The New Elizbeth Arden Eight Hour All-Over Miracle OIL + An Impulse Buy My Grandmother Would Be Proud of

I love, love, love the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. I professed that love in a post I put up a couple of years ago and have been through several tubes of the stuff since. I was about to restock mine at Boots when I got sucked into trying out the shiny and *new* Eight Hour All-Over Miracle OIL, instead.DSC06399The oil (priced at £29.00 for 100mL) is the newest addition to the vast Eight Hour line and is a multi-purpose dry oil that you can use on your face, hair, and all over your body. As it is a dry oil, it is meant to sink in much faster than its heavier sister, the Eight Hour Cream. It smells nothing like the cream (this is slightly floral, the cream slightly medicinal — the original scent at least) and it pretty much behaves nothing like the cream. I thought I would be able to replace the cream with this, but that just isn’t the case.

I only found exactly one use for this multi-purpose oil in my life: as a hair oil. I can’t use it on my face because the scent irritates my skin and as a hand cream, it doesn’t last long. In fact, my hands felt a lot drier when I was using the oil.  Weird. Anyway, it’s saving grace is that it’s a damn good hair oil. I still need a new Eight Hour Cream though!

Right, on to more positive things!DSC06397I also got sucked into buying a new foundation that day. There was some promo that knocked £7 off any Elizabeth Arden base, so I picked out the Flawless Finish Perfectly Satin 24 Hr Foundation (£28.00), which is a medium coverage, oil-free, and low SPF base that’s great for combo-oily skin types.

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Singapore Haul: Too Faced, Tarte, bareMinerals, and drooling over HAKUHODO brushes

I recently went on a quick trip to Singapore with my Dad. He was there to do business and so was I (in a sense). My business mainly involved hunting down products inside Sephora and DFS. Not quite as important as my dad’s agenda, but it was definitely a serious matter (to me, at least). IMG_6871Sephora in Singapore doesn’t carry all Sephora brands and sometimes the prices can actually come out a bit higher than Sephora in the US, so I tread with caution in there. I made it a point to get things that were not available in Manila or at Duty Free shops. I didn’t have a specific list of items to pick up, but I knew I would be choosing between the Urban Decay NAKED 3 palette and the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette.

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Must-Have: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

Okay, you need this in your life. This isn’t so much a recommendation as it is a mandate, really. Go get yourself a tube of Eight Hour cream. Like, now.
EA8HC1Not swayed by my bullying? Good. Haha! I’ll tell you why you need this in your life, then.

The Eight Hour Cream was formulated in 1930 by Elizabeth Arden herself.  It’s essentially a potent moisturizer that calms, protects, and hydrates the skin for up to eight hours. And it works. It really does. Its main active ingredients are petrolatum and vitamin E, but it has other things like lanolin and salicylic acid in there too. I use it mainly as a lip balm, but it can be used as a moisturizer on any dry patches you may have on your body. 

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Skin Care Regimen (3rd Quarter 2013)

It took a while but I think I’ve finally found a good skin care regimen to fit my current needs. I’m still struggling with the oiliness in my skin when I wear makeup, but I think I have found a balance when it comes to cleansing and nourishing my skin. As I’ve mentioned before, my dermatologist put me on a regimen for combination skin when previously I had been treating my skin as though it were dry (which it used to be — very dry). I saw my derma again just yesterday and I didn’t have any new pimples to show her at the time, but I do still get the occasional blemish. She told me to keep applying the same products and to use the medicine she gave me three times a week (I had been applying it only when pimples popped up). I also have quite a bit of hyper pigmentation left over from dried up pimples, but those will fade in time. What’s important is that my skin is now much more balanced and less prone to pimples.SCR1These are the products I’ve been using to keep my skin balanced and clean and I just thought I would share them with you today. I do think that it is important to note that skin care is incredibly specific to every individual and so even if you also have combination skin, these will not necessarily work for you. I will however do my best to share what I can about the products, maybe helping you kick off your research in a way too.

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