Review: Foreo LUNA Mini

Hello guys! As this post goes up, I am probably chilling somewhere on the beautiful white sand beaches of Boracay. Ohyes. :) While I’m not a huge party person (for those who are not from the Ph, Boracay turns into party central every summer), I’m still looking forward to being with my friends. Hopefully we find some time to relax as well and maybe try out the sporty things you can do inland. I’ve already done a post about my beach essentials here before, but if you guys want to see a post about my Boracay trip in general with some beauty bits injected here and there, let me know! I’ll take photos just in case. ;) Foreo1Anyway, on to today’s review which I am really excited about! I finally get to share my thoughts on the Foreo LUNA Mini ($139.00 USD). I got this back in December of 2013 and have been using it daily ever since, so I know I can give you my fully-formed opinion based on a quarter year of usage.

So, what is this funny looking little thing, you ask? It’s essentially a cleansing device, similar to the oh-so-popular Clarisonic in that they both aim to deep cleanse skin using mechanized movements. Both are waterproof and can be used in the shower or over a sink, but the similarities pretty much end there. While the Clarisonic features a round brush head that has to be changed out every so often, the Foreo’s “brush” head is a part of the device’s body and it never has to be changed. Made out of nonporous silicone, the 1,300 nonabrasive touch-points on the LUNA Mini make for a much more gentle, sanitary experience, and you’ll never ever have to change the brush head! The Foreo also boasts “T Sonic pulsations” that supposedly allow for a more thorough deep clean. It just seemed like a greatly improved Clarisonic, so I went ahead and asked my cousin to order it for me online. Best. Decision. Ever. 

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