Is Modelling Haram or Halal In Islam?

Many times we can hear that the modeling world is the place where all of us are looking into it, we admire the clothes and the makeup, but at the same time, we know that it can be very cruel at times.

It may look very glamorous but in fact, it is a multy-billion industry, and the rules are tough, it is a job at the end of the day, and it should be taken seriously.

Professional modeling begins the moment you are needed by a client who will pay you for the model’s engagement.

The world must know that you exist as a model and that this is exactly what you want to do – first of all, you must have the required physical attributes to even considering to become a model; but also to have a tough character, as in this world there is a lot of drugs, and alcohol, and people with not so good intentions.

Often, models start their careers very young, and they need an agency, of course, an agency that will be their “stepping stone” to agencies on the foreign market.

Professional models can enjoy their life because the one who works makes money.

Now, here the topic is can Muslim ladies become models?

There are many reasons that set the alarm right away – exhibiting their body and face to others who are not the husband, wearing inappropriate clothes, plucking eyebrows, and dying hair, are among many reasons why modeling sounds like a career that Muslim women cannot do.

But we will take a look at the details.

Is Modelling Haram or Halal In Islam?

In Muslim culture, there are many customs and rules that should exist, because many of them are written in Kuram.

Many of these customs refer to women and their dressing and grooming and beautification of their bodies.

In the Muslim religion, in principle, everything that is natural is propagated, and that is not excessive, which means that it should not be noticeable to other people.

This implies the fact that under no circumstances should you stand out from other people in any way and not catch the eye.

If you want to wear something that is, shall we say, extravagant, you can wear it at home and within your family, but it should also be tasteful and moderate.

Western culture promotes a way of dressing where certain parts of a woman’s body are exposed, such as the thighs when wearing a mini skirt or shoulders when wearing a tank top, t-shirts or sweatshirts that reveal the stomach, t-shirts or sweatshirts that reveal the chest, all of this is strictly prohibited and very strictly punishable and Muslim women must never appear dressed like that in public.

Recordings and pictures of naked body parts must not be posted on social networks, and this is especially strictly punishable because the general public will see it.

Muslim women’s clothing is according to strictly set rules that are written in the Koran and they must adhere to them at all costs.

The problem arises when Muslim women live abroad where traditional clothing is prohibited, and in that case, they have to dress like all the other citizens of the place where they live.

Then the dressing must not be offensive, but as closed as possible.

Under no circumstances should body parts be revealed and they should not catch the eyes of the male gender.

Any type of clothing a Muslim woman uses to draw attention to herself is Haram and must not be practiced in public.

Dressing Muslim women in men’s clothing is also punishable as dressing, i.e. disguising a man as a woman.

This is subject to strict rules and will be punished and considered a major crime.

So that Muslim women can do modeling only and exclusively as advisers or as creators of models that will be worn by women who do not belong to this religion and only in those cases can they be in this world.

on fashion runways both in the West and everywhere in the world nudity is promoted a lot, especially when it comes to costume and underwear models for both men and women.

it is unthinkable for a Muslim woman to be a model at any fashion show other than the one that promotes the hijab.

In the Muslim religion, they believe that promoting the nudity of a woman’s body is an insult to a woman and her exploitation for the purpose of something that they consider sacrilegious.

Today’s top models promote something that is quite explicit and attracts the attention of the male population so that the person who wears that model will catch everyone’s eyes and will be noticed everywhere, which is against Muslim customs and that is why modeling is prohibited for all Muslim women.

Is there any Muslim model?

There is, and the most popular model with hijab is Halima Aden.

She comes from the USA, Minnesota, and she is known as the first hijab-wearing model.

This name is remembered in a modeling circle, and she has been the first it is not an easy task

She has left the modeling industry, as she has said that it is not compatible with the Islamic faith.

She was the first hijab-wearing model on the cover of the magazine Vogue.

She has also worked for Rihhanas brand, and she says that she has always chosen her hijab that was usually long and black, and she has always chosen clothes that is covering her body.

It was nonnegotiable for her, as this was the clause that she added to the contract that she signed with one of the biggest fashion agencies in the world.

In the meantime, as time passed, the fashion team tried to change her hijab which become smaller, and show off her neck, for example, which make her uncomfortable.

Also, she had a problem that she missed her family a lot and she missed out on some Islamic festivals due to her hard work, and it was something that bothered her a lot.

Nowadays, she works as a Unicef ambassador and wants to help children from the refugee camps, as she came to be from one just like that one.

Can a Muslim man become a model?

No, he cannot become a model, as it is said in the Islamic rule that modeling is haram for women and men of the Islamic faith.

It is because the word model, is synonymous with showing something exhibiting, allowing others to see it, and even if that something is beautiful, it is not allowed in the Muslim religion.

Also, there is a matter of being paid for such work as being a model, and being paid for such “services”, is also seen as haram based on the Islamic religion, as it denies the dignity of a person.

So, all Muslim people should stay away from this job, as it can imply nudity, exposing body parts, makeup and body modifications, etc.

About the Modelling

As in any other job, you have to be persistent and hardworking in modeling.

If you don’t care about getting a job, neither the client will have a reason to hire you.

The path to a well-known model requires strong persistence, effort, and training.

A model’s job is to look beautiful and well-groomed and to use their physical appearance to advertise a specific product or service.

Physical appearance is the whole basis of the modeling business.

Models make money from their physical appearance and are the most accountable.

No one will come and give you million dollars just because you look beautiful and because you exist. No, that’s not the goal of a model.

Earnings in modeling depend on how good a model you are.

Someone earns millions annually, and someone earns a little more than the average world salary.

Some jobs are paid 100 dollars per day, and some are paid several thousand or tens of thousands of dollars.

Being a Muslim woman or not, there are some things in the modeling world that are questionable.

Besides the money, admiration, clothes, and travel, in some cases, model agencies can force models to starve themselves in order to have a “perfect” shape, and in some cases, there are words of prostitution,

This is especially worrying having in mind that modeling can start in childhood age and teenage years.

Some modeling agencies (we are talking about larger agencies) have very strict diets that the model must follow and eat just the way they marketed it to them.


A Muslim woman can only be a model for hijab and nothing else.

Allah gave them beauty and it is considered that it is not theirs therefore they must not use it for these purposes.

Because modeling companies use the beauty of men and women in order to make a lot of money from the models they wear and to be more sold in the world.

Various creators have started to play with good taste and women are almost completely naked on the catwalks, and this is something that remains unacceptable and that provokes and drives the male gender into deviant thoughts.

In today’s fashion world, there are also people of questionable morals, because a person who was brought up on a patriarchal basis will never allow himself to strip almost completely naked and show himself to almost the whole world as such.

This is something that is absolutely unthinkable and inadmissible in Islam, and Muslim women have nothing to ask for, also because, among other things, they would be judged according to their laws for such an action.

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