It’s A (3 Minute) Miracle! Pantene’s 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle ConditionerThe beautiful bellas over at were being their usual thoughtful selves and sent me a sample of Pantene’s new 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner* last week. I wasn’t expecting it at all, but that was fine because it was my favourite kind of surprise–the useful and well-timed kind. My hair always sucks after the holidays because of constant heat styling. It’s dry, dull, and sad. This miracle conditioner promises to “smoothen 3 months of damage in three minutes” — perfect! While I incurred my major hair damage over the span of just a month, I’d say this is just about as damaged as it gets in the year so it was the perfect time to test it out. P1170626I don’t think I had ever used a Pantene product before trying this one, and I must say I was impressed overall. The first thing I noticed was the super sweet strawberry scent–kind of like Skittles. If you like smelling of candy, you will adore this. I was impartial, although I must say that having sweaty hair in yoga is now not so unpleasant–it seems to release the scent even more, lol.

As for effectivity (the most important part), I give it 4/5 stars. My hair feels softer after just one use and it becomes especially shiny when I take the time to blow dry or flat iron it. I do have a problem with it being an everyday-use conditioner though, as I don’t think deep conditioning daily is healthy for your scalp. I think I’ll be using this not every day, but on nights when I know I have to look extra good the next day. This practically assures you a good hair day, and all girls know that a good hair day is like a magical, steroidal confidence-booster.

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December BDJ Box Unboxing

BDJD1December’s BDJ Box* came in a matte black totally bad-ass sleeve. It’s a Max Factor exclusive box which is nothing but awesome because I love the brand! My very first foundation was from Max Factor–I believe it was an anti-aging formula and I was the ripe-old age of 12 at the time. I know you’re thinking wth is a 12 year-old doing buying makeup at all? Well I was in a modeling class at the time and one of the lessons was how to apply makeup. We were given a checklist of items to buy and I just walked into the department store and trusted whatever any saleslady told me. Lol. It all turned out pretty well though. The foundation was amazing and the shade match was just a half shade off (pretty good–usually Pinoy SAs push shades that are much too light).

Since then I’ve also tried, tested, and loved their nail polishes and some mascaras but not too much of their other makeup items…though I’ve had my eye on their CC cream for a while now. This BDJ box didn’t weigh much, but weight can be deceiving (lol, what?). I got some awesome samples and one full-sized product in here! Read on to have a look. :)

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Unboxing the October BDJ Box

There’s something about having a package delivered to your doorstep that makes it feel just like Christmas. So it was Christmas in October this past Monday when the October BDJ Box* arrived and fell into my hands. I was really excited so I cut through the mailing plastic as quickly as I could and I was greeted by this pretty hot pink sleeve! BDJU1The theme of this box is Express IT: Sugar n’ Spice and it’s a Maybelline-exclusive box. There are five different boxes that were sent out this month, the themes of the other four being: Wild Thing, Runway Rock, Scene Stealer, and Queen of Extreme. I’m quite happy with Sugar n’ Spice! Seems to match my personality the best. Hehe. Now I love Maybelline mascaras so I was really hoping for one even before I opened anything. Remember, I am on a makeup ban with only two mascaras to use from now until December, so I was close to watering at the mouth at the thought of a new mascara. Hehe! Ready to see what’s inside?

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