Paul Starr: On Beauty

Greg and I were at Shangri-la for dinner last night and we decided to check out the PowerBooks sale while waiting to be seated at Cyma. There were a lot of good deals (especially on the classics!) but Greg spotted this coffee table-type book by Paul Starr–a Hollywood make up artist– featuring interviews with 30 famous women and beautiful photographs of them, too. The women share their thoughts on make up, what they carry in their make up bags, beauty in general, and even their feelings on plastic surgery. It’s a very interesting book, and the best part is that it was on sale for only 150.00php (under $3.00) where originally it was approximately 1000.00php. That’s the price of a magazine! It is slightly old (published in 2005), but it’s a lovely book nonetheless.

Read on to see some of my favoutite pages! :)

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