Is Dyeing Your Hair Haram or Halal In Islam?

Whether you are a person with a natural hair color or you are just about to dye your hair for the first time, maybe you are one of those who have dyed their hair since they knew it, you have tried the most different coloring techniques and you enjoy it – you have an incredible history of hair dyeing in front of you. which will not leave you indifferent.

We are quite sure that it will both entertain you and give you some new interesting knowledge.

They say that choosing the right shade of hair is like choosing the right shoes in which you walk with a lot of confidence.

We agree with this statement and believe that beautiful and well-groomed hair in a shade that we wear with a lot of styles is exactly the answer to that question – what makes us beautiful and unique when it comes to our external appearance?

Now, all women want to look nice, and as far as Muslim women go, we must say that they are often raising questions, in a sense is it halal for them to do so, or is it forbidden based on Islamic laws?

Read here more about this topic, we are certain to interest a lot of women (and men).

There are many things to consider here, and the color itself does make a difference will the process of dying hair be haram or halal?

In this case also, maybe the general rule to follow, according to Islamic laws is the naturality of the color, as it is not allowed to change your appearance.

Is Dying Your Hair Haram or Halal In Islam? 

Do not worry as a Muslim woman, you can dye your hair – and it is halal.

The prophet said that his followers can dye their hair, and even a beard using henna.

But, what needs to be taken care of here, is the fact of what kind of color is used here – are all ingredients halal?

Now, according to Islamic law, it is allowed to dye hair with natural colors – a grey color that is changed with some natural color, like henna.

But when it comes to some weird colors they were not allowed, as they represent sins.

When it comes to dying beards and eyebrows, in the same way, it is allowed to be done with some natural color.

Not black.

Islamic scholars have debuted is beaching hair as haram or halal.

In some cases, it was allowed for ladies to do it, if they were doing it, in front of their husbands.

But, at the same time, it is so important to know if this hair bleach is all halal, in the terms of ingredients.

During Ramadan, it is not haram to dye your hair, as it will not make a problem with the entire process.

The answer to the question is it haram to dye hair, but to put some highlights in it, the answer is that it is allowed.

A woman who has brown hair and wants to put some highlights is allowed, as she will remain to look natural.

It is also important to know that this process of dying hair is halal, but it would not be if the woman has done it so that other people can see it.

Only her family and her husband can see it.

Why is dying your hair black haram?

It is haram to dye your hair black as numerous scholars say it is since the Prophet has stated that it is not allowed for the black color to be used.

It was said that the hair and beard could be changed but that the black color must be avoided.

Prophet also said that the people who dyed their hair black will not be able to enter paradise, and since then coloring their hair in the color black is forbidden.

It is said something like this – there will be those who will color their hair black but they will never sense the smell of Paradise.

But we must say that some did not agree with this – and that there are those who would say that it was allowed to color hair in black color.

Also, some Islamic scholars say that there is not a strict prohibition from coloring hair black but that there is a suggestion to avoid it.

It was never to be seen that black is not halal, but it is said that black should be avoided.

Also, this is something that should be seen as a sign, not as a strict prohibition.

But, in any case, it is maybe best to avoid the usage of the black color.

Now, we must say that there are some occasions when dying hair, even in the color black is halal.

When it is performed for some medical reasons – this is the case when a person has some disorder or disease then she or he can dye their hair, even in black color to turn it back to normal, as it would be if there were no consequences of a disease.

This just follows the same analogy – we know that by Islam law, it is not allowed to incapacitate body parts.

But, if a person was born with additional fingers for example, as it can happen at times, in that case, it is ok to remove the extra finger.

So it can go back to being normal.

It is said that in some cases, it is permitted to dye hair black, for example when a person is in the army.

This is the case, as the enemy believes that all who are fighting are young and that there are no old, grey hair fighters.

Is it haram to dye your hair blonde?

You must not by any means try to mislead anyone.

Deceit is a significant sin in the Islamic faith and dying your hair black would be considered to be one.

So, what happens if someone wants to dye their hair blonde?

It is, on the other hand, allowed to dye hair in some natural color like blonde, brown, or even gray.

