The Cuzo Anne Satchel: She’s a (Blue) Beauty!

Like what you see? Can you believe it’s from a local brand? Well me too and neither could I! Haha. This is my newest baby: a deep blue satchel made of stamped genuine leather. I had been on the hunt for a bright blue bag for the longest time, and while this one isn’t as blue as it comes off in the photo (in dim lighting it even looks almost black) I still like it a lot. And yes, I did say it comes from a local brand: Cuzo.¬†

I came¬†across Cuzo’s products while reading through Topaz Horizon, a blog run by Frances Sales, an editor of an entertainment magazine. She had purchased one of their nylon bags and was thinking of getting a leather one too since the quality of the one she purchased was so good. The bag I chose to get is called the Anne Satchel, and it comes in four different colors: blue, green, maroon, and toffee. The maroon one looks fantastic and it was a tough choice between it and the blue–but I decided that since I never go for blue, it would be a good change.

The Anne Satchel is currently on sale at 2,250.00 Php (originally 2,850.00 Php). That’s roughly 54 USD, which is not bad at all for a bag made of real leather. :) I even got 100php off by using a promo code that Topaz Horizon provided, yay!

I’m really glad that local brands are improving quality-wise by leaps and bounds lately. I love when I am satisfied with a local product and I am always happy to support brands like Cuzo, which sell products that are proudly Filipino made.

To see more pictures of my Anne Satchel, read on! :)

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