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I love Sundays. After a week of hectic flitting in and out of the house and burying my nose in textbooks for hours at a time, there’s finally a little time to slow down and have a good lunch with my family to catch up with one another. By 10pm I usually have to get back to studying, but before that, I give myself a little time to organize my room, get my bag ready for the school week ahead, and wash my makeup brushes. It takes me some 20 minutes to go through all of my brushes (I have over 30, but around 28 in regular use–is that crazy? haha) and I find it extremely relaxing. It’s become a weekly sort of ritual for me and it’s great that it helps me relax because it is something that I really have to do anyway.

This past week, two new make up brushes joined my arsenal, which means I have two more brushes that need to be cleaned once a week, but I don’t mind at all! Meet my new Ecotools babies: the Bamboo Bronzer Brush and the Recycled Retractable Kabuki! I first heard about Ecotools around a year ago and all reviews I’ve read/heard/seen of them have been great, so I don’t know why I passed these up when I saw them at Ulta while visiting the U.S. in May. Silly me. What finally pushed me to find and buy these (they’re not available in the Philippines except through re-sellers) was a change in my makeup routine. Breakouts and clogged pores forced me to reevaluate my everyday routine and eventually make the switch to mineral powder, a product which requires application with brushes that are more dense.

Read on if you’d like to see more photos of these beauties and to find out if I’ve just added to the bazillion raves for Ecotools products out there!

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