Spiritual Meaning of Braiding Hair (Braids)?

Braid plates, french braids, goddess braids, fishtail, dutch braids… There are so many braids one can wear to look unique and stylish.

But did you know that braids aren’t just a practical and wonderful way to style your hair?

In fact, braids have a profound spiritual significance.

Furthermore, if you really like to braid your hair, you should know about the rich symbolism of braids.

After all, braiding hair is art in itself. And not only that, but braids have ancient historical roots.

The stories and folklore of braids are fascinating, whether on a social, psychological, or spiritual level.

So it’s really no wonder that braids still exist as one of the most popular hairstyles, adding a unique style and elegance to the wearer.

Whether you braid your hair to keep it out of your eyes or to add a dash of glamour to your look, you will be interested to know the powerful secret of this practice.

As a matter of fact, braiding hair was an ancient ritual. Many traditions believed and still believe today in the spiritual power of this practice.

After doing deep research on the subject, we decided to give you a summarized guide on the spiritual meaning of braids.

Below you will find out about the cultural, societal, and spiritual significance of braids in different parts of the world.

In addition, you will also learn about the connection between your hair and your spirituality.

Moreover, you will find some fascinating stuff regarding braids and spiritual energy, i.e., your life force.

Spirituality and long hair were always closely interconnected. In this article, you will find out why that is.

The Origin and History Of Braids

The famous braiding techniques originate from Africa. The famously unique and intricate braid patterns belong to the tribal cultures of the continent.

However, braids and hair braiding exist all over the world. For example, the first and oldest record of this exists on the statue Venus of Willendorf.

The braids on the figure older than 30 thousand years, representing fertility, are shown falling like a waterfall over the lush body of Venus.

But that is only the beginning. Braids have been significant worldwide for centuries. So let’s go over the history of braids in various cultures and traditions.


There is no doubt that the African continent has the most intricate and richest hairstyling traditions. This is no wonder since African tribes believed in the profound spiritual power of hair.

Therefore, tribal cultures treated their hair as such. As a result, their braids had immense spiritual significance and symbolism. In fact, Africans believed that hair is an essential body part.

Moreover, they believed that it was the most elevated part of it. Essentially, they saw hair as antennas, a conduit for the Spirit, and a connection to the Higher realms.

Because of that, hairdressers were a highly respected part of their communities. Braiding hair was a proper ritual that lasted for hours or even days.

This braiding, locking, twisting, and beading ritual served as a family bonding experience and a spiritual practice.

The essential thing about the ceremony was the belief that hair is a conduit for the Divine and Spirit to reach one’s Soul.

These practices were carried from generation to generation. Having intricate, well-groomed braids was considered a sign of beauty, good health, hygiene, and polite manners.

In fact, the only event one could let their hair loose was during the rituals to say goodbye to the deceased.

The braiding details and spiritual significance of braids differed depending on the tribe.

However, there are some common braid beliefs between African tribes that many still believe in today.

For example, such beliefs about the proper braiding rituals include:

  • To grow longer hair, you should cut it during a full moon.
  • Only one person should braid another person’s hair; if two people did it, the ritual might result in the death of one of them.
  • Pregnant women should not braid another’s hair.
  • It would be best to not comb or braid your hair outside your house.
  • Hair is the physical symbol of one’s strength and spiritual core.


The rich Egyptian culture considered braids symbols of age, wealth, and societal status. Girls and young women wore their hair either braided or in ponytails, while the elders wore braided wigs.

The latter was pretty standard with the older royals as they tried to hide the lack of volume or hair loss this way.

Egyptians beautified their braids with various details such as ribbons, petals, berry fruits, or even gold threads. And not only that, but Egyptians also wore hair extensions to add volume to their hair-do.

However, braids were a sign of divinity for Egyptian men, so the common folk didn’t braid hair. Some wealthy men wore braids, but usually in the way Tutankhamon did.

Braided hair was a sign of wealth, status, and luxury for Egyptians. Those with the most intricate and elaborate braids were considered the most wealthy.


Braids were a symbol of status and wealth in Ancient Italy, too. Braiding hair became popular during the time of the emperor Augustus.

They also used hair extensions and accessories such as pearls, jewelry, and other pieces to create sophisticated braids.


Greek women grew very long hair to be as different from Egyptians as possible. In addition, they pulled the hair back and decorated it with ribbons, metal pieces, flowers, or headbands.

For Greek women, braids were a sign of status and luxury.

Therefore, they liked it adorned with as many beautiful decorations as possible. The more intricate, the better.


As far as the Native Americans are concerned, hair signifies one’s spiritual strength, Oneness, and Unity.

Moreover, in their tradition, the sheer combing of hair symbolizes alignment and balancing of thought.

