How To Moisturize Dry Gray Hair? Answered!

Many people, especially women, decide to dye their gray hair because they are self-conscious about becoming older or because they just like the way colored hair looks.

However, coloring gray hair may be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive, therefore many women opt to embrace their gray hair.

You get to make the decision, though!

If you want to dye your gray hair, that’s okay, but if you decide to keep it natural, we’ll give you some advice on how to keep it looking moisturized and healthy.

When all you want are products that work and are made specifically for your hair today, beauty businesses spend billions of dollars on research and development.

There are plenty of products in the beauty aisles to cover up your grays and take care of color-treated hair, but few are available for you who merely want to take care of your gray hair.

Keep reading to learn the best ways to keep your gray hair hydrated and in excellent shape since your scalp and hair need nutrients and moisture to preserve elasticity, strength, and beauty. 

Why Does Hair Turn Grey?

Melanocytes, which are melanin-producing cells that surround the hair follicle, is the first step in the gray hair process.

Your hair’s color and tone are determined by the structure and concentration of the melanin that is created by melanocytes and distributed into the cortex of growing hair strands.

Your melanocytes slow down, cease making melanin, and ultimately die as a result of aging and other factors.

Your hair ultimately loses its pigment as a result of this, which first starts in a few follicles, this is the graying process.

Age is the main contributor to graying, while other variables including genetics, lifestyle, stress, and even ethnicity can play a role.

When you cease producing melanin, however, your hair’s structure and characteristics will also change in addition to its color and pigment.

The form of the hair follicle may somewhat shift as melanocytes die.

You may notice that gray hairs do not curl in the same way as your other hairs, instead, they may be more or less curly than previously since your curl pattern is dictated by the form of the follicle.

Additionally, the medulla (a hollow core that makes gray hair strands more wiry and unruly) can form on gray hair strands.

Gray strands may be more difficult to color treat because of decreased flexibility and strength as well as a tighter cuticle layer caused by the lack of melanin inside the cortex.

However, this medulla can also make your gray hair permeable.

Finally, while melanin protects against environmental deterioration, losing it makes your hair more susceptible to UV radiation and increases your risk of developing damaged hair, split ends, frizz, tangling, cuticle damage, and even yellowing.

Reasons Why Does Gray Hair Turn Yellow

You must first comprehend gray hair to comprehend why it becomes brassy or yellow.

The mix of your typically colored hairs and white hairs is what we refer to as gray.

Since gray or white hairs lack melanin, it is simple for strands to absorb colorants from the environment over time, turning them yellow.

The most frequent reasons why gray hair becomes yellow are listed below, so keep reading and find out about what are those!

The reasons why gray hair turns yellow: 

Exposure to the sun. Your gray hair becomes yellow as a result of the sun’s UV rays removing the blue color molecules and only leaving the yellow ones behind.

Composition of water. The chlorine in swimming pools, as well as the minerals and other chemical residues in your shower water, can accumulate on your hair shaft and make your gray hair turn yellow.

Hair styling with the heat. By interacting with the minerals in the hard water you washed with, your heated equipment might harm your hair, turning gray hair yellow.

Medications. Some medications, such as those used in chemotherapy, might cause your gray hair to become yellow.

The pollutants. Smoke and pollutants from the environment can deposit in your gray hair and give it a yellow appearance.

Product accumulation. Your gray or white hair may get discolored as a result of product accumulation.

Your hair will then have different reflected hues, which will make it appear yellow.

How To Prevent Hair From Turning Grey?

If you are anti-greying or have premature hair aging, you may be wondering how to stop grey hair naturally.

Preventing gray hair is the best defense against these colorless hairs.

Here are some pointers for preventing your hair from turning grey: 

Take care of any possible vitamin deficiency.

A deficiency in vitamin D, iron, biotin, or vitamin B-12 increases your risk of developing premature graying of the hair.

Taking pills to prevent gray hair or consuming extra vitamins might be a solution.

Improve managing stress.

Stress can cause hair to gray too soon.

Aim to lessen unneeded sources of stress in your life.

You can also try self-stress management and maintaining a positive outlook.

Some people benefit from breathing techniques, exercise, or meditation. 

Give up smoking.

Smoking can cause premature graying of the hair.

It could be easier to maintain your natural hair color for a longer time if you don’t start or stop smoking. 

Eat healthy food.

Nutrient intake can compensate for some deficits.

Lentils and chickpeas are a few foods that are rich in vitamin B9.

Salmon has a high vitamin D content, while tuna, trout, and sardines all provide a good source of vitamin B12.

