Review: Bare Minerals Prime Time Foundation Primer

A few years ago when I was just starting to get into makeup, the Smashbox Photoready primers were huge. Everyone was talking about them, nearly every girl had one, and of course I wanted one, too. At the time it sold for around 950 pesos and I really saved up for it, only to find that I didn’t get on with it at all. I had purchased the most basic of the options (there’s a green one, purple one, and various other ones for different skin concerns) and I felt like I was slapping pure silicone on to my face. To me, it was the most uncomfortable experience ever. Others loved the velvety feel, but my skin felt starved for air! As a consequence, I don’t buy  Smashbox products (also because they are grossly overpriced!) and since then I have only ever purchased two other primers: the Laura Mercier radiance primer, which I like to use as a highlighter, and the Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Prime Time foundation primer (900.00 Php at Bon Marche and listed at $23 on the Bare Escentuals website), which I’ll be talking about today.
BMPT1Sorry about the little rant, it’s just annoying that bad experiences can put you off from trying out other things that could potentially be great. And great is exactly what Prime Time is! 

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