Beach Beauty: Balesin 2013

BB7Hey guys! Just got back from a family beach trip and I thought I would share what I brought in terms of skincare + beauty products. I was never much of a beach person until I first went to Balesin with my family a year ago. It’s an island club with seven “themed” villages modelled after popular beach spots around the world. There’s Balesin Village (Philippines), Bali Village (Indonesia), Phuket Village (Thailand), Mykonos Village (Greece), St. Tropez (France), Costa del Sol Village (Spain), and Toscasa Village (Italy). My favourites have to be the Balesin and Bali, but Toscana looks very promising (still under construction). What I love about it is that there’s always something to do, even if you don’t want to get into the water–and I mean salt water… salt water is not my friend. Hehe!

BB6I didn’t take photos of each village but you can check out Balesin’s website to get a better feel of the place. We stayed at St. Tropez this time around (pictured above) and although it isn’t the best village in my opinion, it was still really beautiful. The whole resort was an incredibly ambitious project and it is executed very well, though service on the island seems to be struggling this year because more people are coming in. Last year, we practically had the whole place to ourselves! Still, it was beautiful and I can’t complain.

BB1So, what does a non-beach-person bring to the beach? Have a look: 

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