Two Looks, One Palette: A Review of Happy Skin’s All Eyes On Hue Eyeshadow Palette

DSC01888The Happy Skin All Eyes On Hue Eyeshadow Palette* (1,299.00 Php) was released with the Holiday 2014 collection (which was called “Save Room for Dessert” in case you’re curious to know) and is, for the moment, the brand’s only eyeshadow offering.

As is always the case with Happy Skin products, the packaging design is adorable. It’s made of that reinforced, coated cardboard that I love so much and it’s held shut by a strong magnet.

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Review: Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette

DSC01895This, dear readers, is the Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette (46.00 USD). It was the first thing I dropped into my shopping basket when I hit Sephora back in May and I had been ogling it online prior to that for months. I knew even before getting my hands on it that I would come to adore it. Its sister, the Face Contour Palette, seems to be the more popular of the two palettes, but I thought the idea of a contour palette for the eyes was much more interesting and original.

Plus: look at that packaging. How could anyone resist?

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A Gem of A Palete: Lorac Unzipped (Swatches)

DSC01858The Lorac Unzipped palette ($42) has been on my radar for a few years now. YouTubers talk about it a lot, but not half as often as they rave about the Lorac Pro palette. The Pro comes with eight matte and eight shimmery shades, while Unzipped comes with just three mattes seven shimmers.

Last year I excitedly added the original Pro (there is now a second version) to my collection and learned the hard way that more eyeshadows and a greater number of matte shades does not a  better palette make. I wrote about it in this post and since then I have been able to use the Pro palette, but not very often.

Despite the so-so experience I had with the Pro palette, I couldn’t get the Unzipped palette out of my mind. The shades looked so buttery, so vibrant… and much more interesting than those of the popular Urban Decay NAKED 3 palette, which also features rosy pinks heavily.

DSC01863As you may have surmised by now, I did finally go and get my own Lorac Unzipped palette. It’s beautiful, as you can see, and OMG guys — wait until you see the swatches (if you haven’t seen them on other blogs yet, that is). You’ll be drooling over this palette fo shizzle. 

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Three from 3CE

Thank goodness for random 25% off sales and for the fact that Luxola carries 3CE. I already have a lipstick, gel eyeliner, and soft pencil liner from the brand from when I was still part of the BNT Girl program and I love all three of those things. Since then I have been eyeing loads of other 3CE things but haven’t picked anything up for one reason or another. When I saw the Luxola e-mail notifying me of a sale on the week before my birthday, I took it as a sign to finally pop the items I’d been eyeing into my shopping cart. P1170900I placed the order on Tuesday and by Thursday the parcel had arrived at my doorstep. If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen the post in which I expressed my happiness about that. Fast shipping is da bomb, you guys. That wasn’t the only awesome thing about this order though as aside from the 25% off I got on the eyeshadows, I ended up paying only 277.00 Php (!!!) for the Lip Color, which usually goes for 1.046.00 Php. I’m not sure if the huge discount was a fluke, but the sale price went back up to around 700Php the next time I checked the site and is at the time of this writing totally gone. Whatever the case is, I’ll take it as an early birthday gift! 

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Review: bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 2.0 in “The Epiphany”

P1160464This purchase was a long time coming. The bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow range has been on my radar for years now but I just kept passing them up in favour of other things… I really wanted either the duo called The Top Shelf or the quad called The Truth, but Sephora Singapore had neither. This duo — The Epiphany — caught my eye though because it was one that I hadn’t researched before (yes, I research my eyeshadow purchases. Everyone does that, right?). After quickly verifying that Temptalia rated it an A+, into my bag it went!
P1160465The READY eyeshadows come in duo or quad form and are labeled 2.0 and 4.0 respectively and accordingly. I picked up my 2.0 in The Epiphany for S$ 36.10 or approx. 1,224.00 Php. Still more expensive than the 20.00 USD listed on the bareMinerals website, but it’s not a bad price for the quality, considering MAC singles will set you back close to a thousand pesos these days.

P1160474The packaging is that rubbery black that you’ll be familiar with if you like NARS products, but the overall feel of the product is different because of the more rounded corners. It has that good quality packaging feel to it, but the rubbery black is a powder magnet so it starts to look dirty very quickly. It’s always annoying but we gotta take the bad with good sometimes, eh?

And damn is this eyeshadow formula good. 

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Review: Sleek i-Divine “Sunset” Palette

Sleek is a UK-based brand that you’ve probably heard of already because of their blushes and i-Divine eyeshadow palettes. In the UK they’re available at Superdrug and in the Philippines tons of online sellers stock them–but now you can also find Sleek stuff on Luxola, which ships from Singapore directly to your doorstep, no hassle with customs or anything like that. I meant to post this yesterday in time for Luxola’s 12-hour 35% off promo, but I… failed. Hehe. Still, if you haven’t yet signed up for the newsletter, you really should. They always have some sort of special going on and they’re bound to come up with something awesome again soon. Now, on to this palette: P1160421There are over 17 i-Divine palettes currently available on Sleek’s website (at $11.99) and about 15 of those are available on Luxola (at 769.00 Php or S$ 22.00). There is a jump in price, so it’s still a good idea to pick these up abroad if you can, but 769.00 Php really isn’t a bad price for a palette of 12 eyeshadows of decent quality.