Walnuts are a great source of copper, which can help your hair grow more melanin. 

Stay away from hair products containing toxic substances.

Shampoos and hair dyes with toxic substances, including hydrogen peroxide, which can cause premature graying of the hair, can diminish the natural melanin in the hair.

The best option is to use a natural shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t have any toxic substances.

Reasons Why Gray Hair Turn Dry and Coarse

There are various causes for the dryness and coarseness of gray hair.

Keep reading to learn more about those!

Reasons why gray hair turns dry and coarse:

  • As you get older, the functioning, moisture absorption, and moisture retention of your hair follicles change more quickly.

These might make your hair dry, unruly, and unmanageable.

The hormones that alter the body’s functions also alter and flow through the hair follicles, changing the texture of the hair.

  • Another indication of aging hair is the weathering of the hair shaft.

This weathering may be brought on by using heated styling tools, over-grooming, pollution, UV radiation, dyeing, bleaching, and chemical treatments, and will eventually result in cuticle loss and hair fracture.

These hair fractures weaken the hair and cause it to become tangled, drab, frizzy, and rough.

  • Hair damage from improper use of hair products and neglect of hair care is an indication of rough hair.
  • You may also fracture the hair shaft by stretching and combing your hair when it’s damp. Rough hair may be the result of these fractures.
  • As you get older, the structure of your hair follicles changes, causing your hair to lose its color and become brittle and dry.
  • It is well-recognized that oxidative stress and quick aging are related.

Oxidative stress is exacerbated by aging since it lowers the body’s antioxidant defenses.

According to anecdotal evidence, this oxidative stress may lead to coarsening of the hair.

  • Melanocytes are responsible for our hair’s color.

More than simply hair color may be regulated by these melanocytes.

They also have an impact on the development of cells that make keratin.

Your hair may produce less keratin as you get older, which can cause damage and coarseness. 

How To Moisturize Dry Gray Hair?

Continue reading to learn about our top ten methods for moisturizing dry gray hair and keeping it looking nice and healthy.

  1. Quit using the chemicals.

Avoid bleaches, perms, chemical treatments, and coloring.

The hair cuticles may suffer serious damage from these procedures.

Instead, consider using vegan coloring and straightening products or natural DIY solutions.

Additionally, there are natural alternatives to artificial hair colors, smoothing agents, and treatments.

  1. Quit Using Heating Equipment.

Heating harms hair.

Heat is needed for instruments like curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers, straightening treatments, perms, and crimping irons.

Your hair may get dry and damaged from being exposed to so much heat every day.

Look for alternatives to heating devices.

  1. Choose the ideal products for your hair.

The appropriate hair products can heal damaged hair.

Look for a gentle shampoo that won’t dry out your hair.

After every hair wash, condition your hair.

  1. Avoid over-washing your hair.

Hair damage can result from over-washing the hair.

Twice weekly, wash your hair.

Choose to use a co-wash or a conditioning cleanser in the middle of the week if your scalp is greasy.

Avoid overwashing or over-styling your hair.

Allow your hair to fall naturally for a few days.

Avoid pulling your hair with tight haircuts.

  1. Pick out a suitable hairstyle.

Your hair might change depending on the hairdo you choose.

Hair that has too much volume at the bottom can become weighed down, stretched, and scratchy.

  1. Oil Your Hair.

Hair is kept moisturized by oiling.

Additionally, it gives your hair nutritional richness and manageability.

Additionally, oils cover the strands of your hair and smoothen it.

  1. Keep Your Scalp Clean.

Hair damage can also result from not washing your hair enough.

Overusing volumizers, dry shampoos, conditioners, serums, protectants, and ordinary shampoos can leave behind residue on your scalp.

Once a week, wash your hair with shampoo and apple cider vinegar mixed.

This makes sure that no product leftovers or dirt are present.

  1. Maintain a healthy diet.

As you become older, your body makes fewer antioxidants.

So consume foods that naturally boost the production of antioxidants.

Eat a diet rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, and other vital nutrients.

Make a nutritionist appointment and create a meal plan.

  1. Get rid of drying products.

Dry hair is brittle hair.

Alcohol-based products should be avoided since they can be highly drying. 

  1. Exercice

Exercise is one of the best methods to reduce stress.

No, you don’t need to start working out or join a gym.

However, you may choose less demanding workouts.

You may do a lot to maintain your health and reduce stress by going for walks, practicing yoga, or doing Pilates.

How To Moisturize Gray Curls, Waves, and Textured Hair?

The majority of persons with curly and wavy hair have dry hair strands but greasy scalps.

