Cooshy! Maybelline Lip Polishes in Glam 6 & 13

It wouldn’t normally use a word like “cooshy” (as in cushion-like and in a very cutesy tone) to describe a product, but that’s the word that goes through my head every time I wear these¬†Maybelline Lip Polishes (350.00 Php). They’re known as “Color Elixirs” in the US, but they’ve been renamed in Asia for some reason. Why companies do this is a mystery to me… I much prefer “Color Elixir” to “Lip Polish” because that name totally matches the packaging (it’s like a little vial!), but all is forgiven because when it comes down to it, these lip polishes/elixirs are little vials of some damn excellent lip gloss!MLP1From this line I chose to test out Glam 13 (rosy nude) and Glam 6 (deep plum). I tend to pick out one more wearable option and one bold option when testing out drugstore lip products ¬†because I can afford to buy two and testing out just one wouldn’t be properly representative of the range… neither is testing just two, but it’s still better that one! Haha. I love both shades, but there’s something about Glam 6 that just makes me want to grab for it all the time!

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