Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Blush Duo in “Obsession/Fulfillment”*

EMBD1It’s time for my long-overdue review of the Ellana Cosmetics Blush Duo (450.00 Php for 9g)**! :) I have this in the shade Obsession/Fulfillment, which is a combo of asheer strawberry pink shade and a light peach with slight gold shimmer. It took me ages to really get to know this product–mostly because I thought the shades would be too light for me–but I eventually did end up loving it as much as every other Ellana product I own.  The blush duos are so popular that most of them are actually sold out at the moment, but once they are back in stock, I’m definitely going for Bunny/Ecstasy next! Until then, read on to know my thoughts on the product! :) 

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April BDJ Box* Unboxing! Pixy Cosmetics Exclusive

BDJA1I was out of town when this gem of a box was delivered on Saturday and I had no idea it was coming, so I was very pleasantly surprised to see it waiting in my room when I got home on Sunday night. BDJ Boxes are always something to be excited about, wether they’re filled with a variety of brands or a brand-exclusive box. The April box is filled with 9 Pixy products–yup, that’s Pixy with a Y, not to be confused with the UK-based Pixi with an I.

Pixy cosmetics is an Indonesia-based line that is formulated using the best Japanese technology and ingredients. The brand also happens to be very affordable. I have 9 products from the range to test out and share with you guys. Check it out:

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ISOI Bulgarian Rose Blemish Care Serum*

BRS1The ISOI (I’m SO Intelligent!) Bulgarian Rose Blemish Care Serum* is a light anti-acne serum infused with rose oil. The rose oil promotes clarity and also has a natural whitening effect, so the serum is perfect not just for preventing acne but also for treating acne scars. I was worried that it would smell too strongly of rose because I don’t like that smell, but it was a very light scent that disappeared soon after application. 

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Ellana Mineral Cosmetics: Sheer Velvet Powder Primer*

SVP1We’re kicking off my Ellana reviews with the Sheer Velvet Powder Primer** (460.00 Php for 6g) because I’ve actually owned and used this in the past. I had it way back when it was still called the Sheer Velvet HD Powder in “white chocolate”  and it was packaged in a shallow pot with a silver lid. I remember reading reviews online and seeing that it was often compared it to the MUFE HD powder, which was 10x more expensive, so I went ahead and ordered it. For a long time it was my go-to setting powder, but as I was just starting to really get into the makeup at the time, I moved on to other things after a while.

At the risk of spoling the review early on, I will say that my reunion with Sheer Velvet was sweet. Ellana has improved on the packaging and spiced up the design, only adding to the value of the aptly-named soft, velvety powder inside.

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Doctorcos Amino Acid Hybrid Sheet Free Mask

DCM1I was quite excited to see the Doctorcos Amino Acid Hybrid Sheet Free Mask* in my January BNT box. It’s a “sheet free” hydrating mask, which simply means that you don’t need to saturate one of those cloth face masks with the product to use it. It’s meant for direct application onto the skin and you can let it sit anywhere from 10 minutes to overnight when used as a bedtime treatment. What’s unique about this mask is that you can also wear it under your makeup during the daytime. 

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BRTC Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream || Quick Look

BEVC2One of the four skincare items I received in my BNT beauty box was the BRTC Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream.* To me it was the most interesting product in the box simply because I had never seen an eye cream in stick form before. I was happy to receive it and start testing it out immediately because I never really replaced my Lancome eye cream samples from a few months back. I’ve been testing out the people-don’t-even-need-an-eye-creams-at-all theory and it’s been all good so far, but I did miss that extra pampering step.

This particular eye cream looks almost medicinal because of the packaging. I feel like I’m about to use some really advanced technological device when I pick it up–but it’s really just a simple twist-up stick. Still, I appreciate the very hygienic-looking packaging. I suppose it does remind me a bit of vitamins, which this product is packed with, apparently. Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 9.02.33 PMThe BRTC Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream is a “vitamin eye cream” that has both anti-wrinkle and whitening effects as well as moisturizing properties.

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Review: The Balm’s Cabana Boy Blush

TBCB1The Balm Cabana Boy blush (850.00 Php at BeautyBar) is a “muted raspberry pink with a subtle golden sheen.” Description taken from Temptalia because if it were up to me, I would have called this a “sour purple.” Haha! Regardless of the description, I love the colour! There are definitely plummy undertones in this blush and I’m all for plum!

Now this is a fairly recent acquisition for me. I actually purchased the new INSTAIN blushes before this. In the process of testing those out, I thought wow, how can I review theBalm’s newest blush formula without having tried even one of their regular ones? So this is a fairly amusing story:

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Personal Makeup Challenge (feat. MAC Ronnie Red)

Some time last week Liz of Project Vanity asked her readers a question: What makeup look do you think isn’t for you? So many people left comments and it was really interesting to read what makeup looks or products others find daunting. Surprisingly a lot of people don’t like coral shades on their lips and bronzer. Not so surprising was that a lot of people veer away from smokey eyes and red lips. I myself feel quite a bit apprehensive when it comes to certain kinds of reds. My comfort zone is with the dark, deep reds, and I only ever wear them at night– I call it my “after 6pm” rule and I’ve always stuck to it. In reply to Liz’s post I mentioned that there are girls who can totally rock a bright red lip while the sun is still high in the sky, while I feel like I’ve aged some ten years or am trying too hard (lol). But I promised myself I’d give it another go (because you never know when something will just start working for you) and here I am documenting my little experiment / challenge to myself.

MRRI chose to use “Ronnie Red” from the MAC Archie’s Girls collection because it’s a bright pink-red (totally out of my comfort zone) with a matte finish. Matte lipsticks are generally more modern looking, though that’s really a matter of opinion. I already have a number of reds in my little collection but this is the very first with a matte finish and I have to say I liked it quite a bit more than the usual shiny or glossy reds I’m used to. 

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Now That’s A Speech

Though I’m not an American, the “Filipino Dream” is (was?) inescapably and undoubtably heavily influenced by the American Dream. Sadly, we never played that up very much. Patch of land to your name; making a decent living out of hard day’s work; bunch of kids playing in your simple home; a carabao or two (lol)… an education… sure sounds attractive to me. I guess it’s all too easy to lose sight of. Americans are lucky to be constantly reminded. Americans still dream.

Anyway, watch the video if you haven’t already heard this speech. Unlike what we’ve been getting around here (abunchofplagiarizedcrap and stupidity), this made me think: now that–that is a speech. Also, that is a powerful woman and a lady. A weapon for Obama and the democrats for sure.

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