LUSH’s Fresh Farmacy Soothing Calamine Cleanser

I’ve never been a huge fan of Lush products. You can usually smell the store long before you’ve even set foot in it– and once you’re actually inside, the scent is overwhelming. Any girl who has sensitive skin (as I do) knows that products with strong scents are something to avoid. Even the the store’s colour story –yellow, black, and bright green — doesn’t seem to match its advocacy (all things fresh and handmade) in my opinion. I do quite fancy their bath bombs though, which I only use every once in a while as a treat to myself since they are not cheap. It was only a bath bomb that I was after when I went into Lush some time last month. I found one, picked it up, and started to walk over to the till when their face cleanser soaps caught my eye.

I had seen Lush’s Coalface soap many times before and I’m certain that Fresh Farmacy was always sitting there right beside it, but I never really took notice. Coalface is black as coal (obviously) because it’s got powdered charcoal as one of its main ingredients–good for oily skin and as a mild exfoliator. Fresh Farmacy on the other hand is a muted pink colour which totally reminded me of calamine lotion. If you’ve ever had chicken pox or if you were a mosquito-magnet as a kid, then you probably know calamine lotion as the pink stuff mom would slather all over your bites to soothe them. Sure enough, calamine is Fresh Farmacy’s main ingredient.


The description on the Lush website (in case you can’t see it in the photo above) reads:

Feel like you have the world’s most sensitive skin? Allow us to prescribe you a bar of Fresh Farmacy, our calamine-based cleansing bar. Fresh Farmacy contains chamomile extract to calm, rose and lavender to soothe dry patches and tea tree to clear up any blemishes. The name stems all the way back to the beginning of LUSH, when we held a competition to name the company. Although we (obviously) went with another option, we thought the name appropriate for our problem-solving cleanser.

Isn’t cool that Lush was almost called Fresh Farmacy? I actually might prefer that name. Hehe. Anyway. Sensitive skin? Redness? Dry patches? Blemishes? Yup, all of those things pretty much describe my skin, so I figured trying out a bar couldn’t hurt. 

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