Can You Use Shower Gel As Hand Soap?

If you forgot to buy soap and are looking for a substitute that can serve you right away to wash your hands, you must have thought of another alternative that you have at home, which is shower gel.

You’ve probably wondered if shower gel can be used as hand soap.

The answer is “yes”, shower gel can be used instead of soap.

However, there are a few things you should know before making this a daily habit.

Both personal hygiene products clean dirt in the same way.

They serve the same purpose but have different formulas, chemicals, and fragrances.

However, they remove dirt from the hands as well as soap.

But there are other details that you should know before proceeding with this routine.

If you use an antibacterial body wash to wash your hands, you will get a great effect and at the same time kill all the bacteria.

Let’s say you take a shower gel for sensitive skin and use it as a hand soap, you will get good results.

You won’t get a rash or anything else that will irritate the sensitive skin on your hands.

How the product reacts to your skin will depend entirely on your skin type.

If your hands sweat a lot, especially in the summer, you can use a product specifically designed for that, to clean and remove sweat from your hands.

For dry skin, it is recommended to use products on a natural basis that will be effective in moisturizing and caring for your hands.

You can always try both to see what works best for you.

Generally, liquid soaps are used more often because they are convenient to use and you can take as much soap as you want.

They come in vials and pumps, so they don’t spread the virus, while solids contain the virus and are easily passed from person to person.

Although it all depends on the composition of the product, some contain essential oils and shea butter that additionally soften the skin.

Most likely, you have a lot of questions about this topic, and we will answer them all in the rest of the text.

Hand Soap vs. Shower Gel And Does It Affect Your Skin?

Hand soaps are good for your skin, but if you use too much of them, they can dry out the rest of your body.

That is why it is necessary to use them properly because otherwise, they can cause skin problems.

Those soaps that contain too much sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide can cause skin irritation, burning, and irritation.

This is because they have a high ph-value.

It should be within normal limits and move within the appropriate range to be safe to use.

A high ph value leads to skin damage, sometimes even a serious skin problem, especially if soap with an alkaline pH is used.

Antibacterial soaps can destroy the skin’s protective layer and make it more vulnerable and sensitive.

That is why it is necessary to use them in the right measure, otherwise, there will be problems with the skin.

On the other hand, the shower gel has a firm gel-like consistency and a greater presence of fragrance.

In addition, they contain surfactants that soothe the skin.

They are gentler than hand soap and leave your skin feeling soft.

Shower gels have foam and give a more luxurious feeling while washing your skin with them.

In addition, they are safer and more hygienic for every use. Soap is less hygienic because more people use it.

However, shower gel is more convenient to use than hand soap, because of its packaging, but also because it has thicker foam and provides an incredible feeling of freshness and softness on your skin.

Can You Use Hand Soap as a Shower Gel?

The answer is an absolute, „yes”.

Soap is always here and there, on the sink, so it will surely be your first choice.

However, if you want to include hand soap in your daily care, you need to trust that it is not filled with chemical compounds.

This means that it does not contain sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide.

In this way, you can prevent your skin from drying out and decaying.

If soap is already a part of your skincare routine, you can buy it naturally or make your own with herbal ingredients.

This soap is safe and nourishing for your skin and can be used on both hands and body.

Body soap may be preferred by those who want a straightforward soap that they can lather on their hands.

The shower gel, on the other hand, might be preferred by those who want to wash with a more opulent, silky soap.

Both are equally suitable.

Can the Body Wash be Used as a Hand Soap?

When you run out of soap, you can replace it with body wash.

This means the body wash can be used as hand soap.

These two care products for the skin have hand soap-like formulations, which means they contain all the ingredients needed to clean your hands.

However, there are differences in packaging, price, formula as well as packaging style.

Surfactants are one of the most important groups of raw materials used in the production of preparative cosmetics.

They are used as cleaning agents in the textile industry.

In the case of soap, the surfactants will clean all the dirt off your hands and won’t transfer germs.

They are a necessary ingredient to destroy impurities and microbes from your skin.

Hand Soap vs. Body Wash and their components

Each of these products has the same purpose of removing dirt from the skin.

