Is Perfume Haram or Halal In Islam?

Although modern perfumes are a somewhat recent invention, fragrances and the need to “smell nice (in that current moment, what was seen as nice” have been present in human lives for more than 5,000 years.

However, today’s perfume market is significantly different – not only from the market throughout history but also from the market we were used to until about 20 years ago.

Individuality above all generations and those younger people that are between 27 and 40 years old want to smell, and not just in any smell but they want something very special.

There is a market for them – they are the ones who love online shopping, they would rather spend money on travel than on expensive jewelry, they understand fashion much more casually than their parent’s generation, and what do they like when it comes to perfumes?

Just like when buying a wardrobe, this group of people also enjoys individuality when buying perfume.

Unlike previous generations, they do not divide perfumes into “those for special occasions” and “everyday” ones but like to experiment with scents – from more expensive to cheaper ones, and as a rule, they wear what they like, not what the “occasion dictates”.

Classic divisions have disappeared.

One of the biggest trends noticed by perfumers is the rise in the popularity of unisex fragrances.

People all around the world adore perfumes and smelling nice has become an imperative in modern times, as all of us want to smell in a certain way, to show the world, without saying a word, that we have something to say.

That we are expensive, or that we are sexy.

The perfume industry is worth billions, and it is often more about the brand than anything else.

But we also have to say that wearing perfume is just a statement as a wardrobe that you are wearing, and that for every occasion you should choose the right ones.

And the query is why we care so much about perfumes, which is that they are part of the memory of some events in our life, and when we smell a certain perfume we can truly be brought back through time, and see that person or have that feeling once again.

Now, the fact that we want to smell nice is not a matter of sex, race, or religious beliefs, it is a matter of the same desire for people.

Now, here we want to see if having perfume is haram and if it is what is the reason?

Is Perfume Haram or Halal In Islam? 

Maybe the biggest question here comes from the alcohol in the perfumes and is this component, which is so sinful according to Islamic law, what makes these beauty products haram?

This is what makes it confusing to understand.

There is a different opinion on this topic – it is said that smelling perfume is halal, but with one condition.

Women must not wear perfumes when they are going outside, as this is not appropriate, adn then perfumes are haram.

Also, regarding the alcohol – perfumes that have less than 5 percent of alcohol inside of them are halal, but it is higher than it is not allowed.

Islamic faith puts significant prerogatives on cleanliness and cleansing, and it is said that when a person is clean then he or she can be considered to be healthy.

Does the perfume fall into this category?

As is seen in the Book of Purification – it is said that Allah loves the nice smell and that the Prophet will put a “perfume” right before the Friday ceremony starts.

And all others were suggested to re-enact – putting oil or sents.

So Islamic scholars mostly agree upon this – if the ratio of alcohol in the smell is very small (we are talking here about 5 percent or an even smaller amount, some perfumes do not have not even this), then it is halal to be used.

If the ratio of alcohol in the scent is higher so that it could be noticed then it is haram, and should not be used.

They also say that is at times safer not to use them, but there is not a strict rule that says that it is haram.

We could say that the biggest issue is two things:

first, the appearance of alcohol in them is not acceptable, and second, the fact that ladies should not tempt other males with their smell, and that the perfume should be only for their husbands.

Is perfume haram for ladies in Islam?

Islamic faith encourages all Muslim people to keep adequate hygiene.

They are encouraged to wear nice fragrances but will women wear perfumes rely on whether is she wearing them before their husbands or in front of other people?

So, it is said that they could wear perfume when going out but others cannot smell her, as this is seen as haram, and it is a great sin.

In the Islamic faith, women are encouraged to love themselves and smell the nice scent of their spouses.

It is said also that such action allows an increase in the attachment between the two partners.

Is alcohol perfume haram?

If the ratio of alcohol in a perfume is lower than 5 percent, then it could be used, but if the percentage of alcohol is very high, then it is best to avoid its usage.

A higher percentage of alcohol is only allowed in cases when it is used for the sanitation of wounds.

We already know that alcohol consummation is not halal based on the Quaran and this is what the majority of Islamic scholars agree on.

If the inquiry is – is ethyl alcohol in perfume halal or haram; then the answer is this: it has a small percentage of alcohol and it is forbidden, unlike ethanol alcohol which is haram.

