Is Plucking Eyebrows Haram or Halal In Islam?

Eyebrows are truly the biggest decoration on the face and can completely change the appearance of a person, man, or woman, so it is not surprising that in the last few years, a lot of attention has been paid to their styling.

There are a large number of cosmetic products on the market intended specifically for eyebrows, such as gels, pencils, or eyeshadows, and make-up artists agree that they can beautify us, but also if they are not emphasized well, cause the opposite effect.

It can make a person unattractive, or cheap, and those who have a unibrow, then they can be laughed at.

Of course, plucking the eyebrows is always the primary step to do when we speak of their maintenance, as it is the oldest and maybe the most effective way for their styling.

Over years, styles have definitely changed, from thick to extremely thin eyebrows, to fluffy and colored, and then back.

We have seen it all – but no one can deny that eyebrows are just like our hair, a very important and prominent feature that can change our looks very much.

And all of us want to look beautiful and attractive, and the question we want to answer now is this – Do Islamic laws allow the plucking of eyebrows, and the reason behind it?

We will try to answer it.

Is Plucking Eyebrows Haram or Halal In Islam?

Islamic teachings of various kinds and sources have stated that the correcting and shaping of eyebrows is seen as haram, and this is because the Prophet has said that changing the natural forms that the Mighty Allah has provided is seen as a sin.

He has made people perfect and they are his creation, so it is extremely sinful to change our nature and given form.

This then includes shaving, trimming, or even plucking the eyebrows – all that a woman wants to do so that she can be more beautiful, is out of the question.

But, some oppose this view – it is one thing to say that tattooing or microblading that resembles it should be seen as haram, but this is not the same.

Can plucking be the same as tattooing (or microblading) eyebrows which is also popular around the world?

But, if plucking the eyebrows is to be reprimanded then extracting hair that is on the top of the lips should also be forbidden.

If ladies are not doing this then it is safe to say that they would grow small mustaches – but Allah wants women to be attractive and beautiful.

So, we can say that it is haram to pluck the eyebrows because Muhammad has cursed all who have done this.

Islamic scholars do not agree on this topic.

Some say that there is hair that has to be removed, that is haram to be removed, and some issues that are not as clear.

So, maybe the verdict is that this is haram.

And, we can also say that there are different ways how a Muslim woman can be beautiful and this includes makeup, for example, combing of eyebrows.

Is it haram to trim your eyebrows? 

First of all, we must say that by Islamic teachings, a tidy, proper, and mannerly appearance of a lady before others is not only not forbidden but is halal.

Also, this is important to remember – a married woman should predominantly be tidy and clean in front of her husband; and this is also true for husbands before their wives.

Anything that changes the natural appearance of a woman, or any form of extravagance generally, anything that is extreme or maybe provoking including make-up and especially before others is not what is seen as allowed in Islam.

Now, we can all agree that well-groomed and beautiful eyebrows are an integral part of hygiene and one of the characteristics of a neat woman.

Make-up trends dictate the shape of the eyebrows, and thus define this symbol of beauty on every woman’s face.

Thick and shiny eyebrows are always in trend, but they don’t get that way by accident.

So, for that, a woman must style her eyebrows but is it allowed in Islam, and in what way a woman can do it?

Yes, it is haram.

Islamic scholars say that the bottom line is that you should not remove any hair from your face, and this includes eyebrows.

How this is done does not represent any relevance.

This answer is also applicable to the question is threading eyebrows haram?

It is not allowed, it is forbidden to thread the eyebrows, and the only exception is when you simply have to do it for a medical reason for example.

In this case, it is allowed.

Is shaping eyebrows haram?

Now, many Muslim ladies would ask what should they do when they want to make their eyebrows more beautiful, and when they know that any plucking or shaping is not allowed.

But, they can use makeup on them, or dye them.

It is even recommended for them to comb their eyebrows upwards.

Is it haram to shave unibrow?

There are those Islamic scholars who say that the removal of any facial hair is not allowed, and this also includes eyebrows.

So we have already said that plucking and shaping the eyebrows are banned since this is an action that in fact can change the face of a person it truly makes a major difference.

But, here is one exception – we know that the hair that is above the lips can be removed, and this could be applied to the unibrows, as you can remove what is between the eyebrows themselves.