Although, they all differ because of their ingredients and formula.

In the following, we will tell you what ingredients each one has.

Hand Soap Ingredients

The basic recipe for soap, which has been known for centuries, is the reaction between fat and a strong base.

Generally, hand soaps are made from a mixture of sodium hydroxide and lye.

In addition to the base, animal fats can also contain palm oil.

However, they can remove dirt, but they don’t have much lather, as is the case with liquid soap.

Solid soap lasts longer, but bacteria can grow if left in the sink for a long period.

It cannot destroy them by itself, but it makes it easier to flush them out.

Liquid Hand Soap Ingredients

The effect of liquid soap is the same as that of solid soap, except that they contain more foam.

Besides, it may contain sodium hydroxide and glycerin, but no solid fats.

For the soap to remain liquid, soybean oil has the largest share of it.

However, antibacterial ingredients are also added to liquid soaps to destroy bacteria and prevent fungi.

This type of soap provides more hydration to the skin, and it can be used as a substitute for glycerin precisely because of its richer ingredients.

Body Wash Ingredients

This skin care product is different because it does not contain sodium hydroxide, as is the case with solid and liquid soap.

They may contain surfactants and sodium lauryl sulfate to help cleanse the skin.

Although some products contain potassium hydroxide as the main ingredient.

Some body washes contain potassium hydroxide as a main component.

This ingredient as well as others are mixed with fats and oils to achieve “saponification”, that is, a chemical reaction that allows dirt to be removed from the skin.

Another Alternative to Hand Soap

Other options that can help wash your hands are shampoo, soap, and dish detergent.

When it comes to shampoo, it contains surfactants that will clean your hands of dirt and germs.

Although it’s not the best choice, it gets the job done at any given time.

Besides, soap is another alternative.

In addition to being long-lasting, it is also cheaper than other cosmetics.

It just needs to be stored in a dry place when not in use, otherwise, bacteria will develop.

Last on the list is dish detergent.

Although it can clean hands, it should not be used often, as it can dry out the skin and cause rashes.

However, this should be your last choice, better apply other alternatives.

Maximize the Benefits of Your Showering Routine

Beautiful skin starts in the shower!

That is why it is necessary to shower properly and take care of your skin.

If you want to improve the health of your skin, you need to know how to apply certain tricks to make your skin brighter and softer.

Avoid hot water when showering

Excessively hot water can dry out the skin.

That is why the water should be at a lower temperature for showering.

It is best to take a shower for eight to ten minutes, no more than that because it is enough to hydrate the skin.

Those with sensitive skin or skin problems should avoid hot water altogether when showering.

Always choose lukewarm water over hot if you have dry skin, eczema, or psoriasis.

Hot water can even make this condition worse.

Skin Peeling

Before showering, you can exfoliate your skin to encourage better circulation.

The main rule of peeling is not to rub too much but gently massage the skin.

Pay attention to dry areas as well. Practice gentle exfoliation, never gr.

You can also use a special exfoliating glove or brush.

Rub each part of the body for at least twenty seconds.

If you exfoliate like this, you will quickly see a positive result.

The easiest way to clean your hands and feet is with a brush, sponge, or gloves.

Stones and other pedicure tools are most effective for the feet.

Exfoliation will also depend on your skin type, so keep that in mind as well.

Adapt to The New Product

It will take two to four weeks for your skin to adjust to and accept the new skin or body care formulation that you’ve introduced to it.

Your skin will require more time if you suddenly switch from synthetic to natural products.

Therefore, search for products with the best ingredients for your skin.

Carefully read the label before selecting the product.


During daily activities, hands are most exposed to various bacteria.

If we wash our hands regularly, we will prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

By practicing this, we take care of our health and maintain proper personal hygiene.

When it comes to substitutes for washing hands, shower gel can serve as a substitute for hand soap, but not be used as often.

However, it is important to say that if you constantly wash your hands with shower gel, you cannot remove all the bacteria as soap can.

If you are choosing which soap to use, take a liquid soap on a natural basis because it is an excellent option, and it certainly cleans the best.

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