Filter x2

I had absolutely nothing planned for this afternoon, so I decided it would be a good time to catch up on photographing things for the blog. I sat down to do my makeup even if I wasn’t going anywhere and I tried to use as many new products as possible so that I could photograph multiple things in one go.

I don’t normally do that sort of thing…wear makeup without plans of going out, that is. It feels strange and I guess that’s part of reason why the look didn’t turn out well. Or maybe it would have turned out just as bad even if I had had plans of going out — who knows? Anyway, none of the photos I took are usable for review purposes. I slapped a filter on the best one and that’s the only thing that made it better:
DSC01670This is one of the filters that comes with iPhoto and it’s quite heavy. There’s no toggling with the intensity like on Instagram. It brings my dull skin to life and masks the mess I made of my eyeshadow today. It’s certainly not realistic, but it actually makes me like the photo. Now here’s the original: 

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Shitty Makeup Day

As often as I wear makeup, some days… things just don’t go my way. Today was one of those days. P1180495

I used an old favourite tinted moisturiser for my base and found that it just didn’t work for me anymore. So pink and blotchy. On the eyes, I went too frosty and light. The mascara is also an old fave that just didn’t do it for me today. I looked sick and puffy-eyed.  The only thing that came out semi-alright were my brows, and even they could not save the look. I’m not into the lipstick I used either, but I felt that going for a more solid pink-brown might distract from the rest of the face. Not so. I eventually just let that wear off and I wore my eyeglasses in an effort to hide my face. Ick.

Crappy as I felt, I took this photo because I wanted to post it and ask you guys this: What you do when you have a shitty makeup day (and don’t have enough time to take everything off to do it over again)?

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