To be precise, braiding symbolizes the Oneness of thought, while tieing the hair represents its security.

Therefore, knotted and joint hair symbolizes strength in unity.

However, letting it down symbolizes the harmony of living in flow.


The Chinese were forced to wear hairstyles that showed their specific rank during the Manchu dynasty.

For example, the rice farmers used to wear braids that went down their backs.

However, after the Manchu dynasty ended, the new leader wanted to end feudalism.

Therefore, he decided to end the braid tradition.

Still, braids were a part of tradition for rural Chinese, so there were even murders and suicides committed in the name of the unique hairstyle.

Spiritual Significance of Braids

Generally speaking, hair is a physical symbol of one’s strength, life force, and spirituality. And not only that, hair represents the clarity of thought and the antenna for the Divine.

When it comes to braids, they carry significant symbolism. The three groups of braided hair represent strength in unity.

In fact, many cultures consider braids to represent bravery, perseverance, spirituality, wisdom, generosity, and respect.

All of these virtues represent the essentials needed to live in harmony and unity with one another. They also make humans human and our experiences a magnificent gift of the Universe.

Braids also symbolize the union of body, mind, and Spirit in wholeness. You can find many theories about hair and braids, but most teachings talk about the spiritual power hidden in the hair.

Some even say three strands of hair in a braid symbolize past, present, and future interconnectedness. Some believe braiding hair can connect you to ancestors and Spirit guides from Higher realms.

For that reason, some people won’t let anyone touch their hair, let alone braid it. Yet, the unique skill of braiding hair is also considered to be a spiritual honor.

For example, the elder Finnish claimed that the people capable of creating beautiful braids also had the power to tame the wind.

Many spiritual paths encourage letting the hair grow for as long as possible.

On the other hand, some encourage baldness and make rituals out of shaving one’s mane.

For some, it’s best to leave it untouched, and others guide women to cover it altogether. Whatever the case, each of these beliefs regarding hair places immense spiritual significance on it.

The essence of the matter is that hair holds profound symbolism and influences one’s spiritual energy.

If you want to know more about this subject, read below and find out the spiritual significance of braiding hair.

The Connection Between Hair and Spiritual Energy

As already said, hair has a profound significance in many religions and cultural traditions. Some of them even have a specific set of rules or suggestions on how to wear and style them.

Some say you should never cut your hair, while others suggest shaving one’s hair bald. There are also suggestions on the length, coverage, tie, and hair braiding.

Pagan folklore and witchcraft claim that one’s power is bound to their hair. This is why women were shaved during the age of witchhunt because it was believed they were stripped of their powers that way.

It was also believed that learning the truth from witches and working out a confession would be way easier.

After all, shaving one’s hair was historically an act of embarrassment and degradation.

The process was meant to break one’s Spirit, humiliate the person, and present subordination.

Additionally, during the Middle Ages, shaven hair was burned because the people believed it kept them safe from witches who would turn the hair into snakes.

Furthermore, the Ancient Greeks, Arabs, and Egyptians used to gift their stands of hair to get blessings from the gods.

Also, before getting married, Roman women would offer their locks to the god Jove or Jupiter.

As already mentioned, African tribes believed that one’s hair is their connection to deities and the Holy Spirit.

Moreover, they thought that both good and evil spirits could enter one’s Soul through the hair.

But this isn’t just a tribal story; even the Celtic priests used to comb their hair while giving Mass to gain a more authentic connection with the Source.

In Turkey, it’s common for women to braid the bride’s hair for the wedding while telling stories and experiences, which are believed to be tied in the braid to help her with the challenges of marriage.

In addition, to protect the bride from evil spirits, women would add one blue bead at the end of the braid.

As you can see, there are many beliefs about the spiritual significance of hair. Therefore, the right style for your hair depends on your belief system and inner knowledge.

For example, Native Americans tend to follow the path of their ancestors. For them, the hair signifies one’s spiritual practice and symbolizes thought alignment and harmony.

Furthermore, for many tribes of Native America, long hair represents the manifestation of thoughts in 3D reality.

They believe that the ends of one’s hair carry the old memories, while those close to the root carry the new ones.

On the other hand, Buddhist practice calls for a short or shaved head since they believe that is how one’s hair shows the progress of their journey.

Furthermore, the lack of hair for Buddhists symbolizes their non-attachment to physical and earthly possessions and the limitations of the body and mind.

After all, the whole pursuit of enlightenment doesn’t go without letting go of attachments and other spiritual blockages. As a matter of fact,

In essence, you don’t have to choose and follow one specific path. Instead, asking yourself how you feel with longer or shorter hair is best.

Which length makes you feel like you’re connected to your Spirit more?

