A Long-Overdue Review: L’Oreal’s Lucent Magique Foundation

It’s interesting how foundation preferences can change throughout the year. This Lucent Magique foundation was my go-to and absolute fave during the summer months, and I even used it often enough to finish up a whole bottle. Yup, I’m on my second one of these! I like it that much. If I had reviewed it at the height of summer, I would have gone on a rambling rave about how amazing it is–how it makes my skin glow, enhances a tan, and wears excellently. Right now though, with the weather cooling down and my skin losing its tan, It’s still really nice but I’m not feeling it as much as I did before.
LLM2I’m thinking it may be because I don’t have a tan anymore (i.e. I’m still dark but there’s less warmth in my skin). The shade I have is G7 (golden undertone) and it’s the darkest in the range. It’s now a little too orangey on my skin, so maybe I need to try the next lighter shade, G4. I would totally go out and buy it, if not for my makeup ban. And I suppose it’s just as well, because I’ve been very happy using my Clinique CC Cream on a daily basis. I also think I may not like it as much lately because the finish of the Lucent Magique foundation really is more summery. What I look for these days is a demi-matte finish, not a glowing beach-y sheen (gorgeous in its own time and place).

But anyway, allow me to tell you a little bit about this foundation. It might not be for me at the moment, but it is probably still a great bet for people with dry skin. Here’s why:
LLM4The L’Oreal Lucent Magique Light-Infusing foundation (845.00 Php) creates a glow like no other foundation that I’ver ever tried before.

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