Is Nose Piercing Haram or Halal In Islam?

In the Islamic religion, there are many things that are limited by the law and the holy book Quran, and most of them relate to the diet of the Muslim people and how they will dress and what jewelry they can wear, and what occasions.

Here we will write specifically about nose piercing and whether it is Halal or Haram.

There are different opinions regarding the wearing of piercings, but considering that it is not forbidden in the holy book of the Quran and that most scholars agree with that, we concluded that nose piercing is Halal and can be practiced.

But again there are certain restrictions and one of them is that it cannot be practiced by Muslim men because it is clearly written in the holy book of the Quran that men should not disguise themselves as women and vice versa.

Is Nose Piercing Haram or Halal In Islam? 

There is an opinion that the piercing procedure itself should be painless because otherwise, it is against the rules because in that case they would be consciously causing pain to themselves.

Then, it is also very important that the piercing of the septum on the nose is strictly prohibited, for the reason that the septum is a sensitive part of the nose and it is more painful than when the nose is pierced from the side.

It is also allowed to pierce the left and right side of the nose and that is all there are no restrictions that you should pay attention to.

But the earring on the septum of the nose is a completely different matter and it is Haram and must not be worn, especially because it is in a very visible place and the earring itself is much larger than the ones used for, say, normal nose piercing.

Considering that Muslim women are obliged to wear hijab or long dresses and that only their faces and skirts are allowed to be seen in public, their faces will be the first thing that catches someone’s eye and it is considered that it was very tasteless to have various charms hanging from it, which would attract unnecessary attention from the environment.

Again, the question arises as to whether a Muslim woman should and is allowed to do a piercing on her nose during Ramadan, and we concluded that it is something that is not, in principle, something that is prohibited by the Islamic community and is not written down anywhere, and many scholars believe that it is not Haram, but again we come to the knowledge that it is something that should be avoided during the holidays because it still causes a certain threshold of pain and we advise you to wait for the holiday to pass and then finally do what you want.

It is always better to be patient a little than to make a mistake and provoke the condemnation of those around you, which would be absolutely unnecessary for you to agree with us, and at the same time, it would show that you are not a patient person and that because of what she wants and what she imagined she wants now and right away, which is not really a good feature, is it?

The Muslim community is a community that strictly adheres to the rules that are very clearly defined, but there is also room for people to decide for themselves whether they want to do something or not.

Specifically, this is the case with nose piercings.

Is every piercing haram in Islam?

Nowhere in the holy book, the Quran does it clearly state that nose piercing is something that is forbidden, and women who want to decorate themselves in this way have the free will to decide for themselves whether they want to do it themselves or not.

Nowhere in the holy book of the Quran is it written that the piercing of the septum of the nose is prohibited, so it is again prohibited and this prohibition is based on the fact that in this way you cause yourself unnecessary pain, which is again prohibited in the holy book of the Quran.

If anything is not clear to you, just take the Quran and study it and you will understand with sound logic, whether something is allowed or not and whether it is excessive or not.

Again, if something is not clear to you, you can always turn to an Ulema who will guide you in detail and explain what you do not understand.

As for young Muslim women, they should wait for nose piercing until they are mature and can decide for themselves whether something will bother them or not.

just as in other countries young people have to wait for their majority to be able to make some decisions related to themselves, it is the same in Islamic communities and as long as they live under the roof of their parents, they will have to listen to them and submit to their will to listen to their advice.

If the parents are against nose piercing, the girl should obey the will of her parents and give it up so as not to anger them with her actions.

When they grow up and leave their home and get married, then they will have to obey the will and wishes of their husband.

If he doesn’t like wearing piercings, then they should listen to their husband and give it up.

In the Muslim religion, according to customs, the husband has the last word in the house and his will must be respected.

Especially when it comes to things like nose piercing because opinions about it vary from community to community and are different.

In essence, it is not Haram, but if the husband is against it and you do it against his will, then it is Haram because you disobeyed him.