Kata and henna are the most natural ways to do so.

What about other colors?

When it comes to other colors, like pink, silver, or blue, so-called strange colors, then this is also seen as haram.

It is not allowed to do so, as these colors do not look natural and only a natural look is accepted.

Such an intention is in looking like others, non-believers, and hence it is not allowed.

The incredible history of dying hair

If we look back into the past, we can see evidence that it all began in old Egypt.

The ancient Egyptians used henna to hide gray hair.

Years later, in old Greece and Rome, in such civilizations, they used plant extracts to dye gray hair.

They have been utilizing various plants, like turmeric, and senna.

The blue color or indigo comes from an Indian plant – used for dying hair

and we all know the color – Indigo blue.

As time passed, the permanent black hair color was discovered.

It was used very much, but it was seen it was toxic.

After that, they changed the formula.

In ancient Rome, prostitutes had to color themselves yellow and that color defined their occupation.

A prevalence of these Romans prostitutes wore wigs, and some utilized a combination made from burnt plants -the ashes that remain after.

But when we take a look at other prominent civilizations, such as the Gauls and Saxons, these people have stained their hair with a variety of dazzling colors to intimidate their enemies on the battleground.

The red color is also amazing to look at -as the first people with naturally red color appeared in Scotland in the Middle Ages.

And many of these people, men and women were thought to perform witchcraft.

But when Queen Elizabeth started to rule over, then it was accepted to dye hair red.

English chemist William Henry Perkin created an incidental finding that altered hair coloring permanently.

He tried to make a cure for malaria, in the 19 century, and by accident, he made the very first synthetic color.

It was purple in color and the name was Mauveine.

Very soon after this event, one more man, a chemistry professor August Hoffmann emanated a color-altering molecule from this hair dye Mauvein and this is the color that is still used to this day, a permanent color.

Nowadays, people are opting for more natural looks, in the sense that they want to avoid using any chemicals in the process of dying hair, and methods like henna, are very popular not just in the Muslim community.

We have to agree that commercial hair dyes leave the best result when pigmentation is our first priority, but also if we don’t want to take risks.

Many of them have some bad elements in their composition, and more and more people want to use as natural ingredients as possible.

We also have to say that the natural dyeing methods can unpleasantly surprise us by not getting the expected shade.

In this sense, henna can bring the biggest disappointment because it is impossible to remove it or repaint it with a lighter shade.

So, if this is your option you must be careful what kind of shade you are using – in any other case, you will have to wait for the completely new hair to grow.

But, when we look at things from a different perspective then we can say that there are numerous advantages to the usage of natural hair.

And additionally, these coloring techniques are innumerable.

With them, we will not only change the previous shade or color of the hair, but in such ways, we will make it even healthier and more well-groomed.

In the end, it is the most important for your hair to look nice and to be healthy.


Dying of hair is not forbidden in the Islamic faith, but it can be, in the case that the color is black.

It is stated in some cases that those who color their hair black will not be able to enter paradise, and although it is not said that dying hair black is haram, it still could serve as a recommendation, not to do it, as it is seen as a major sin.

There are some contradictions between Islamic schools, but it is not recommended to color hair in black color.

This is because it is considered that when you dye your hair black, you want to completely change your appearance, as it is made by Allah, and this is the sign that you want to deceive Him.

For example, this is the case when a person who has grey hair wants to change it and wants to become young again, to be as that person once was, and this is not ok based on the Islamic faith.

All that implies that a person will dye their hair black for the purpose of hiding its real age or approach is not allowed by Islamic law.

But, in the case when dying hair black is necessary for medical reasons or some form of abnormality, then it is ok to do so.

A small number of scholars say that the woman has the right to dye her hair black, as this is just the way she wants to be beautiful for her husband.

Maybe it is best when they use dark brown color and pitch black.

So, in the end, dying hair is not haram, but only if you do it for your husband, and if you do not dye your hair with the color black as this is seen as a major sin as you want to change your Allah-created appearance.

Also, it is prohibited to use strange hair colors like purple, or silver.

Dark brown, or blonde is halal.

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