Should You Wash Underwear Separately? Answered! 

Even if this may sound shocking to you, the technique of washing laundry is, and this may come as a surprise to you, very, very impressive and it goes long way.

You may know, that the situation was not as it is today – just filling the basket with dirty laundry for a few days, and placing them in the drum of the washing machine.

Then you simply add some detergent, fabric softener, and some additional things that will make the laundry smell amazingly nice, and then you turn the program.

Set out to start, with just a couple of hours, in some cases much less.

Then, in some cases, the laundry is done, and you just need to dry it, and in many cases, now, in modern times, washing machines are also drying them, so you have clean and dried clothes, in just a couple of hours.

If you do not have a washing machine of this type, then you can simply spread the laundry on the line that was intended for it, and if you want to do you can iron it.

After that, you are more than ready.

But, not long ago this was just science fiction – assume that it wasn’t always like that and that the fact that we have washing machines today makes life much easier.

Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers did laundry in completely different conditions.

Laundry used to be washed only a couple of times a year, on rivers, in a trough, with special tools.

And so it is today in less developed parts of the world.

But, it does not matter where you wash your laundry, it matters how you wash it, and the most important reason is hygiene.

Why is it important how you wash laundry?

Clean underwear is key for the health of our intimate region, and therefore our entire health as inappropriately washed laundry can make us feel sick, or at least cause us to have rashes on our skin.

If we do not wash the laundry in the right way it will unbalance the PH factor of our intimate region because it will keep all the bacteria and pathogens on it and that’s not good for our health.

Therefore, you must be careful not just what kind of washing soap you are using, whether is it organic or not, is it allergenic or not, you need to know that you must separate different kinds of laundry, not just white and black, but more.

Furthermore, the washing machine must be cleaned from time to time, as it can become dirty and therefore not sanitary.

It is a common fact, that the saying that good hygiene is half of your health, and this is also one part of how you maintain it, is the way how you wash your laundry.

Also, we must be careful with which parts of our clothes we wash our underwear.

It is really important because we can for example wash our underwear with our socks.

The underwear we need to change every day, but socks on two days but that is also individual from person to person.

If your feet sweat much more often then you need to change them two times a day.

Should You Wash Underwear Separately? 

Yes, you should, and there are some truly important reasons why you should do it, in such a way.

The only sanitary one.

The reason why you shouldn’t wash the underwear and socks together in the washing machine is that we often go thru the house with no sleepers on our legs and the floors are full of everything and if we put our socks to wash with underwear the pathogens will spread up on him and we can have an infection of our genitals.

Also, the temperature when we wash underwear must be a minimum of 60 degrees in order to kill all pathogens and bacteria.

If the underwear is too dirty our advice is to first wash them with your hands and then put it in the machine.

If someone in the house already has some kind of infection, we advise that the laundry of that person wash separately because the others can get infection too.

Especially we have to make attention and always wash the children’s laundry separately every time.

Children’s skin is very sensitive and we must pay attention to that.

We all know that clothes for babies must be washed separately, as their skin is very sensitive, and the washing soap for them must be truly organic and tender.

Also, the choice of laundry should be appropriate, in order to prevent the color from washing off the laundry, and also you cannot wash every laundry at the same temperature, since materials such as silk and lace require certain maintenance, so that they are not destroyed during washing.

As we said, when it comes to the children, you should absolutely always wash your clothes separately, because you never know if you are suffering from a sexually transmitted infection that you can transfer to him by washing shared laundry.

When you wash children’s clothes as you do, there are certain liquids that you can add to the washing machine, which will additionally disinfect your underwear.

If the underwear is quite dirty, it would not be a bad idea to wash it by hand first or even boil it in a pot to kill all the bacteria. This also applies to your socks, especially if they have deposits of dirt on them or if they are greasy.

Under no circumstances should you wash underwear and socks together, even at temperatures of 90 degrees.

Underwear should be washed at a minimum of 90 degrees and can only be combined with towels.

While you should wash your socks separately for hygiene reasons.

But since today’s lifestyle leaves us little space to devote ourselves to maintaining our laundry in the most correct possible way, many people combine washing socks at 40 degrees, which is the temperature for washing dark clothes.