More about perfumes

Trends in the perfume industry are changing as well as everything else – nowadays, unisex perfumes are more and more popular.

It is noticeable that extremely sweet, feminine perfumes are no longer the best sellers among female customers, and men no longer choose only “rougher”, masculine scents either.

There is no strict limit between men’s and women’s perfumes, and almost every manufacturer makes unisex perfumes that both sexes can use in the same way, and even there is no limit on what occasion; there are perfumes that are allowed to be worn all day, as before this was unthinkable to occur.

On the market, there are numerous unisex perfumes made for people who value individuality and are not overly bothered by imposed social rules.

When it comes to fragrance notes, nowadays it could be noticed that people love fresh, citrus, and woody tones much more than the floral and fruity ones that dominated previous generations.

For example, the big hit is the golden vanilla cologne’s intense very sensual fragrance, recognizable by its unique notes and unexpected earthy aromas.

Perfumes have warmth and sweetness, while the spicy notes make them refreshed, exciting, and fun.

Another group of fragrance notes that delights this generation are fougère fragrances – those from the olfactory family of “ferns”, which include woody, herbal, and smoky aromas – which were once reserved almost exclusively for men’s perfumes.

Nowadays, women also love to sport them on every occasion.

There is no division in men’s and women’s scents – and what is noticeable is that trends are changing by the day.

What has left in the past are older generations that were known for choosing perfumes that they were faithful to for several decades, but newer generations value freedom, and experimentation and are unencumbered by other people’s opinions above all.

Nowadays, also what is noticeable is that people opt for perfumes that have unique aromas.

One of the priorities when choosing fragrances is individuality – they don’t want to smell like others.

One survey showed that almost half of the respondents said that they are ready to buy a more expensive perfume if its aroma is unique and they have not yet come across a similar perfume.

The biggest increase in sales is recorded by fragrances with unique aromas, such as saffron, cannabis, and smoke, and if something can interest them more than a unique fragrance, then it is a fragrance “with a story”.

Just like craft breweries and small producers of jewelry, clothing, and food, the world of perfumes is dominated by producers with authentic stories.

The market is huge and they are looking for accommodating all users, and this also includes the wast Muslim market.


In addition to wanting to smell fresh, clean, and not overly offensive, it is also important to them that with their purchase they support companies that care about ecology, and use sustainable resources, recycled packaging, and ingredients with as few synthetic compounds as possible.

Perfumes that contain pure essential oils, recycled glass, pure alcohol, and as few artificial aromas as possible – are the biggest hit among the younger generations, but as you could have seen, just because of this they are not appropriate for the Muslim community.

All Muslim people are encouraged to be clean and to smell nice, but some rules need to be followed – a woman must smell only for her man, and others cannot smell her perfume.

Women of the Islamic faith can wear perfume but if she passes a bunch of men who she does not know, then she is not allowed to wear it.

Such action is seen as a temptation and it is strictly forbidden.

Also, it does matter the amount of alcohol percentage in the perfume so that it could be used.

A higher percentage of alcohol in a perfume is not allowed it, only could be used for the sterilization of wounds.

We know that based on the Islamic faith, drinking is highly forbidden, but when it is found in perfume, and it is very low in percentage, then it is safe for usage, it is halal.

So, regarding this topic – is perfume halal or haram for people of Muslim faith, both male and female, then we should remind of the Prophet’s words: it is said that the scent for men is that which the fragrance is unmistakable and the coloring is invisible (for example a musk); and a perfume or a smell for ladies when they are going out from home, is that the color is seen and the fragrance is not.

Saffron is the best example of such a perfume.

Let us add also, maybe the perfect option would be the usage of colognes that have a lower perfume range, a power of 1,5 to 3 percent.

They last for about two hours after they have been applied.

Eau de toilettes have a potency that ranges from 4 to 6 percent and can last for about 3 hours after the application.

Eau de perfumes have a power that is up to ten percent and can last up to four hours after the application, and finally, we have perfumes with a strength of up to 20 percent and they can last the entire day, especially on a the wardrobe.

So, there are some options for people of the Islamic faith to wear perfumes, it is easier for men, but women can also opt for a perfume that does not smell too fragrant and that is meant for their husbands primarily.

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