Precious Presents From The Bobbi Brown Scotch On The Rocks Collection

bobbibrown-aw14-scotchsoda_sfeerbeeld3-e1417178358958There was really only one Holiday 2014 makeup collection that stood out to me this past Christmas. Bobbi Brown’s Scotch On The Rocks Collection took my breath away; every piece in the collection is a thing of beauty and it all just seems perfectly put together. The stunning combination of warm amber browns, faux croc leather, tortoise shell casing, and gold accents totally distracted from the fact that the collection featured the less-than-sophisticated model, Kate Upton — but who am I kidding, even she looked the very definition of class in the promo pics!

To me, Scotch On The Rocks was all sorts of awesome and the only thing standing between me and a massive hoarding spree of every single item was the price tag stuck to each and every piece. Luckily enough, I have a crazy-generous family (Titas and cousins) who take wish lists seriously. That meant that I got to open this on Christmas Eve:
P1170104Holy. Mother. Of. Bobbi Brown. You can imagine how I squealed with delight! Even the box packaging is gorgeous with those red stripes running across the corners plus the gold embossed Bobbi Brown logo. 
P1170110I present to you the Warm Glow Eye Palette and the High Light Powder in Bronze Glow. These are the two items I wanted the most from the collection, so I was ecstatic to see both in the box. So grateful for generous family members. I later also received one of the four lipsticks from the collection, Malt Shimmer, which you’ll see that later in the post because my cousin very sweetly sent it over to me after Christmas. 

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Christmas “Haul” 2013! :)

Hi guys! I hope everyone had a great Christmas this year, whether you celebrate it or not. :) For me, the best part is getting to see my family all in one place. I’m pretty close to my cousins and it’s really fun to spend time with them and exchange gifts once the clock strikes 12 on Christmas day. :) This year I got most of my friends and family little leather keychains from Katre with their initials monogrammed on. I ordered all of them way back in October to minimize Christmas shopping stress. I still had to scramble for a couple of gifts, but it worked for the most part. :)

As for the gifts I receive, I usually get a lot of practical things because if I’m lucky enough to be asked, I tell my titas (aunts) what I need. For example, last year, I asked for a safe box and a hairdryer and received both of them exactly as I had specified. Other than that, all my other little presents tend to be useful things like electronics, books, organizational tools, or clothes… I guess what I’m getting at is that I don’t usually get makeup as a present. This year was different, though. I got a nice little bunch of beauty-related presents, so I thought it would be nice to do a little “haul” to share them with you guys. :)
CH3The first (and the sweetest) thing is this travel size Sigma E75 blending brush.

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Guerlain Les Ombres Turandot

Guerlain’s Holiday collection really called out to me this year. Here’s the official writeup released by Gerlain which gives an idea of the feel/look they were going for. I think they captured it perfectly.

 This year’s beautiful holiday collection celebrates Guerlain’s 1929 classic fragrance: Liu. Inspired by the heroine of Puccini’s great opera, Turandot, Jacques Guerlain composed this captivating fragrance that embodies the power of devotion. In the story, Liu is a young slave who chooses to commit suicide rather than reveal the name of her master with whom she is in love. Guerlain Creative Director, Olivier Echaudemaison, captures Liu’s passion with a limited edition make-up collection, paying tribute to the Asian heroine’s enchanting femininity and sense of detail. Golden hues, deep red lips, and tapered eyes capture the opulence of the Orient, allowing every woman to become a heroine this holiday season.

After reading about it on Temptalia and seeing the individual reviews of the products in the collection, I knew I had to get one of the items. The calligraphy eye and lip palette was definitely the star of the collection and it even received a rating of A+ on Temptalia, but when Christine (of Temptalia) said that she decided to wear the four-shadow palette “Turandot” on her wedding day, I knew I had to have it. I also have a problem with cream and eye products sharing space in one palette, so while the packaging and the swatches for the calligraphy palette were amazing, I knew it wouldn’t find a place on my dressing table. I still highly recommend it, though, so do check it out before the season is over. :)

I picked up my Turandot palette at the airport Duty Free shops right before leaving Bangkok earlier this month. It came out to 1800.00 Baht (roughly 2340.00 pesos) while in department stores this was going for 2400.00 Baht. I saved quite a bit and considering that I wasn’t even sure they would have Guerlain at the airport, I was very happy with myself for being so patient when I am usually incredibly impulsive. Yay. :)

Click “more” or scroll down to see more photos!

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A time for…

Dance presentations with the girls (not pictured, haha)…

Huge group shots with the boyfriend’s barkada

Going crazy with old friends (!) …

Organizing proper group photos (being as proper as we can be) …

A time for budding love with a pilot!

Secret Santa/ Exchange Gifts …

Red socks…

And couple photos with the boy that I love.

Yup, it’s Christmas time at last. :) Can’t wait for the family celebrations!

Gold and Sparkly Christmas c/o Lisa Eldridge

Having a hectic week, but I really do feel that Christmas is finally nearing! And I know this because I’ve begun to obsessively think in a Christmas palette–I’m serious, everything in my mind is all about warm reds and greens, glitters and glowing gold, and sparkly, shiny silver. This goes for outfits, nail colors, decorations, and of course, make-up.

Now I always look forward to Lisa Eldridge’s make-up tutorials. She is by far my favourite make-up artist to follow; nobody even comes close. This is her latest video tutorial, which is a really nice and simple gold Christmas look. She always makes it look so easy!

Lisa does a lot of work on celebrities, and one cover look you might have seen that was done by her is Emma Watson’s cover for Elle UK. That photo got bounced around a lot, so I’m almost certain you’ve seen it. Will post that below along with another one of her party looks that was just really nice and polished.

Hope that inspired you as much as it did me! Her bright-lipped looks are also awesome and her “One Lipstick… Many different ways to wear” video is an absolute must-see! Check her out on youtube or at her blog! For now, I will go back to dreaming of Christmas while hopefully also getting some work done on my thesis.

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