This all sounds conservative, but it’s simply a faith that propagates completely different customs than the ones we’re used to, and they have a reason for that.

part of it is a lot of things written in the holy book Quran itself and part comes from various scholars who are listened to and from whom advice is sought for some details that are not clear to Muslims.

Nose piercing is something that even the parents of certain children in other cultures do not approve of, but young people are still allowed to do what they want with their bodies.

While in Muslim communities it is a completely different story and the rules that are written down and set must not be broken at any cost.

Wearing a piercing can be painful, so it also carries risks for the health of the one who undergoes it, and care should be taken to ensure that it is done by a person who is certified to deal with this type of adornment of the female and male body.

More about nose piercing

Piercing of any kind is in fact not newness and something that came with these times, that are modern.

The first appearance of piercing was registered in the 9th century before Christ, so you can imagine how long this tradition lasts, and even when it changes its purpose, meaning, and the way it is done.

The usage of piercings is mixed: the body was marked to demonstrate belonging to a particular tribe, social status, or identification.

It is a special and old thing, current in different cultures, all around the world, in all parts of the world.

Nowadays, the art of ornamenting the body has moved and is everywhere.

That is why it is essential to educate yourself about the potential difficulties that nose piercing can cause.

It is necessary that all the equipment that will be used to perform the piercing should be properly disinfected and that the room where it will be performed should be sterile and clean like those in ambulatory conditions.

Regardless of how banal nose piercing may sound, it is not at all a naive procedure and should be treated with caution and then follow the instructions given to you in order to avoid infection, which can be dangerous.

In essence, everything that is done on the head is dangerous and one should be extremely careful.

You also have to keep in mind that when you get tired of wearing jewelry on your nose when you take it off, there will be a hole on your nose that will be a scar that you will have to wear for the rest of your life.

That’s what young people don’t understand and that the consequences are always there and you can’t just get rid of them.

The procedure of piercing the nose is such that it is done with a needle and not with a gun as in piercing the ears.

It’s more painful than the procedure of urinating and it’s more uncomfortable, but it should be taken care of, as this is something that can cause infection if it is done properly or if the conditions are not sanitary.


With ear piercing, we only feel pressure and very mild pain, but with a nose piercing, it is completely different.

With a nose piercing, a needle is used, with which a hole is drilled into your nose, whether from the left or right side is your choice, and then the jewelry is placed.

Given that we have a large network of blood vessels in our noses, there is also a risk of bleeding that is sometimes difficult to stop, and that’s why you need someone who is an expert and who really knows what he’s doing to do this.

you need to ask carefully about whom you will have this procedure done, in order to minimize all possible consequences.

Now that we read this, it is not clear to us how it is not forbidden to wear a piercing, considering that it carries the same risks for our health as a piercing on the eyebrow or for example on the lip.

Here, among Muslims, the matter of taste and how much attention a certain decoration on a woman’s body will attract is put in the first place.

The piercing on the nose is discreet, because a small ring is placed on it, the famous “dot”, and it is very discreet and inconspicuous, unlike other rings that are worn, such as the one on the septum of the nose, which is round and very visible.

All this is taken into account when interpreting whether something is permitted or not, that is, whether it is Halal or Haram.

In larger Islamic communities, it is a little different and they are a little more relaxed than those Muslims who live in smaller communities.

It is the same in our country, where children in big cities are allowed far more than children who are grown up and who grow up in villages.

We want to say that, for example, in a Muslim village, a husband will not allow a woman to wear a piercing, while in a larger community, it is probably a matter of compromise.

Whether time will change some of the customs possessed by the Muslim people, we cannot know.

They stick very firmly to their faith and traditions, but we have witnessed that time has made many changes in our society and that something that was once considered taboo and conservative is now considered something that is completely normal.

When it comes to fashion and decorating the body, people are even prone to extremes and bring themselves to the point of being unrecognizable, and we believe that this is something that is still not good and that in everything we should be moderate as much as possible, in order to preserve our image and our health, which it was given to us by a higher power that created us and breathed life into us, and we should appreciate it far more than we do.

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