Verikos Aloe Calming Oil || Quick Look

So I’m finally on Christmas break! :) The first thing I did was take an evening off to do absolutely nothing but relax. I lit a candle, took a long, hot shower, slathered myself in yummy-smelling lotion, and I organized my room because fixing things calms me down.

I also got back to organizing my blog line-up and I realized that the Verikos Aloe Calming Oil* had yet to be featured. This is another one of the skincare products that I received in my BNT box, and I have to mention that I had a deadline for featuring all of the products which I did not exactly meet because I got my hands on the box a little late. I’m also not comfortable talking about skincare prematurely, which I’ve mentioned before. I have, however, had a chance to use this organic oil a couple of times and I think a quick look at it should be fine.
ACO1The box reads: “Aloe Calming Oil raises skin that is under stress by an outside hazardous article moistly and comfortably.”

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BRTC Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream || Quick Look

BEVC2One of the four skincare items I received in my BNT beauty box was the BRTC Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream.* To me it was the most interesting product in the box simply because I had never seen an eye cream in stick form before. I was happy to receive it and start testing it out immediately because I never really replaced my Lancome eye cream samples from a few months back. I’ve been testing out the people-don’t-even-need-an-eye-creams-at-all theory and it’s been all good so far, but I did miss that extra pampering step.

This particular eye cream looks almost medicinal because of the packaging. I feel like I’m about to use some really advanced technological device when I pick it up–but it’s really just a simple twist-up stick. Still, I appreciate the very hygienic-looking packaging. I suppose it does remind me a bit of vitamins, which this product is packed with, apparently. Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 9.02.33 PMThe BRTC Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream is a “vitamin eye cream” that has both anti-wrinkle and whitening effects as well as moisturizing properties.

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Graymelin Vintage Seven Tattoo Eyebrow Pen || Review

Of all the ways to do brows, using a liquid brow pen is the only one I had never tried. Seeing the Graymelin Tattoo Eyebrow pen* actually made me nervous at first. I have thick brows to begin with and liquid brow pens are usually best for girls with sparse brows because they allow you to draw in fine lines that mimic hairs. I imagined that using something like this on my brows would make for lines that were too harsh around the edges, while in the center it would be useless. So I suppose it’s a good thing that I received this just to put my assumptions about brow pens to the test! GSTE2I love simple packaging and design. I feel like it’s so much easier to screw up than elaborate design, so I appreciate when it’s done right. This is an example of simple packaging done right (in my opinion, at least). I suggest storing products like these in a vertical position with the tip facing downward. That way, the liquid will always be at the tip. If you find that it’s too much product at the beginning, store it on its side, but towards the end of its (product) life, you’ll probably need to have it standing on its head. :)

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Mizon’s Returning Starfish Cream || Quick Look

RSFC1Good morning! :) (edit: this went up late, but it’s morning somewhere, right? hehe) Here’s the second of the things that came in my BNT Box: Mizon’s Returning Starfish Cream (RRP at around $28).* A lot of the products in the box are skincare items, so these posts about them will have to be more of introductory and first-impression like in nature. If I like the product well enough, you can expect to see it again in the future.

As with all the other things in the box, this from a Korean brand which, I’m quickly learning, almost always means adorable packaging. This seems to be new packaging as well because when I was reading about the product online, the pot was a little bit different.
RSFC2So what is “Returning Starfish Cream” exactly?

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3CE Lipstick in Vamp

Hey guys! So here’s the first of the products I got in my BNT Girls box– a really vampy lipstick! :)

A little background info on the brand first: 3CE stands for “3 Concept Eyes” Cosmetics. It’s Stylenanda‘s makeup line that launched back in 2009 and to be honest–I had no clue what Sylenanda was, so I had to search that as well. Hehe! Turns out it’s this super cool Korean brand/website that reminds me a little bit of ASOS, but with a distinctly Korean edge. I loved looking through the clothes so if you’re into KPop or Korean style in general, go check it out! :)

The makeup line, 3CE, aims to create range of styles based on three basic colours: pink, beige, and orange. The whole range of products looks really great; somehow edgy and classy at the same time. I was once again reminded of another brand because of the styling–American Apparel. Their very limited range of beauty items, at least. Anyway, today I have the 3CE lipstick in Vamp* to share with you guys.3CEVThe design on the box packaging is pretty unique. It definitely caught my eye the moment I opened the box! I checked the name of the shade on the bottom before even opened the box, so I was already really excited to see that it was called “Vamp.” I’d been lusting after a few vampy reds in stores but obviously have been unable to buy them because of my makeup ban (this is the last month, btw! Yay!). 
3CEV1I was surprised to find that the lipstick packaging itself is not a rounded bullet. It’s a chunky rectangular thing that fits very snugly into the box. I’m not sure I like how large it actually is, but I really like that it doesn’t slide around when I put it down on a table, hehe. The finish on the packaging is a nice demi-matte and the logo of 3CE is pretty uhm, groovy. That triangle is all misshapen on purpose, y’all. 

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I’m a BNT Girl!


I have an exciting announcement to make today! I’m officially part of a small beauty editors group for BNT News International. Check out that badge! ;) BNT is a news website based in the UK that focuses on everything K-Pop. As a BNT Girl, I have the privilege of receiving a box of beauty goodies once a month and my mission is to tell you guys all about what’s inside.

This project launched a couple of months ago and if you follow Carina of Softly Sometimes, you’ll already know about it. There are also several other BNT Girls across Asia. :)

I’m really excited to get this going. If you want to see a little peek of the box, click though! ;) 

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