I am also a fan of the packaging for these i-Divine palettes. Simple, sleek (hehe!), and sturdy. On the backside of the cover, you even get a huge real mirror (as opposed to those cheap-o foil-like mirrors that drugstore brands tend to include).

P1160424Now does’t that look like a palette that just screams I mean business? This is the third i-Divine palette in my collection (you’ll see the other two at the end of the post), but the Sunset palette is one that I’ve had my eyes on for over a year now.

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Virginia Olsen Minerals — Sample Swatches!

I used to be one of those people who just wrote mineral makeup off without giving it a chance. This was, of course, before Ellana came into my life and when I still had very little exposure to mineral makeup other than one Bare Minerals blush I owned. Now that mineral makeup is a lot more accessible (again, mostly because of Ellana Cosmetics!), I actually gravitate towards mineral makeup. I mean, if something can be kick-ass and safer for your skin at the same time, go for it! Still, mineral makeup can be a hit-and-miss affair, so when Virginia Olsen sent over some loose mineral eyeshadows for me to try, I was curious to see how they would perform. VOME1I had heard of Virginia Olsen before from websites like Zalora, but I was mostly interested in their brushes. They sent me some eyeshadow samples though, which I was very happy to receive and play around with. I have the shades Darling, Innocence, Champage, and Gunmetal, which are all quite standard shades except for Darling, which is a light matte pink–not something I see very often in loose eyeshadow form. They have a huge selection though and they are very affordable at just 165.00Php a pop! I have my eyes on some of the brighter and deeper shades, like Donnarence and Planet
VOME2Swatched on my arm with no primer underneath: Darling, Innocence, Champagne, and Gun Metal. It took me a while to figure out that primer would help the shades show much better, but used dry they are still pretty impressive. For a light matte shade, Darling is pretty smooth. I can’t use it all over the lid alone because my skin tone is too deep, but it makes for a great brightening base or a brow bone highlight. Innocence is a pretty shimmery pink; it reminds me of Barbie box packaging and plastic accessories (in a good way). Champagne is the winner of the bunch and the swatch doesn’t do it justice–it really does look like yellow champagne and when packed onto the lid, it glows like a backlit bottle of bubbly. Gun Metal is your standard blackened silvery…gunmetal grey. It’s a shade every makeup lover has to own in some form or another, I think. I don’t do smokey eyes with this type of shade very often anymore, but I’m glad to have it in my stash!

Overall I was impressed with the quality of these loose eyeshadows. The obvious drawback is that they are not pressed and so working with them is a little messy and they won’t be the most convenient to store. But the quality is there and the price point is awesome! Again, they have very interesting and unique looking shades on the Virginia Olsen website, so go check them out! :) You can also find them on Facebook!

Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs: Le Bois de Rose

After I bought Turandot, I knew I wanted more Guerlain eyeshadows in my life. What’s funny is that I’ve always wanted a Dior 5-shadow palette, not Guerain stuff, but I never end up buying Dior palettes for one reason or another. Anyway, Les Bois de Rose is my second Guerlain 4-colour palette. It’s more cool-toned than I would normally go for, but I was looking to try some pink eyeshadows and was not adventurous enough to go all-out and get Les RosesLBDRThere are times when I wish I did go for Les Roses, but I grew to love Les Bois de Rose over time. The four shades balance each other out nicely, with that rose pink in the center being the only really pink shade in the palette. The shimmery white has a pinkish undertone, while the other two shades are purple-y taupes. It’s put together beautifully and you can create so many looks with this combination of colours. 

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Pretty In Pink! Maybelline Lumineyes Palette in Wine

MLE1I can’t think of the last eyeshadow palette from the drugstore that I really liked. This Maybelline Lumineyes Palette (599.00 Php) definitely falls under really like. It’s not perfect, but for less than the price of one MAC eyeshadow, you get five different shades in complementary colours . I got this particular palette in my BDJ Box, so I had no real control over the products I would receive, but boy am I glad I got the palette with pinks! 

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Loving Laura: A Slight Case of Brand Obsession

It’s very rare that a cosmetics brand can get everything right. Some have got it down when it comes to foundations (Bobbi Brown, Lancome), some have the best lipstick formulas (MAC, NARS), and others have totally covered the field with their blush selection (NARS)… but a brand’s formulas almost always falter in some area–wether it’s hit-and-miss eyeshadows *ahemNARSahem* or inconsistent products overall, depending on the collection *ahemEsteeLauder*. LL1Recently, I noticed that the number of Laura Mercier products that form a part of my makeup routine has shot up. When I say recent, I mean beginning only this year (2013).The only item pictured above that I had before 2013 is the oil-free tinted moisturizer. The radiance foundation primer, silk creme foundation, caviar eye shadow stick, and metallic creme eye colour are all new to me– and they are awesome.

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