So, you can touch other hair, but not the one that is on the eyebrows.

More about the plucking eyebrows

Threading or plucking eyebrows is a method that is about 200 years old (there are those who say that it is even older than this, and it is believed that it was some form of a ritual in certain civilizations that were for example shaved their eyebrows for religious reasons), it originates from the Middle East.

Still, to this day, plucking and generally styling one of the most prominent features on our faces, is used today in beauty salons around the world.

It has never lost its popularity and maybe it has just gained even more of it, as new methods and procedures have appeared along the way.

It seems easy to do, which is not far from the truth.

Who would have thought that threading could make your brows look so neat?!

If you have experience eyebrows falling out, and many women experience this, there are many reasons why this is the case.

Maybe, due to inadequate care or some conditions in the body, then you should talk to your beautician who can recommend one of the eyebrow drawing methods.

The one-time tattooing of eyebrows is, so to speak, not popular anymore (and here we can say that for some ladies this is not an option, as the religion forbids them to do so), because it has been replaced by microblading or Japanese eyebrow drawing, i.e. powder eyebrows, which are also called ombre eyebrows.

Eyebrow lamination is also popular, and you may have heard of eyebrow lifting treatment.

This is something that Muslim ladies can do, as it falls more under the category of make-up and less under the category of hair removal.

And it’s not surprising – the eyebrows look completely natural and it does not change the naturality of a face, it just makes it more beautiful.

These methods have been perfected to the extent that the color is introduced under the skin but in such a way as to “imitate” the natural hair structure.

But, there is something that all ladies would agree upon doing – care of the face and their eyebrows.

For plucking to be correct and successful, eyebrow care is necessary, and this does not even apply when styling eyebrows is in question, as you should take care of them, just like you do for your hair.

This implies the intake of nutritious ingredients in the hair follicle through masks or serums for eyebrow growth.

To get the perfect eyebrow shape, styling is not only important – preparation and care are also important.

That’s the only way you’ll be sure that you’ll achieve the look you want by plucking.

Your eyebrows will grow faster and become thicker if you treat them additionally with castor oil, coconut oil, or tea tree oil.

These oils are enriched with vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids.

This procedure is very simple and does not take much time, and it affects the restoration of eyebrow hairs.

It is suggested to do this little ritual every night, before going to bed.

You can even massage them in circular movements for the best results.

After you have thoroughly removed the makeup from your eyes, apply a little oil with a cotton swab and gently rub it into your eyebrows.

Don’t underestimate the power of vaseline for eyebrows either, as it can be the best possible and cheapest creme you could ever use.

This was confirmed to us by the girls who used it and brought the shine and firmness of the hairs on the eyebrows to the maximum.

And if you add a serum for eyelash growth to your care, after a few weeks of use, you will be delighted with the effects.


In the beginning, we have said that based on Islamic law there is hair that is mandatory to be removed – this includes trimming of the mustache, removal of the pubic hair, and also armpit hair.

The mustache should be trimmed, as Allah had said, and the beard should grow; nails must be clipped, and the nose must be rinsed under the water, hands must be washed, and pubic hair plucked as well as armpit hair, also after the usage of the toilet a believer must wash its private parts.

But there is also hair that must not be removed – and unfortunately, this is where the eyebrows fall.

As well as the hair that is on a man’s beard should not be touched.

It is said that the Almighty Allah will curse the woman that has tattoos and the one that is plucking her eyebrows.

The only way a woman can remove hair from the face is when she has a mustache or beard, and then it is halal to do it, and remove them.

Now, in the Quran, there is not something specifically said regarding hair that is on the forehead, cheeks, and both extremities.

Some Islamic scholars say that it is not allowed to remove those hairs, while others say it is halal.

Allah said that his perfect creation must not be changed.

Some say that, since nothing was said regarding this topic is said, then it is halal.

If a woman has a unibrow she can remove it, and those who simply want to make their eyebrows nice, they can comb them, or those who want to do, can do a row lamination which is just a professional combing of eyebrows that is halal.

In the end, it is halal to take care of the face, to put on some makeup, to maintain that natural and beautiful look of the face, and this includes also eyebrows.

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