Such hair types have limited sebum generation, which helps the skin maintain moisture and normally generates natural oils to nourish hair.

Wavy hair has an s-shaped structure, while curly hair has an oval structure that prevents sebum from reaching the tips, leading the tips to become quite coarse.

Here’s what to do to make your gray curly hair looks great:

  • Regularly comb and brush your hair to distribute sebum through it evenly.
  • Quit chemically straightening and relaxing your hair.

These procedures stretch your hair, damage it, and alter its structure.

  • To minimize any friction between hair strands, use conditioners and leave-in treatments.
  • Some anti-dandruff shampoos dry out your hair and make it frizzy, harsh, and tangle-prone, so pay attention to those.
  • Consistently condition your hair after showering.

A conditioner smoothes hair and reduces frizz and flyaways.

  • Make use of products tailored to your hair type.

Straight hair differs from curly and wavy hair, and each hair type requires a particular combination of products.

Best Products To Use For Dry Grey Hair

A brand-new hair challenge might feel as daunting as the number of potential treatments when it first arises.

It might seem like a tremendous undertaking to distinguish oil from shampoo and reality from fiction.

You may select the greatest hair care options for the best you if you keep these goods in mind.

The best hair products for dry, gray hair:


If you have never used oil for your hair or received a hot oil treatment, it could be time to pamper yourself if you’re dealing with an unexpected growth of gray hair.

Natural oils can assist in repairing damage from earlier artificial chemicals and treatments as well as providing the nutrition and elements that dried-out gray hair requires.

Some of the oils with the highest concentrations of moisturizing elements and nutrients that gray, frizzy hair wants are argan, coconut, almond, jojoba, and olive.

Natural compounds included in olive and almond oils’ softening emollients provide hair protection and moisture. 


Toxins from pollution, hair product buildup, and environmental harm accumulate over time in gray hair.

It may become yellow or even acquire a blue tinge as a result of these contaminants in some cases.

Find brass-fighting shampoos, which are frequently purple to counteract the effects of yellow tones and maintain your hair appearing light and gray, to reduce this effect.

Additionally, the finest shampoo products for frizzy gray hair are those that hydrate the hair to help with its changing chemical makeup while clarifying and removing toxins from the hair. 

Purple Shampoo

Never undervalue the real benefits of purple shampoo.

You may be curious about the advantages of using a brilliant violet shampoo if you have never included one in your normal hair-washing regimen.

Hair stylists have been using purple shampoo for years, usually to neutralize brassy or yellow tones and tone down blonde and gray hair for a more overall cool-toned appearance.

Purple shampoo is a fantastic treatment for gray hair, whether it is natural or dyed, even though it is undoubtedly a more popular option for all hues of blonde hair. 


Anti-brass conditioners are effective in eradicating any yellow undertones, much as their corresponding shampoos.

Conditioners, on the other hand, frequently work to provide moisture to your gray hair to battle any frizzy or flyaway texture brought on by the decline in oil production.

If you notice that your hair is becoming gray, search for conditioners that include a silk protein.

You probably don’t need a moisturizer that is as thick as when you have a full head of gray hair when your grays are just starting to show.

Trying several products might help you find the one that works best for your hair. 

Masks and Leave-In Conditioners

Beyond what shampoos and conditioners can accomplish on their own, conditioning hair masks help improve the dry and frizzy texture of gray hair.

Find masks that address the two primary problems associated with gray hair, which are dryness and brassiness.

These products’ extended application times enable the nutrients, which frequently include natural oils, to penetrate and intensely hydrate your hair.

Similarly, leave-in conditioners may soften and smooth out your hair while moisturizing it.

As a result, conditioners or leave-in treatments can assist in controlling the frizziness of newly gray hair. 

Styling Products

If you wish to smooth your gray hair with a blow dryer or flat iron, make sure to use heat-resistant styling products.

With the help of these specific products, your styling tools won’t dry out already-dehydrated hair.

Brushes and other styling equipment are very helpful in controlling frizzy gray hair.

Make sure to use brushes with natural bristles that distribute your hair’s natural oils without exerting too much stress, since this might further harm your hair.  

In Conclusion

Gray hair can seem unhealthy and damaged, feel rough and harsh, and lose its natural gloss.

And that is why, with all of the helpful advice we provided for you, you can prevent that from happening and at the same time maintain the health of your gray hair.

You can easily hydrate dry gray hair at home using these suggestions and the proper hair care routine, preserving its natural luster and preventing it from being harsh and damaged.

As a result, if you stick to them for at least a month, your gray hair will undoubtedly look fantastic!

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