Nowadays hyaluronic fillers have replaced silicone and become number 1 in the world of beauty, as it is truly one of the best ways of doing lip fillers, and it is done on a daily basis.

The answer is simple – this is a natural substance that is already in our skin.

Hyaluron is actually a complex sugar (glycosaminoglycan), it is found in the connective tissue of our skin and performs important functions:

is able to bind a large amount of water – it hydrates the skin, and there are also some other benefits here.

So, not only it can be used to make lips more luscious and nice, but it is used also for some other things, for example, it can maintain skin tone, neutralizes harmful free radicals, and compensates for lost fullness and volume.

Given the fact that hyaluronic acid is an integral part of our organism, it “recognizes” it (unlike other ingredients) and accepts it as compatible; so simply the body won’t reject it.

There are, as we have said, numerous usages of it – and most commonly, already-formed wrinkles are filled in with the aim of rejuvenation or they are used for the purpose of making some part of the body younger (lips, cheekbones…).

However, world trends place an emphasis on remodeling the face with its harmonization, emphasizing its three-dimensionality and individuality.

And if you are looking for a doctor who will do it, then it is exactly what you should strive for in doing lip fillers with hyaluronic substances.

Before you do it, it is necessary to do a detailed analysis of the face and a combination of various advanced injection techniques is an integral part of the work with hyaluronic fillers.

You may be surprised by which regions you can treat with hyaluronic fillers, but that is the secret of their wide popularity.

Hyaluronic fillers are used for: lip contouring and enlargement, face and décolleté rejuvenation, nose modification, dark circles reduction, cheekbone contouring, refilling wrinkles near the eyes, hand renewal, cheek lift, removal of nasolabial and smoker’s wrinkles.


So, in Quran, there can be found one verse that says that all women are beautiful and that they do have a natural need to be pretty and to adorn themselves.

They have the right to look nice for their husbands, to dress nicely and wear makeup, and even dye their hair; all that is seen as halal, and in between the rules.

It is something that is given to women, but there are certain regulations that do not allow it by all means, and in some cases, it is a great haram to do so, since you are changing what Allah has given to you.

So, the Islamic faith does not consent to endure physical modifications via cosmetic surgery and procedures.

All that is done to the body that will change its appearance and that will last is seen as haram.

Of course, there are some exceptions, for example, momentary changes on the body and face can, in some cases seen as acceptable, like for example for instance, henna tattoos that are not lasting.

Lip fillers are on the other hand tricky to know if they are allowed in Islam, having in mind that it is said that for women it is immanent to feel pretty and to want to improve their looks, but if they are doing something for vanity, or if they are altering their entire appearance, it is not allowed and is seen as a great sin, like having tattoos for example.

So the verdict here may be that lip fillers are haram by Islamic law.

In any case, it is believed that with the proper makeup, magic can be done to the face, and it is something that is most certainly halal for all Muslim users.

In any case, if you are in doubt you must be prepared to educate yourself, ask someone, and read.

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