But this method does not kill the bacteria on your socks, especially if you often walk around the house in them without slippers.

Socks should also be disinfected, especially because our feet are prone to excessive sweating and, therefore, peeling of the skin on them.

So, there are often remains of our skin on the socks, which are not visible to the naked eye but are still there.

It is best to wash them by hand first and then put them with a dark cloth for washing.

Of course, socks also need special reflection so that they last as long as possible and are comfortable to wear.

Depending on the material from which they are made, they should be maintained in order to keep their color and quality, if that is an important item for you in socks.

You just have to pay attention that they do not shrink, especially if they are made of wool, you must not wash them at high temperatures.

The same applies to underwear, maintenance is not the same for everyone.

The declaration will tell you how many degrees and at how many revolutions they can be washed in the washing machine and they should be treated accordingly so that you don’t ruin them.

Silk underwear preferred by the female gender is best to be hand washed, as well as laced.

But if you intend to wash them in the washing machine, there are certain nets that will prevent the machine from ruining them.

If your spouse has a genital infection, his clothes should always be washed separately, and it is advisable to wear white cotton underwear that you can expose to high water temperatures.

It would not be a bad idea to boil the laundry for a short time before washing it in the washing machine, in order to kill all the bacteria and fungi on it.

Another useful piece of information regarding underwear and the way to additionally kill bacteria is its mandatory ironing, which many people do not practice due to lack of time and the obligations we have during the day.

Especially children’s underwear should be ironed, if they are put in the washing machine together with ours.

The whole machine should be allowed to work on its own (with an empty drum) even once a week in order to disinfect itself.

In the powder container, you can add a solution of citric acid and baking soda to kill the fungi and bacteria that may have accumulated in it.

This is a very important item in order for your clothes to be washed properly and to be completely safe to wear, but many people do not use this method.

To disinfect your underwear, you can also use a clothes dryer by using a certain temperature for that, taking care not to damage it, because some clothes dryers can reach temperatures of up to 150 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, it is important to read the declaration on the garment and to what temperature it will not shrink.

But there is a solution for this too, so if you intend to maintain everything properly when you buy it, take a larger number and you will always be able to use high temperatures for its maintenance.

Because they will shrink during the first wash and it will be your number and you can continue to maintain them in the same way.

Sensitive materials and laundry that you may have paid dearly for should still be washed by hand with hand washing and disinfecting agents so that it retains their color and quality for as long as possible and is comfortable for you.

Should you wash socks and underwear separately?

The answer is yes you should!

This is the most hygienic way there is.


The need to wash clothes is as old as the clothes themselves.

But, know that earlier people did not have as many pieces of clothing as they do today, and there was no fashion, which is why today it is easy to buy new clothes even though the old ones are still not worn out.

We have so much more clothes now than ever before.

In the early fifties, washing machines as we know them today appeared – they were automatic.

They have practically washed the laundry themselves.

The process of washing clothes has persisted to this day according to the system of combining the laundry with water and powder in circular movements and then utilizing a centrifuge, which simply filters and dries the laundry.

Later, drying machines for clothes were invented, which enormously revved this process.

But, still, to this day, we cannot simply put laundry into the machine, without any order and expect to have cleaned and sanitized laundry; that kind of the machine was not invented yet.

So, always, and we mean always, wash separately your underwear, at a higher temperature, for the purpose of sanitizing it; and do not mix it with some other clothing items that are completely different, and we mean here most notably on sox.

Never ever wash these two combined, as it is the most unsanitized thing you can do; cause sox, cannot be ever washed completely, and they are one clothing item that must be thrown away frequently.

Underwear also should be replaced constantly, washed separately, and when the time comes to be thrown away, and here have in mind to buy always underwear that is completely made out of organic material, without any artificial colors or anything that could make you feel uncomfortable.

Also, have in mind that the best underwear is white – as you can wash it at higher temperatures (for the elimination of bacteria and dirt), and not worry if anything will happen to it.

Choose cleaning powder or tablets that are organic, tender, and that have a good PH value, so that they do not irritate your skin.

After that, you can simply re-wear underwear for some time.

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