My Skin: A History

Way before my obsession with makeup started, I was already incredibly attentive to my skin. At the age of 9 I had to apply creams and lotions here, there, and pretty much all over my body because I had skin asthma. Dermatologists always told my mom that I would outgrow my rashes and hypersensitivity before I hit 12 but by the time I was in my early teens the end was nowhere in sight. I learned to handle my skin asthma and very dry skin by slathering my face and body with extra virgin olive oil and sometimes I had to rely on steroidal creams for when the rashes were really bad. I was a diligent little patient, determined to rid myself of all those terrible discomforts and inconveniences.

By the time I was 18, my skin asthma was pretty much under control and would only recur when the weather changed suddenly… but the years of  using steroidal creams left me with white patches all over my body and on my face. As a consequence of being so unevenly coloured, I learned to use two things: sunscreen and (shocker!) makeup. Makeup–as you might be able to glean from my blog– has been a big part of my life starting from around when I was 19. Now while the skin asthma problem had significantly subsided by that time, I still had very dry skin. So dry that if I skipped on moisturizer (both face and body) for just one day, I would turn into a scaly, flaky, tight-skinned mess. It was easy for me to deal with that since I had already developed a solid habit of moisturizing like a mad woman. My simple facial care routine that consisted of a gentle cleanser (usually the regular Cetaphil), no toner, and Physiogel AI cream as moisturizer. That worked well for me for a happy three years. I guess all good things really do come to an end because exactly one year ago all that started to change (dun dun duuuun–lol, dramatic eh, no?).

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