December BDJ Box Unboxing

BDJD1December’s BDJ Box* came in a matte black totally bad-ass sleeve. It’s a Max Factor exclusive box which is nothing but awesome because I love the brand! My very first foundation was from Max Factor–I believe it was an anti-aging formula and I was the ripe-old age of 12 at the time. I know you’re thinking wth is a 12 year-old doing buying makeup at all? Well I was in a modeling class at the time and one of the lessons was how to apply makeup. We were given a checklist of items to buy and I just walked into the department store and trusted whatever any saleslady told me. Lol. It all turned out pretty well though. The foundation was amazing and the shade match was just a half shade off (pretty good–usually Pinoy SAs push shades that are much too light).

Since then I’ve also tried, tested, and loved their nail polishes and some mascaras but not too much of their other makeup items…though I’ve had my eye on their CC cream for a while now. This BDJ box didn’t weigh much, but weight can be deceiving (lol, what?). I got some awesome samples and one full-sized product in here! Read on to have a look. :)

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