Listen to your inner voice; it will guide you to choose the length and style of your hair to make it the best conduit for the Spirit possible.

The Connection Of Hair and Kundalini Energy

Kundalini energy is your life force, the sacred power that lies within every human.

Kundalini yoga says it’s wise to keep your hair as long as possible because that helps harness the powerful energy within.

And not only that, they believe long hair offers protection and nurturing. It also teaches one patience.

But most importantly, Kundalini practitioners guarantee that growing one’s hair long makes it a sacred part of a person.

And not only that, Native Americans claim that you can harness energy in your locks, both from yourself and from your surroundings.

For them, hair plays an essential role in one’s spiritual journey.

The Connection of Hair and Your Upper Chakras

If you’re into spirituality, you’re probably aware that your physical and spiritual body contains multiple energy centers and vortexes, i.e., chakras.

The chakras govern our emotions, energy levels, health, intuition, feelings of safety, and confidence…

Basically, your whole physical and emotional body is governed by your chakra system.

The upper chakras include the Third Eye and the Crown chakra, both closest to the hair.

These two chakras are crucially important and responsible for one’s spirituality and intuition.

Without listening to our intuition, we cannot get very far regarding spirituality.

Our inner wisdom is our guide, so keeping your upper chakras in alignment is critically important.

When it comes to Kundalini, there are two common beliefs. One says that keeping one’s hair long helps to keep the Third eye and Crown chakra protected and nourished.

On the other hand, the second belief says it’s better to cut or shave one’s hair entirely; they claim it helps the chakra free to receive guidance and energy.

In India, women tend to coil their manes on the crown and comb it down before sleep. They form a “rishi knot,” which is believed to provide energy to one’s aura.

But not only that, Kundalini practitioners claim that such practice stimulates the Third eye chakra and helps reach a higher level of spiritual perception.

No less importantly, braiding the hair at nighttime is said to help restore balance in your energy field.

When it comes to split ends and taking care of one’s hair, Kundalini teachers suggest refraining from trimming the hair.

Instead, apply a small amount of almond or argan oil to the ends of strands before washing it the next day to keep it moist and healthy.

In addition, it’s paramount to comb one’s hair each morning and before sleep with a wooden comb. This action keeps hair energized.

What’s even better, combing hair provides calmness and relaxation. If you want to decide on the right move for you, it’s best to listen to your intuition.

Let your inner light guide you; it will tell you precisely what you need from your hair.

The Healing Power of Braids

Did you know that braiding hair is an excellent mindfulness practice? In fact, the spiritual self-care ritual is also immensely therapeutic.

The reason lies in the repetitive, almost hypnotic pattern you’re immersed in when braiding hair.

Braiding can be used as a form of mantra, especially when you implement a clear intention into the process.

After all, braids symbolize Oneness and Unity.

Therefore, braid your hair to unify your scattered thoughts if you feel like you lack focus.

Hair As a Conduit For Spiritual Growth and Protection

There are many beliefs and myths about hair and spirituality.

Everyone connects to certain things they resonate with, so we suggest you do it, too, paired with using your intuition.

That said, we will summarize the spiritual significance of hair for you below by offering a few tips about haircare by gurus and spiritualists.

If you can, let it grow

Your hair contains power; letting it grow might help you better connect with your Spirit and the Higher realm.

In addition, fully grown hair provides spiritual protection and nourishment for one’s aura field. And not only that, hair is a powerful channel for Divine guidance.

Therefore, if you can afford to grow your hair, do it.

Wash your hair every two days

A nice, thorough scalp massage will not only cleanse your hair and exfoliate the follicles so your hair will grow faster.

It will also help you process challenging emotions easier.

Washing your hair can be a lovely remedy when you feel upset or overwhelmed.

Moreover, it’s a great mindfulness practice to unwind and restore energy.

Use natural products to care for your hair

Since hair is an extension of one’s nervous and energetic system, it’s vitally important to use organic products.

After all, the chemicals you use can enter your bloodstream through the pores and wreak havoc on your health and hormone system.

We don’t want to sound overly dramatic, but some toxins used in modern-day haircare products can cause severe damage.

Sleep with braided hair

We already mentioned that braiding your hair helps restore balance from the day prior.

But not only that, spiritualists claim that hair can absorb the energy of the Moon.

Furthermore, braided hair is excellent for fully harnessing this lunar energy and helps one feel refreshed in the morning.

If youre stressed, keep your hair in a bun on your heads crown

This is said to open one’s spirituality center – the crown chakra.

Tying your hair in a bun might help open your eyes to new levels of perception and clarity.

That is why many women subconsciously tie their hair in buns when dealing with stressful situations.

It’s all to feel more connected and peaceful.

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