If you find yourself in Bangkok…

without a mascara in your makeup bag *gasp*… no worries! 7/11 has got you covered!

Yup, 7/11 in Bangkok sells good mascara! While I didn’t exactly forget to bring my own, I couldn’t resist picking this up because (1) I was surprised that 7/11 had cosmetics like bb creams, powders, and mascara, and (2) it was cheap at just over 120.00 php. I wasn’t going to cry over wasted money in case it turned out to be crappy but as I said, this Be Witch volumizing mascara is GOOD. It’s got “natural” hair bristles and fibres in the mascara itself to add volume and length. I believe it is also water resistant.

Checking convenience stores in other countries is always interesting. I’ve been using this every day since I bought it and I’m regretting that I didn’t go back for more. It’s even cheaper than my fave Avon mascara! Amazing.

Bangkok Beauty Buys!

Flew to Bangkok over the long weekend to spend time with family and do a bit of shopping. I hadn’t been to Bangkok in 12 years so I was clueless on what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by how good the shopping was! I didn’t get to take full advantage of the cheap-ness because I was so damn clueless but now I know what to prepare for the next time I go back. ;)Since this is largely a beauty blog, here’s a sneak peek of the beauty products I was able to buy! Bangkok has BOOTS! As in the British beauty store, which is why there are a couple of No. 7 products in my little haul. They also had Bioderma at a price that wasn’t exorbitant (you can order this locally for 1000++) so I snatched that up in a heartbeat. I am most excited about that little black box in the lower right corner of the photo though. Ahh. ♥

Anything here that you’d like me to review/talk about first? :D I think I will do a post on my trip as well even though I didn’t get to do any tourist-y things at all. I definitely want to go back!

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